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Alora Home Health Software Videos & Media

Welcome to the official Alora Home Health Software videos & media page. Here you will find videos and media appearances/references to Alora and its products, staff, and services. Click on any video to watch. If you would like more information on Alora’s comprehensive suite of Homecare Software solutions or on our company as a whole, please send us an email to Media@AloraHealth.com.

Alora Home Health Care Software

A product overview of our flagship product, Alora’s easy to use, complete Home Health Care Software solution. Alora is a trusted, complete Home Health software solution used by more than 10 thousand home health care professionals and counting from over 40 states across the U.S. Alora has been developed from the combined knowledge and experience of home health administrators, nurses and therapists, and is considered the easiest-to-use Home Health Software on the market by industry experts and users alike. Alora’s workflow design makes it intuitive at the core; saving you time, increasing your efficiency, and maximizing your revenue potential.

Offline Documentation for iPad - Charting Without Internet

The industry’s first native iPad app for home health visits - Alora SN Note

Alora SN Note is a native iPad app that allows home health nurses to enter Visit Notes at a patient’s home and capture signatures, without the requirement of Internet access. Alora SN Note For iPad is a software extension to the cloud-based Home Care Software. Visit Notes completed on the iPad are securely transmitted to the Alora Home Health Software application with a touch of a button when Internet access becomes available. Alora SN NOTE integrates with the full Alora Home Health Software. For more information on Alora SN NOTE

Alora Nursing- Offline Documentation for Laptop

Complete Home Health visit notes offline without the need for internet with this exclusive Home Health Software solution for your Laptop

Alora Nursing allows your nurses in the field to complete visit notes and Oasis Assessments, capturing both the patient and nurses signatures electronically; regardless of whether internet is available or not. Locally installed on the laptop for speed and efficiency, Alora Nursing empowers your nursing staff with a tool they can take anywhere to handle their home health visits. Alora Nursing integrates with the full Alora Home Health Software.

Physical Therapy Software for Laptop

Complete Home Health Physical Therapy visits on your laptop with Alora PT

Designed for your laptop, Alora PT allows your clinicians to enter Physical Therapy notes without internet reliance in the patient’s home. Integrating with the full Alora Home Health Care Software, when your PT visit is complete, you simply upload the completed PT information as soon as internet is available. Alora PT is a part of our Offline Solutions Suite which includes Alora Nursing and Alora SN Note.

Home Care Software Telephony

Ensure Compliance, Efficiency & Improved Workflow with Alora's Integrated Telephony Solution

Stay Connected with your nurses in the field as they complete visits with Alora’s Telephony solution. Increase efficiency and accountability, as your nurses call in once they arrive at a patient’s home on a dedicated land line to insure their start and end times are accurate. To learn more information on Alora Home Care Software Telephony click here

Private Duty Software by Alora

Private Duty Home Care Software Designed for Skilled & Non-Skilled Care

Alora Private Duty software is the industry’s easiest to use complete solution for Private Duty Nursing. Packed with all the features you need such as Scheduling, Billing, AR, and more, the Alora Private Duty Solution is the industry’s first choice for agencies nationwide.

Alora Hospice

Hospice Care Software Solution for Agencies of all Sizes

Hospice Software- Alora’s comprehensive solution for Hospice Agencies. Designed to increase efficiency, improve patient care, and improve processes, Alora’s Hospice Solution is a trusted partner to Hospice agencies seeking a complete solution for their agency’s needs.

Alora Home Health Software “One on One Support”

As the nation’s premier provider of Home Health software solutions for caregivers, nurses, and agencies of all sizes.; one of the things that sets us apart from other companies is our passion for phenomenal, personalized, one on one support. Alora consists of a team of Home Healthcare professionals who have unmatched industry experience who are passionate about our product, and our customers. At Alora, we don’t just sell you a software solution, we partner with you from your agency’s start-up, to your success.


More Videos From Alora

Part of the “Alora Hits the Road” series, chronicling the company’s appearances at trade shows, conventions, conferences, and other events, On the occasion, Alora Home Care Software celebrated the release of the industry’s first native iPad app for Home Health visits “Alora SN Note” at their booth at the annual National Association of Nigerian Nurses in North America (NANNNA conference in November, 2013.)