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Home health care is a good alternative for patients requiring medical care but would not be hospitalized. This kind of care usually involves three parties: the patient, the caregiver, and the employing company or agency. These agencies typically have many care providers under their supervision, with more patients under the provider's monitoring.

Home health software helps these agencies to manage their activities better. It also provides important information for caregivers and patients. Alora Home Health software is designed to make all processes easier for the patients, caregivers, and agency.

Home Health Care

Home health care takes place at the patient's home. A health provider visits the patient as scheduled and offers care services such as skilled nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, or medical social services.

This kind of care prevents avoidable hospitalization and enables a patient to recover in the comfort of their home with professional care that's as good as that found in hospitals.

What is Home Health Software?

A home health software is a type of Health Care Information Technology (HIT) that is geared towards processing both clinical and non-clinical information for home health care providers. Through this software, companies can share, retrieve, and store information about their employees and patients under their care.

Alora Health Care Software is compliant to HITs standards and features an interface that's optimized for accessibility on all devices, whether smartphones, laptops, or tablets.

How Does a Home Health Software Work?

A home health software aims to consolidate every information required or gained during the care process in one place. It does this by allowing the care companies to:

  • Bill payers such as Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance. The billing feature on Alora allows you to double-check the accuracy of bills and has an in-built quality assurance tool to ensure it’s compliant.
  • Use the Electronic Visit Verification that helps the administrators to check the workflow of the caregivers and make sure the home visits happen according to schedule.

The software helps patients to:

  • Evaluate the quality of care given by their caregiver by using the Plan of Care feature to derive Visit Notes. These notes will provide comparisons between expected goals in a program and the ones covered by the caregiver.

For the caregiver, the software will:

  • Provide complete clinical documentation that includes all stages from assessment, evaluation, and plan of care, to Visit Notes for home health disciplines such as physical therapy, skilled nursing, and speech therapy.

Our software for home health use has features to facilitate all these needs, including:

  • Scheduling which allows agencies to control activities involving the care of each patient, tasks of each caregiver, and requirements from different regulators such as insurers and government health bodies.
  • Internal emailing through which agencies can contact their employees, which also gives them a text alert for timely communication.

Alora Home Health Software is maintained by software engineers who update it regularly while considering customer input.

Make Your Business More Efficient

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