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Alora Home Health now offers a cloud based home health aide software designed for both the aide and the agency as a powerful solution to many of the unique challenges that healthcare agencies face today. If you’re interested in learning how to improve your bottom line, provide better service to your patients and free up valuable time of your clinicians that could be better spent, you’ll appreciate AideConnect.

For the Aide, AideConnect acts as a powerful tool that empowers your aides to check their schedules, capture signatures and complete their visit notes, all with the ease that only a cloud based home health aide software could offer. For the agency, AideConnect offers you the ability to monitor your aides to ensure they are making timely patient visits, so you can maintain a high level of control over what’s happening out on the field. AideConnect’s system captures proof of visits, insures compliance and automates workflow.

Would you like to schedule a quick demo of AideConnect? Simply visit alorahealth.com and click on the bright red ‘Schedule a Demo Today’ button on the home page.

AideConnect is a complete visit management and monitoring system that allows you to monitor aide visits in real time. If you’re looking to stay on top of visit activities through a home health aide software, using AideConnect within the scope of your workflow can be the tool you’ve been searching for to improve efficiency, productivity and accountability.

Would you like to be able to see every visit that is started as being planned, completed, delayed or no-showed, simply by a color-coded status? Now it’s easy. Take a look at what AideConnect can do for you:

- The home health aide software is easy to use for administrators looking to centralize workflow into easily manageable processes.
- Improves the efficiency and accountability of your aides
- Provides your aides with access to everything they need to perform their duties effectively
- Eliminates the costs of paper, multiple softwares and wasted time
- This is the mobile ready home health aide software that can be operated across a range of devices including smart phones, tablets and laptops
- Provides you with the proof of visit you need for payroll, audits and agency records
- Captures visit start time and end the with GPS location, improving accountability
- Allows administration to view all visits within one screen in realtime
- Upon visit completion, AideConnect manages billing and payroll
- Eliminates the costs of delivering schedules to your aides
- Eliminates paper-based time sheet inefficiencies

Empower your staff with just one phone call- to Alora Home Health at 800-954-8250. Contact Alora to learn more about their home health aide software for your agency. You can learn more by filling out the information form on alorahealth.com to request information or schedule a free, quick, no-obligation demo of AideConnect.

Give yourself the gift that will never stop giving. Provide your aides with the tools they need to perform their duties with greater efficiency and thereby improve your agency’s bottom line. 
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