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Offline Documentation

Alora Nursing – Offline Documentation Home Care Software for Laptop & Windows Tablets

Alora Nursing is the industry’s leading Offline Documentation Home Health Software Solution developed for on and offline charting. Alora Nursing fully integrates with Alora Home Health Care Software, designed to literally save you hours of time, eliminate costly errors, and maintain the accuracy and accountability of your workload. Engineered to be a comprehensive solution for completing Home Health Nursing visit Notes on a laptop computer, Alora Nursing is your Home Care Software Solution Solution that allows the nurse to complete her work without boundaries. Natively installed on the caregiver’s laptop for maximum speed and reliability, and seamlessly integrated with Alora’s well known ease of use, Alora Nursing eliminates the unpredictability of reliance on a patient’s home internet connection to complete the visit.

  • Fully Document Skilled Nursing Visit Notes at Patient’s Home
  • Complete Comprehensive Oasis Assessments at Patient’s Home
  • Improve Accuracy by Bed-side Patient Charting
  • Capture Patient Signatures – touch screen laptop with patient’s finger (recommended) or with a mouse
  • Enjoy the Cost Efficiency of Unlimited User Licenses Option
  • Dramatically Reduce After-Hours Workload
  • Save Money by Eliminating the Cost of Mobile Internet Cards
  • Transmit your Documents with One-Click
  • Enjoy Higher Speed & Performance
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Simple Installation and Easy to Use
  • Designed for Laptop & Windows Tablets

How do You Complete Visit Notes and Assessments When Internet is Not Available?

  • Designed for convenient use on your Laptop Computer
  • Complete Visit Notes & Oasis Assessments without being online
  • Integrates With The Complete Alora Home Health Software

Relying on internet connectivity during nursing visits in circumstances you cannot control can cost you hours of time and create frustration, lack of accuracy, and almost guarantees the loss of productivity. The Alora Nursing Solution allows nurses to complete Visit Notes and Comprehensive OASIS Assessments at the patient’s home without Internet. Later, when internet becomes available, the documents can be transmitted to the main Alora Homecare Software with the click of a button. Alora Nursing is HIPAA compliant, protecting patient data through the safety of data encryption, and our pricing is the best in the industry.

Like all of the Services in the Alora Solutions Suite, Alora Nursing is also backed by our unlimited Support, and we continuously add updates, and enhancements at no additional cost to you.

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