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“A powerful solution for both aide & agency”

Alora AideConnect offers an unprecedented workflow for the home care aides and the agency to make the life easier for the aides as well as the agency administrators.


For the aide: AideConnect empowers aides with a software tool to check their schedules, capture patient’s signature and complete plan of care based visit note.

For the agency: AideConnect provides the agency with the ability to monitor aides for timely patient visits, maintaining the highest level of control on what is happening in the field. Additionally, the system captures proof of visit while ensuring compliance and automating workflow.

Alora AideConnect is a powerful tool designed specifically for the workflow of home care agencies providing non-skilled care. AideConnect provides easy access and efficiency for both homecare aides and office staff through a comprehensive solution for the completion and verification of visits. The unique Home Health Aide Software solution is optimized for the entire agency’s workflow of non-skilled home care workers, including, aides, personal care attendants (PCA), homemakers, and companion care workers. AideConnect is an extension of the Alora Home Care Software system.

  • Provides Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)
  • Automates workflow from scheduling to billing and payroll
  • Minimizes user errors & increases overall accuracy
  • Centralizes the workflow of aides into the main Alora Home Care Software
  • Captures electronic care plan based visit note
  • Reduces agency costs
  • Ensures compliance
  • Eliminates potential fraud

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AideConnect for the Agency - A Complete Visit Management & Monitoring System

"Live Monitoring of Aide Visits"

For agencies seeking to stay on top of all visit activities in one centralized interface, using AideConnect within your workflow can be the ultimate alliance for efficiency, productivity, and accountability.

The AideConnect Monitor

AideConnect’s monitoring system gives the agency a live view of home visit activities in real time. Your agency can see every visit either started as planned, completed, delayed, or no-showed via color coded statuses.

  • Extraordinary ease of use for administrators seeking to centralize workflow into easily manageable processes within Alora Homecare Software
  • Improves efficiency and accountability of aides
  • Provides aides access to the necessary information to perform their duties effectively
  • Eliminates costs associated with paper, multiple softwares, and wasted time
  • Aide Connect is mobile ready, operating across devices including smart phones, tablets, & laptops
  • Provides proof of visit by capturing patient signature and GPS location
  • Improves aide accountability by capturing visit start time along with GPS location, and end time with GPS location
  • View all visits in the field in real time within one screen, showing you alerts for missed, delayed, and completed visits
  • Once an aide completes their visit, the system automatically readies it for billing and payroll
  • Patient specific electronic visit note derived from care plan
  • Eliminate the inconvenience of having to deliver schedules to your aides
  • Avoid the inefficiencies of dealing with paper-based time sheets

All of Your Aides - Using Their Mobile Devices

Smart Phones, Tablets, & More

With AideConnect, your field staff can complete their visit information on their mobile devices. AideConnect can be utilized by:

  • Non-skilled home care workers
  • Home health aides
  • Personal care attendants
  • Homemakers
  • Companion care workers

For Aides - A New Level of Work-flow Efficiency

Accessibility, Technology, & Ease of Use

Empower Your Aides

AideConnect offers your agency an easy to use home care aide software solution for the completion of visits that can be accessed from the convenience of their compact devices such as smartphones and tablets.

  • Aides can view their individual schedules
  • Aide Connect captures start and end times for the visit along with GPS location
  • Aides can capture their signatures and the patient’s signature verified with a GPS location and time stamp
  • Aides can easily access all relevant information about their clients on their devices
  • Provides aides with care plan based visit note for completion
  • System automatically updates as the aide progresses through the visit

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More About Alora's Homecare Aide Software

Aide & Agency Workflow - Alora's Mobile Ready, HIPAA Compliant Interface

For years home health and home care aides had to depend on paper based methods and technology that was not in step with today’s “mobile communications” based world to complete the tasks associated with their day to day workflow. Administrators could depend on Telephony and Electronic Visit Verification to handle compliance, but these tools focused primarily on accountability and ease for the agency and not for the aide. Ultimately the inability for aides to utilize their own mobile devices to simplify workflow cost the agency money through loss of productivity, and/or investment in devices. 

AideConnect addresses both sides of agency efficiency through the development of a tool for administrators and aides, with the goal of achieving a higher level of overall productivity. This synergy of technology, communication, and compliance, benefits the financial and the practical side of the agency’s workflow inside and outside of the office.

Mobile Communication & The Future of Homecare

Alora is committed to technology innovation in the area of Home Care Software workflow. As a pioneer of Offline Charting for iPad & laptop, we recognize the need for clinicians, aides, and other caregivers to be able to conduct their visits without boundaries or restrictions to their productivity. Mobile communications have become the new standard for not only daily voice and text correspondence communication, but also for research, task completion, and documenting events. Whether it is taking pictures, checking email, conducting basic online searches, devices such as smart phones and tablets now account for the majority of interactivity between people for business and personal communications. AideConnect is one of many solutions Alora has engineered to stay true to our commitment of bringing  the Home Healthcare industry into the future. For your agency, our primary focus is simplifying tasks, increasing productivity, and continually developing easy to use and implement tools that benefit both the office and the field staff.

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