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Looking for homecare software for Physical Therapy? Alora Health has the solutions for PT you’ve been searching for. Their software will streamline the complete Physical Therapy evaluation and note at the patient’s home, without Internet service.

Now you can chart right at the patient’s bed-side without even being online. Alora PT homecare software is designed to conveniently document using a laptop and integrates smoothly with the Web-based Alora Home Health software your agency needs.

As an online/offline charting solution, Alora PT enables Physical Therapists to complete their evals and notes using nothing more than a laptop. Later, when Internet is available, the documents can easily be transmitted to the main Alora homecare software with just the click of a button. You’ll save hours of time and eliminate costly errors and better maintain the accuracy and accountability you and your patients depend on. Alora PT homecare software is fully HIPAA compliant, so your patients are always protected through the safety of data encryption.

Take a look at a few of the ways Alora PT homecare software will make life easier for your staff and agency:

- Higher speed and performance due to online and offline capabilities
- Dramatically reduced after-hours workload
- One-click transfer from offline work to online software, eliminating hours of transfer work
- Touch screen capture of patient signatures
- Comprehensive Assessment completion with or without Internet connection
- Staff can fully document PT visit notes at the patient’s home, further streamlining the process
- Improve accuracy by bed-side PT charting
- Save money by eliminating the cost of mobile Internet cards for staff
- And much more

Just like all of the other services in the Alora Home Health Software Solutions Suite, Alora PT homecare software is backed by their unlimited one-on-one support that is absolutely second to none. Alora works hard to continuously update and enhance their system based on customer feedback and new innovation in technology, at no added costs to you, ever.

Alora PT is Physical Therapist focused and designed to meet the unique needs in the field, so patients’ needs are better met and your agency’s efficiency can improve. The affordable solution fro Alora will save you money in more ways than you can count and is sure to be a staff favorite.

Alora is a complete and powerful solution for your agency that you’ll wonder how you ever got by without. When there’s no Internet, it’s never a problem. There are several different offline solutions for your nurses in the field who come across the continuous dilemma of making visits that have no Internet connection. It’s finally here- the answer to the biggest problems that PT homecare agencies fact, with innovative software that’s as affordable as it is efficient.

Find out more about how Alora homecare software can streamline your workday by visiting online at alorahealth.com. If you'd like to speak with a specialist, please call 800-954-8250 and let an expert answer your questions. 
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