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Alora Home health is the cloud based homecare software you’ve been looking for. With the Alora difference at your fingertips, your agency will see an increase in revenue while saving both time and money serving your patient’s needs.

If your agency has been one of many that is resistant to change, consider how going paperless could provide advantages that will impact your bottom line. New procedures, medications and medical equipment are all stringently tested for many years before they are used in the medical setting. It is understood in the profession that medical technology must be considered absolutely safe before it can be released to the public.

Although the electronic health record is increasingly being accepted and used within the home health care field, it remains one of the biggest challenges for management due to its relatively new implementation. If your agency is among those generations who are non-natives to the digital medical setting, there is no better time than now to start taking advantage of what a cloud based homecare software can do for your agency.

Paper is not only incredibly costly, its use also brings with it a wealth of secondary costs and time-consumption that includes its secure storage, filing and shredding. The cost of purchasing forms can be impressive as well, along with maintaining the documents in stock. If your agency is currently outsourcing the work of securely shredding outdated paperwork, you can already get a glimpse of what going paperless could do to free up time and resources.

Staying on paper means impeccably maintaining a paper trail. Consider the costs of your employees having to pull and file medical records day in and day out. How many hours is your agency spending in verifying that documentation was turned in? How many employees are involved in making sure visits were done in a timely manner? Now take a look at what Alora’s cloud based homecare software can do to save you time.

The negative effects of having to use paper:

- More staff is needed to file and maintain records
- The possibility of keystroke errors being transcribed into HAVEN or OASIS
- More time spend retyping notes into plans of care
- Costly outsourcing of shredding and storing records
- Immediate and secondary costs o paper
- Staff time spent in returning to office to drop off paperwork

All of these are considered unnecessary burdens that can be eliminated by using a cloud based homecare software, like Alora Home Health Care. If, given all of these burdens, your agency is still slow to adopt a new EHR system, Alora invites you to visit their website at AloraHealth.com to see a free demo of what their software could do for you.

With compliance as an issue, the new standard has created an environment that has determined that eventually, successful agencies will have to employ the use of a cloud based homecare software, not only to compete with other agencies that are already ahead of the curve, but simply to survive in the industry. For more information, feel free to call 800-954-8250.
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Cloud Based Homecare Software Cloud Based Homecare Software Cloud Based Homecare Software