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Electronic Visit Verification

Are you searching for a home healthcare software that will make electronic visit verification easier? Take a look at what Alora Home Health has to offer. Their SN Note for the iPad captures GPS location that assists in visit verification for your agency.

Alora’s SN Note allows electronically documentation at a patient’s home without the need for Internet. If your nurses often arrive at a patient’s home to find that Internet service is down or even non-existent, SN Note will eliminate the issues presented by not having consistent access to the Internet.

Now your nurses can complete their notes, capture signatures, capture wound pictures and even capture their GPS location for electronic visit verification on the first and only software of its kind- one that works with an iPad or iPad Mini and integrates completely with the web-based Alora Home Health Care software.

SN Note has been engineered as an extension to the cloud-based Alora software package and allows completed off-line notes to be securely transmitted to the Alora application with just one touch of a button as soon as Internet access becomes available. Your nurse simply requires login credentials that have been created in the Alora Home Health Software by your administrator.

Alora SN Note was developed exclusively for agencies that rely on Alora’s software and is fully HIPAA compliant. Designed for both ease of use for the nurse and security as well, data that is stored by Alora SN Note is protected while the transmission of notes to the full system occurs through SSL encryption. Charting offline is secure and efficient, saving valuable time and accuracy.

Electronic Visit Verification benefits your agency in a number of ways that you may not be aware of. Consider a few of the advantages provided by EVV:

- Electronic Visit Verification allows your agency to eliminate costly, time-consuming paperwork for billing. It’s both faster and more accurate with EVV.

- Your clinicians will be spending less of their time occupied with paperwork and more time on patient care- and isn’t that the ultimate goal? Your agency will appreciate more favorable reviews and better business.

- Electronic visit verification increases the speed at which payments are processed and paid. Your agency’s revenue cycle will be improved through the use of Alora’s EVV.

- The unique GPS feature of SN Note can reduce mileage costs and result in better scheduling.

- Electronic Visit Verification technology helps agencies with HIPAA compliance. if an audit should occur, proof-of-care data is readily available and easily accessible.

- The Electronic Visit Verification software from Alora Home health is able to time-stamp every employee’s check-in and check-out times, capturing accurate data for employee payroll processing.

Give your clinicians the ability to use their mobile device remotely and see the difference it makes in your bottom line. Your employees will appreciate the relief from paperwork and the freedom to take notes when and where they most need to. Visit alorahealth.com to learn more about the amazing software available to home health care agencies.
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Electronic Visit Verification Electronic Visit Verification Electronic Visit Verification