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Find the home health care software you’ve been looking for at Alora Home Health. Alora is an industry leading company, providing innovative software solutions to agencies across the US. Their desire to create a foundation of unparalleled service and technology has resulted in a greater empowerment of healthcare agencies that are looking at newer and better ways to improve patient care more efficiently.

Alora takes great pride in being able to offer a product that effectively bridges the gap between their clients’ business needs and the best technology available. Agencies can realize a new level of reliability, efficiency, profitability and most important, the ability to offer the best possible care for the patients they serve. Whatever the size of your facility, Alora’s home health care software can meet your needs, save you money and maximize your time.

Alora’s home health care software is the flagship product of Alora Healthcare Systems. Since 2005, Alora has specialized in providing their clients with software solutions designed to streamline the process of running a healthcare agency, looking at every aspect and determining how to best improve on efficiency and client satisfaction.

What makes Alora unique in its industry is its phenomenal support team that is there for clients every step of the way, providing the highest level of consultation, service and expertise. Alora is not interested in simply selling their product and moving on to other customers; they are vested partners in your agency’s success. Testimonials consistently show that Alora is the most user-friendly and easy to learn home health care software package in the industry. Even if you’re not savvy with technology or computers, you’ll find Alora to be the most powerful tool you’ve ever used.

You will find Alora to consider you as their number one priority when you partner with their software. Their close relationship with their family of clients ensures that they are available to you at the first sign of an issue, often enough, even beyond the scope of their software. Through the Alora home health care software, you’ll have access for your iPad, iPhone, Mac and Windows based computers. This is the level of flexibility that customers are looking for, making the use of Alora’s products convenient.

As the hands-down easiest to use home health care software on the market today, Alora’s straightforward design is recommended by industry consultants and users in the field. Their customized software is perfect for agencies of every size, with a Web based solution that handles medicare & Medicaid, billing, scheduling, 485, Medicare Eligibility, OASIS, Online and Offline document capability and so much more.

You get a lot for your investment with Alora home health care software. New features are regularly added with continuous enhancements to the existing features, never at any additional costs to you.

If you’d like to learn more about Alora’s home health care software, please call 800-954-8250 and speak with one of their specialists who can answer your questions. You’ll never regret the decision to improve the efficiency of your agency. Let Alora empower you to new heights.
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