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Is your agency searching for home care software that will make your job easier while streamlining the duties and tasks of your organization? Let Alora Home Health show you the meaning of efficiency. Their cloud-based software has helped agencies of all sizes- and they can help you too!

Why do thousands of home health care professionals across the country choose Alora Home Health’s solutions? Simple: their product is engineered to offer easy to understand functionality for every need of your agency. So whether you’re a small, family-owned start-up, a  medium-sized agency  that has already established a reputation within your community or a large franchise with branches across the country, there is a home care software solution that will perfectly meet your needs.

Alora Home Health software offers your nurses online and offline solutions for superior flexibility and reliability. Take a look at the incredible features you’ll have access to with Alora:

- Billing
- Payroll
- Certification & Plan of Care
- Point of Care
- Admission & Insurance
- Private Duty
- Physician’s Orders
- HR Functions
- Quality Assurance
- One on One Customer Support
- Medicare and Medicaid Compliance
- Electronic Claims
- Unlimited User Licenses
- Paperless
- User Securities
- Auto 485 Generation
- And much, much more!

Now you can empower your agency with an intuitive and comprehensive platform that will allow your staff to handle all of the essentials and more. If your agency conducts Skilled Nursing Visits, Alora offers their exclusive Alora Nursing, an additional service to help you chart without reliance on a connection with the Internet. No other home care software offers the multi-platform options and solutions you’ll find with Alora.

Would you like to monitor all aide visits in real time? It’s no longer a dream; with Alora, it’s a reality. Ensure reliance, maximize your agency’s efficiency, integrate electronic visit verification, manage electronic care plan based visit notes, access on-the-go across devices, go paperless and more. There is only one solution for every aide on multiple devices. It’s Alora Home Health.

You can schedule a demo right now over the Website when you visit alorahealth.com to find the most powerful solution for both aide and agency. AideConnect empowers aides with a tool that will help them check their schedules, capture patient’s signature and complete plan of care based visit note. For the agency, the tools provide the ability to monitor aides for timely visits, so you can maintain the highest level of control and always know what is happening in the field.

Alora home care software is also an integrated electronic faxing solution so you can send and receive faxes, fax any home health document, anytime, anywhere, save hundreds of hours annually with a HIPAA compliant solution, and eliminate paper, so you can improve the productivity of your staff.

Find out more about the nation’s leading home care software from Alora Home Health by visiting online at AloraHealth.com and visit their FAQ pages to learn about better managing your agency’s time and money. Your staff will thank you for it- and you’ll love it as well.
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