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Looking for a homecare agency software that will save you time and money? What if there was a software on the market that was designed specifically to assist in the areas you most needed them for? Alora Home Health software is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

As a cloud-based home health software, Alora is perfect for agencies of all sizes. Its easy of use, exceptional customer support and cost-saving efficiency has made it the clear choice for thousands of home health care professionals throughout the US. For both skilled and non skilled agencies, this software service includes the ability to enter clinical documents online and offline to greatly enhance the user experience.

Alora Home Health offers AideConnect, a powerful solution for both aide and agency. AideConnect empowers aides for schedule checking, patient signature capturing and plan of care. It’s also provides the agency itself with the ability to monitor aides to ensure timely patient visits and maintaining control on what’s happening out in the field.

If you're an agency seeking to stay on top of visit activities within your agency using one centralized interface, consider using AideConnect to improve efficiency, productivity and accountability. AideConnect’s monitoring system will provide you with a live view of home visit activities in real-time! Through the color-coded statuses, you will be able to see every visit either started as planned, completed, delayed or no-showed.

Each of your aides are able to use their mobile device with AideConnect to complete their visit information, including: non-skilled home care workers, home health aides, personal care attendants, homemakers and companion care workers.

You’ll find the homecare agency software from Alora to be every bit as helpful as described. Alora’s SN Note for the iPad allows your workers to electronically document at a patient’s home without needing the Internet. As the first of its kind, the native iPad app allows home health care nurses to enter visit notes right at the patient’s home location without Internet access at the time. Offline charting offers the following advantages:

- Fully complete notes without the connection of the Internet
- Integrates with the complete Alora software
- Saves time while improving efficiency
- Reduced errors and increases accuracy of notes
- Captures signatures electronically
- Captures GPD location of visit for verification
- Captures multiple wound pictures
- Transmits completes notes with one click

Study after study has concluded that the accuracy and efficiency of notes are increased when a clinician is able to chart at their patient’s bedside versus completing notes later on. Alora’s homecare agency software eliminates the common problem of nurses arriving at their patients’ home discovering that Internet service is down or nonexistent. Clients love that Alora’s interface is so intuitive that there is no learning curve necessary for use.

To learn more, please visit alorahealth.com for the smartest homecare agency software on the market today. For questions or pricing, feel free to call Alora Home Health at 800-954-8250. You’re going to love Alora’s software- we guarantee it!
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