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Alora is a web-based, mobile ready, Home Care Software that offers home health care agencies in Ohio a complete solution designed for the highest level of efficiency and productivity. Customized to meet the billing & regulatory needs of home care agencies in Ohio, Alora facilitates electronic billing with Ohio Medicaid, Passport, Managed Care, Medicare and all Private Insurances.

Alora empowers OH agencies with a solution to succeed:

  • Easiest to use software in the industry with an intuitive interface
  • Designed to handle both skilled as well as non-skilled home care services
  • An “all-in-one” cloud based solution to fulfill the operational, clinical and financial needs of OH agencies
  • Integrated electronic faxing allows “one-click” faxing to insurance case managers, physicians, payers, etc.
  • Passport friendly
  • Customized billing for Ohio Medicaid/Waiver, Passport, Managed Care, Medicare and all Private Insurances
  • Compliance monitoring for Ohio Medicaid, Passport, and Medicare
  • Electronic documentation at patient’s home with or without internet
  • Integrated Telephony system
  • Monitor aide visits in real time & allow aides to complete visits on mobile devices
  • “One-on-One” world-class support and training
  • Integrated Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) with automated workflow
  • Customizable to the unique workflow of Ohio agencies

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Alora Home Health Software - The Complete Solution for Ohio Home Health Care Agencies

Alora Home Health Care Software has been engineered to offer comprehensive functionality for the needs of OH home care agencies regardless of size. Whether your agency is a small family owned startup, an established mid-sized agency, or a large corporation with many branches, Alora offers a complete home health software for OH agencies that can be customized to suit your specific needs. With online & offline solutions, your nurses, therapists and aides will always have the flexibility, options, and reliability from the industry’s Home Health Care Software leader. If you are looking for a solution to increase efficiency and profitability while providing the highest level care for your patients, then Alora is the answer!

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

Monitor visits as they happen

Alora offers EVV system that allows OH agencies to verify when visits occur and document the time services begin and end. The system helps agencies ensure that patients receive their medically necessary services.  Alora EVV captures and logs visit data electronically, including, start and end time of visit, Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates, etc.


The Alora EVV system can be utilized for home visits for services such as State Plan Home Health Aide, State Plan Home Health Nursing, Private Duty Nursing (PDN), Ohio Home Care Waiver Nursing, Ohio Home Care Waiver Personal Care Aide, Home Care Attendant, and RN Assessment.


The Benefits of Alora EVV:

  • Automates workflow from scheduling to billing and payroll
  • Minimizes user errors & increases overall accuracy
  • Centralizes the workflow of aides into the main Alora Home Care Software
  • Captures electronic care plan based visit note
  • Reduces agency costs
  • Ensures compliance
  • Eliminates potential fraud


Productivity, Profitability, & Performance

The Alora Difference – OH Specific Features Backed by Phenomenal Support

Alora is a trusted partner to several agencies in Ohio for their operational efficiency, financial success and clinical excellence. Alora combines the many functions of a home health care operation in one integrated software system, and has been designed for compliance with the filing requirements in the State of Ohio. Alora offers a complete solution for Ohio agencies of any size that includes, scheduling, billing, telephony, GPS based visit monitoring, medication regimen review, HR functions, 485, comprehensive assessments, Plan of Care for all disciplines, visit notes, electronic signatures by patient and caregivers, and much more. Alora’s web-based home care software solution and its point of care features can be accessed using an iPad, iPhone, Mac, Android device, Windows-based desktop, laptop, and tablet. In addition, Alora offers native applications for iPads, laptops and Windows tablets that allow clinicians to document at patient’s home and capture signature, without needing Internet.

For agencies conducting aide visits, AideConnect is an optional integrated solution allowing agencies to monitor all aide visit activity in real time, as it is occurring, providing the agency with realtime statuses for missed or delayed visits. The solution also allows aides to complete the visits notes on their mobile phones.

Alora customers have great flexibility to choose the features and devices that are most convenient for maximum productivity.


Convience & Ease of Use in one Interface

How your agency gets paid is one of the most important areas of your workflow. Alora takes the headaches out of billing and saves your staff time and money. Enjoy more billing options with Alora.

  • Billing & Electronic Claims for ALL Payers
  • Unit & Base Rate Billing for Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM)
  • One-click Claim Transmission
  • Pre-Billing QA + AR
  • Profit & Loss Projection

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