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Nurses, clinicians, caregivers & administrators alike consistently state that Alora is the easiest to use Home Health Software on the market today. The learning curve for Alora is such that people who have previously used another Home Health Software before making the switch and experiencing the Alora difference; find themselves wondering why they didn’t try Alora from the beginning.

With an interface engineered for simplicity, efficiency, and time management; Alora’s team of experienced Home Health care professionals have utilized their combined experience from years of working in various positions within the Home Health industry to create the best possible software for the end user to synergize customer feedback, industry trends, and technological advances.


The Alora Difference

Experience Alora’s Unique Synergy of Solutions & Service

With an outstanding commitment to One on One Support as well as regularly updating the software as a whole and enhancing our robust list of features, Alora focuses on three areas of Home Health Care Software Solutions, to insure that our customers always receive the most complete and comprehensive Homecare Software solution available on the market. Alora’s Synergy of the best in our industry relies on three key components.

We listen

“Customer Feedback”

With more than 6000 Home Health Care professionals using Alora and new agencies joining us on an ongoing basis, coupled with numerous unbiased external industry sources reviewing our products and services, there is always a wealth of information to be gathered from the best possible source…real people in the Health care industry who are using the software. Many of our features are the direct result of a client expressing to us their needs. Other enhancements to features are inspired or requested by a nurse or Home Health Administrator telling us how we could make their job easier. At Alora, our dedication for being responsive to our customers is a constant priority, and we pride ourselves on the commitment that we don’t just sell you a Homecare software, we become your trusted partner who gauges our success, by your success.

We Learn

“Industry Innovations”

With many hospitals, insurance companies, and businesses seeking to cut costs and improve individual patient care, the Home Health care industry has grown considerably within the past 10 years, and shows no signs of slowing down. With key segments of the population getting older and requiring more health care, the need for Home Health professionals is moving on an upward trend. Succinctly, technology is also moving forward. New devices, iPads, tablets, computers, and other technologies are being introduced or expanded upon on a monthly basis. The medical field, state to state laws governing Medicare, Medicaid, and other requirements keep the technology landscape changing; and as a software and services provider, we have take very seriously our obligation to stay ahead of the curve for our customers, their patients, and their business goals. Alora’s development team is comprised of programmers, Home Health Care professionals, and industry veterans who are always seeking to make our solutions complete, unique, and comprehensive.

We Care

Outstanding “One on One” Support

Whether you are a small family owned start-up Home care agency, or a well-established franchise or chain with hundreds of patients in multiple states; our Alora Client Care specialists will learn about your unique set of needs, and customize the best Home Health Software Solutions package for you. Once that happens, our support team will partner with you and guide you through not only your Alora Home Health Software, but how to utilize it best within your state and to serve your patients with the best care possible. Many members of our team are former Home Health Agency employees, managers, or industry insiders. Their combined experience at everything from certification and billing to Home care procedures and state requirements,  a key component to what makes Alora Home Health Software Support widely recognized as the most responsive and professional in the industry.

Empower Your Agency

We would love to talk to you about how Alora can take your agency to the next level. Please call us today at 1-800-954-8250 for a no-obligation demo of our suite of Home Health Care Software Solutions. Don’t just take our word for it. To see what real Alora customers are saying about our us visit our Home Health Software Client Testimonials page and view some of our videos