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Telephony is a service within Alora Home  HealthCare Software’s suite of solutions for homecare   visits.  Alora Telephony automates work flow for home care agencies, helps eliminate fraud, expedites the billing process, and offers the agency a view of the  home visits, as they happen.  The Alora Telephony solution integrates with the Web-Based Alora Home Health Care Software.

How does it work?

With Alora Telephony,  caregivers dial in to a dedicated toll-free line from patient’s phone when they arrive and leave patient’s home.   Alora captures this information and automatically updates Alora Home Care software. The Alora Home Care software offers the agency a view of all the visits as they happen, in real time.  Alora provides alerts for delayed visits and missed visits.  As soon as a visit is completed, the visit becomes ready for billing and payroll;  No manual data entry is necessary.

“The telephony feature gives the Home Health Agency a Handle on what is happening in the field in real time” (graphic)