Alora Enhancements
Here at Alora, we are constantly working on improvements. We strive to help you work smarter not harder. We would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of our most recent enhancements.

Here is a list of enhancements made recently in Alora. Please let us know if you have questions.


  • AideConnect User can now Start or Open EVV Entry from Dashboard View in the Visit Widget.
  • Alora now provides a Sticky Note to be added to the Scheduler which will show from the  Dashboard View in the Visit Widget.
  • The AideConnect Conflict and Resolution Screen will now include Schedule Start Time.
  • Users can now monitor LUPAs from the Scheduler.  Click on the Gray Options on the top Right of the Screen, then Select Show LUPA Info.  Filters allow Users to identify the LUPA status based on each period of an episode.
  • The Telephony report will now indicate when a Voice Signature is obtained.
  • A Pop Up Message will now appear after several failed log in attempts. This message will warn  users to use the forgot password option to prevent being locked out.
  • Alora will now include the QA Status of Incomplete, In Use or Draft Documents on the Dashboard View in the Incomplete Documents Widget.
  • COVID – 19 Patient Screen now offers Caregiver / Staff Limitations. This feature can be activated from the Main Navigation Bar by selecting Admin, locate the Caregiver/Staff Member and update the permission listed for Security Role for COVID – 19.
  • COVID -19 Screenings will now get permissions from the User logged in, not a selected caregiver option.
  • Alora has provided a COVID-19 Monitoring Center with enhanced filters for date range by Staff and Patient.  This tool will quickly identify results indicating at-risk and if Screenings were not documented in Alora.
  • There is now a Specialty Billing Code Calculation Option which allows agencies to identify billing codes that need to be calculated as 1 minute = 1 unit (or Per minute charge). This can be selected on the Billing Code Set Up under Calculate Units Based On Option.
  • Alora will now track CareConnect Ohio Transactions removed without action and allow for an  Un-remove Option to assist in compliance with the 21st Century Cures Act.
  • Alora will now prevent the Pop Up Screens from disappearing if you click off of the main item.  This includes areas such as VO Plus, Appointment Details and Add Adjustment to the Transaction Log to name a few.
  • Alora Offline App will now include PT EVAL on the Offline Conflicts Center.
  • Users can now view Vitals entered from SNaP Notes in the Vitals Dashboard Report.
  • The VO Plus now has an Add Phrase function to allow users to set up and store phrases to be used in future orders.
  • There is now the ability to batch print UB 04 Claim Forms, just like the HCFA 1500 Forms.
  • VA EVV Users can now resolve conflicts for missing address and can Select the Use Patient’s Address Button on the scheduler.
  • Alora has resolved Issues with VO PLUS Summary where date was One Day Off due to Time Zone issue.
  • When Printing the Calendar using the 31st of the Month, Alora will display the Calendar accurately.
  • Resolved an Issue where Aide POC Saved without caregiver/staff selected. Alora now requires Caregiver to be logged into Alora.