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Alora PT

Physical Therapy Software for Home Health Agencies

“Alora PT” is an online/offline charting solution for Physical Therapists for their home health visits that integrates with the web-based complete Alora Home Health Software. This robust Physical Therapy Software Solution enables physical therapists to complete evaluations and visit notes using a laptop at the patient’s home and capture the patient’s signature without reliance on Internet connectivity.  Later, when Internet becomes available, the documents can be transmitted to the main web-based Alora Home Health Software with the click of a button.

Alora PT has been designed to literally save you hours of time, eliminate costly errors, and maintain the accuracy and accountability of your workload.  Alora PT is fully HIPAA compliant, protecting patient data through the safety of data encryption.

  • Complete PT Evaluations With or Without Internet
  • Easiest to Use Interface In The Industry for Physical Therapy Assessments
  • Phenomenal “One on One” Customer Support
  • Integrates With The Full Alora Home Health Software
  • Free Updates & Enhancements At No Additional Cost

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The Ultimate Home Healthcare Software Solution for completing Offline Physical Therapy Visit notes.

“Alora PT” is the industry’s leading Offline Physical Therapy Homecare Software Solution that integrates with your regular Alora Home Health Software, designed to literally save you hours of time, eliminate costly errors, and maintain the accuracy and accountability of your workload.

  • Fully Document Physcial Therapy Visit Notes at Patient’s Home
  • Complete Comprehensive Assessments regardless of internet connectivity
  • Improve Accuracy by Bed-side Patient Physical Therapy Charting
  • Capture Patient Signatures – touch screen laptop with patient’s finger (recommended) or with a mouse
  • Save Money by Eliminating the Cost of Mobile Internet Cards
  • Transmit your Physical Therapy visit notes with One-Click
  • Enjoy Higher Speed & Performance
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Easy to Use
  • Dramatically Reduce After-Hours Workload

Like all of the services in Alora’s suite of homecare solutions, Alora PT is also backed by our unlimited, one on one Support, and we continuously add updates and enhancements based on customer feedback and industry innovations in technology, at no additional cost to you.

Whether your agency is skilled or non skilled care (or a combination of both), Alora can be utilized across disciplines. We pride ourselves on offering the industry’s most intuitive and user friendly Home Health Software, Hospice Software, Private Duty Software, and more. Whatever your agency’s needs may be, Alora is the answer.

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