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Electronic Visit Verification

Home Care EVV Software

Alora EVV is an integrated solution within Alora Home Health Software that provides proof of visit for visitation activities conducted by nurses and clinicians. The system ensures not only that agencies are aware of their workflow in the field as it is occurring, but also encourages compliance, maintaining accountability for both field staff and office administration.

  • Capture patient signature and GPS location with time stamp
  • Provides Proof of Visit without paper and outdated tracking methods
  • Dramatically improves workflow efficiency
  • Centralizes workflow
  • Works across mobile devices
  • Quick and easy way to record patient vitals and general notes
  • Patient vitals captured in EVV can automatically populate visit note
  • An integrated solution within Alora with no hidden or extra costs


EVV - An Integrated Feature within Alora

Access, Automation, Administration, Accountability, Affordability

Alora’s home care EVV software solution takes the guess work out of confirmation of visits and the litany of problems that can occur without HIPAA compliant proof of visit. Alora’s Electronic Visit Verification grants administrators and managers complete awareness of the status of visits as they are occurring in the field.

  • Electronically Documented Efficiency – Scheduled visits are automatically marked as completed with actual start and end times and the location of the visit is confirmed
  • Trim Costs – Eliminate cumbersome and often non-compliant paperwork and the payroll associated with its entry.
  • Universal Convenience & Access – Alora EVV can be accessed by nurses & clinicians across devices including tablets, laptops, iPads and most windows based devices.
  • Accuracy – No manual data entry errors or omissions, HIPAA compliant and secure.
  • Automated Workflow – Rid yourself and your staff of delays, mistakes, and omissions in records through EVV’s technology automation
  • Ease of Use – Exceptionally easy to use interface for administrators & caregivers
  • Save Money – Reduce back office costs by automating proof of visit
  • Centralized within One Complete Homecare System – No extra fees for Alora EVV, as it is a standard feature within ALORA
  • Eliminate Fraud – Logging in & out from a patient’s residence using their home phone substantiates proof of visit

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Not Just Another Verification System - A Complete Solution for Proof of Visit

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