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Looking for a home healthcare software that will end the countless hours of after-office work? You’re going to love Alora Home Health. Their software is engineered to provide clients with a highly functional program that meets every need of their healthcare agency.

Not convinced? Take a closer look at the features Alora’s home healthcare software offers:

- Billing. Now you can easily generate medicare, Medicaid and Private Insurance claims, HIPAA compliancy and paperless billing for all of your payers.

- Payroll. Handle your payroll easily, with the simplest to use interface in the home healthcare industry.

- Scheduler. Use Alora to schedule and track patient visits, record milage and expenses and so much more. You’ll wonder how you ever got through your day without it!

- Oasis Assessments tying up valuable time? Now you can easily input, validate and export OASIS Assessments. Alora’s built-in analyzer/scrubber allows you to increase your agency’s revenue and improve the quality of care you offer.

- Offline charting is one of the most well-received features of Alora’s home healthcare software. Chart without any reliance on Internet connection, on multiple devices, with powerful solutions that enable offline completion or nursing notes.

- Medicare Eligibility and DDE Access are not a problem any longer. Alora offers detailed Medicare Eligibility information and complete access to the Medicare DDE system.

- Live agents offer Alora’s clients the one-on-one support they expect. Multiple offices are able to work with you to maximize your Alora experience, so you’ll never feel like you’re in the dark.

- Full Medicare/Medicaid compliance with a team of specialists who stay abreast of changes and enact them within the Alora home healthcare software system, so you can stay compliant as well.

- Superior user security levels are controlled by the administrator, allowing them to determine the specific areas of access for each employee. Administration can choose view only or full access depending on the security level desired for each employee.

- Put an end to waste and the inconvenience of paper records through Alora’s powerful tools that will allow you to go paperless once and for all. You’ll never want to go back to that mountain of paperwork ever again.

- Your staff has access to the full history of every patient’s Braden Scale with the tools employed by Alora’s home healthcare software. Checks can be done at different intervals.

Each and every year, thousands more home healthcare professionals choose Alora’s software- and for very good reasons. When it comes to providing the best care, you need access to the tools available today to empower your agency. Alora will help you handle every essential involved in managing your facility.

Join the thousands of satisfied home health care professionals that make up the Alora family. Get in touch now by calling 800-954-8250 and discover what so many others already have: Alora’s home healthcare software is unlike anything else out there today. Save an enormous amount of time, improve your efficiency and positively impact your bottom line. Choose Alora Home Health software.
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