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Homecare Software Blog – Agencies Finding Challenges in Caregiver Job Loyalty & Satisfaction Nationwide

New Survey Shows Weakness in Job Satisfaction/Industry Loyalty Among U.S Caregivers Almost 100% of U.S Caregivers Ready to Leave Jobs At Any Time

Almost 100% of U.S caregivers who report home health care as their primary job, are ready to leave their jobs at any time for better opportunities, a new survey confirmed. Home Health care management has long been a competitive industry in terms of agencies maintaining a full staff, but the reported number of home health workers who acknowledge a readiness to move to a more lucrative career has been startling even to veterans in the home health care industry.

The new research was spearheaded by Chicago, IL healthcare research firm “MyCnaJobs.” According to their data, almost 70% of full and part time caregivers consider themselves “always in search of a better job,” while nearly 99% stated they are “open to an alternative job opportunity at any given time,” MyCnajobs conducts home healthcare research routinely and as a company offers a suite of recruitment tools aimed at attracting new senior care workers into the industry.

“Companies think that once they’ve made a hire, they’ve got the hire,” myCNAjobs CEO Brandi Kurtyka commented,  “But the thing is, because this market is so competitive…on average caregivers get three calls a week for work now.”

The startling report collected data from a couple of recent studies, including a December 2017 survey, as well as a salary/compensation analysis of over 1 million caregivers scattered across the United States. The survey also honed in on a number of factors related to the disposition and overall attitude of caregivers with regard to their workplace and professional environment, inclusive of a close look at the types of benefits these workers prioritize.

The most desired work environment of choice for the majority of caregivers surveyed was hospitals, with almost 30% listing a hospital as their preferred option. Family based care and home health care agencies were a close second at nearly 27 and 23 percent respectively. Less than 20% of the surveyed caregivers preferred assisted living facilities, and nursing homes came in dead last as the preferred setting of only 7% of caregivers.

In this challenging market, Home Health and home care agencies seeking to stand out from rival agencies and providers, must also factor in that the industry overall is aging. With more than 70% of caregivers holding experience working in retail, and nearly 45% having worked in fast food, it’s archaic to think that an agency is simply competing for talent with other agencies only. The true competition now comes from a conglomerate of hiring companies in retail, fast food, and other career paths that at times can often slightly more attractive total compensation packages.

While the research confirms that workers naturally value competitive wages alongside location and assignments, what they seem to care for most was their work hours. The uncertainty of changing and erratic shifts causes caregivers a great deal of professional anxiety, particularly when and if a client goes to a hospital or is otherwise removed from a caregiver’s roster of patients. The survey data indicated that more than 80% percent of caregivers  prefer to work for a sole company if they work their desired hours, yet often times receiving a schedule of preferred hours in retail, fast food, and other professions is often far easier.

An analyst with the data firm stated after studying the data, “In the future, home care companies will need to figure out how to make care giving a career that workers can truly depend on, which may take improvements in technology, among other factors. “Workers want security, and I think that home health care agencies are going to need to figure out how to be more cognizant of that.”

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