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Many parts go into entrepreneurship. Starting a home care agency requires optimal passion and relevant knowledge to ensure that clients receive seamless and highly effective services. This particular enterprise will employ marketing skills and ability to manage the staff. 

Home Care Software is potentially intimidating to newbies in any industry. You should, however, not worry if you do enough research about the functionality of the different facets within the software. Most of the products have many customizations to adapt to the business’ model intuitively.   

What to look for in a Home Care Software?

An excellent platform will integrate the functions of both the staff and the clients. The input data will compromise both sides to give personalized care.

  • Manageable clicks to ease use
  • Reduced errors
  • A reliable live support team by the developers
  • Personalized tools that fit the agency, such as forecast tools and dashboards.

What do you get from our software?

We believe in user friendliness and an encompassing functional system. Our Software centers its functionality to fit with businesses that offer care to individuals, clinical services, homemaking, and companion care.

  • Alora Software uses GPS tracking to monitor the work model of caregiving professionals. The platform will ensure that your clients receive optimum care during all working hours.
  • It is annoying when you are in restrictive use of one device because the software loses its design and sensitivity on another gadget. The Alora system has a fluid program that accommodates various platforms, such as computers, mobile phones, and tablets.
  • Alora's clients do not have to worry about losing valuable data because the software links all inputs to a cloud. The in-house IT team can also automate notifications by storing data into the cloud database.
  • A smooth payment module that accommodates insurances, Medicare, private pay, and VA to help all our clients.
  • Exemplifies communication because it allows the operation of multiple lines in one system.
  • The software has regulations that meet the standards of both IT and the relevant industry field of our client.

Why should you trust Alora’?

Alora has more than a decade of experience in providing reliable software products to clients around the globe. Our Atlanta based headquarter office has fast and efficient customer care lines and appointment schedules for all your business inquiries. Since our establishment in 2005, we continue to provide constant upgrades and additions that improve our clients’ feedback. The Alora Software underwent constant scrutiny and updating to ensure that the final product delivered on all business and social centered concerns.

Our software took years of research and modification before its official release. We consider the working relationship between the front line caregivers and IT professionals. The system automatically updates and automates functions for all professionals within your agency. Our tech support team trains all staff members on the facets of the software immediately after you schedule the session with us. Instead of piling together training appointments for several firms, we attend to the timing and needs of your agency with prompt action. Our technical and business officials are available for communication if you have any query regarding Alora’s software or the current home care software in your office.





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