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Are you looking for a private duty software that will empower your agency to improve productivity and increase your bottom line? Take a look at what Alora Home health can do for your agency. Alora offers a complete web based solution for private duty home care agencies that is unmatched in the market.

Today, thousands of caregivers, nurses and home health aides rely on Alora’s private duty software for its easy-to-use features, amazing customer support and affordability. Alora has been uniquely engineered to facilitate the workflow of private duty agencies; in fact, it’s packed with all the features your agency needs to complete home health care visits.

Alora’s customers appreciate their dedicated team of industry professionals who constantly strive to stay ahead of the technology curve. For you, the customer, that means the constant addition of new features and enhancements that will continue to improve service at no additional costs.

If your agency aims to provide the best home care in your area, you simply must have access to the best private duty software available. Alora’s private duty software is the industry’s easiest to learn and implement platform on the market today. As an all-in-one solution, Alora offers such essential features that include: Scheduling, Certification and Plan of Care, Comprehensive Assessment, Billing, Point of Care, Paperless Records, Visit Notes, Messaging, Documentation, Offline Access, HR Functions and much, much more.

Alora will empower you, whether you are conducting simple private duty homecare visits, companion care, live in care or general personal care services. Their private duty software will allow you to take control of your workflow and set up an automated process that will result in your saving time, increasing revenue and eliminating the mistakes so often associated with paper-based operations.

Customers agree that Alora’s private duty software offers the best user interface on the market. It’s the combination of a thoughtful program design, comprehensive features and ease of use that makes it the preferred choice for agencies across the nation. With more than 10,000 loyal users in more than 40 states across the US, Alora continues to be one of the most trusted solutions for home health agencies. In fact, their cost efficiency and affordability leads the industry.

Alora offers Telephony Integration for private duty that puts your administration in the driver’s seat. As more and more states move to make homecare visit telephony mandatory, there is an increasing need to get ahead of the curve and meet with compliance. Alora’s Telephony Integration for Private Duty software is an optional service your agency can’t do without and is designed to automate workflow, reduce costs, prevent fraud and insure compliance and accountability.

You can learn more about Alora Home Health, schedule a quick and free demo or fill out a contact form when you visit online at alorahealth.com. We know you’re going to love what Alora’s private duty software can do for your agency. Don’t wait another day to discover its benefits for yourself.
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