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Alora is a leading provider of home health software based in Atlanta, USA. Founded by Sathish John, the company started operating in 2005 and sold its first software in 2006. The company kept growing. By 2017, it was the first company to offer software that can run on all platforms. You can expect Alora to provide better than the best, a true testament to the meaning of the company's name. The company offers comprehensive and user-friendly homecare software for health care agencies.

How Much Would a Homecare Software Cost?

Homecare software prices start at $99 to $700 per month. Most health care software providers base their pricing depending on the size of the clients' care agency. Some software providers may charge more than others. Usually, software providers can provide a rough estimate of pricing.

Pprices usually depend on the number of staff that will use the software or the number of patients. Alora offers significantly cheaper pricing than most overcharging software providers.

How to Find the Best Homecare Software?

With numerous homecare software applications on the market, it is hard to choose the right one. The best health care software should be easy to use and multifunctional. Here are the best features to look out for when searching for a home care software:

  • Can handle billing and invoicing
  • Easy payment processing
  • Set schedules for patients visits
  • Keep tracks of caregivers and their visits
  • Secure and easy communication with caregivers on the field
  • Compatibility with multiple devices and platforms
  • Complete analytics and insight into the agency

With these, you and your healthcare specialist are sure that appointments, visits, and your health’s record won’t be overlooked.

Alora homecare software provides live monitoring of visits and patients thru a GPS-based service called Electronic Visit Verification or thru telephone. The software is also compatible with smartphones, tablets, and laptops for easy access.

The software also makes payments manageable, which can handle Medicaid, private insurance, and private pay in any state. It also offers a payroll function that can calculate and track pay rates for caregivers and employees. These are just a few key features of the homecare software. For the full specification and list of features, please visit our website.

Better than the Best Homecare Software

Alora is committed to delivering the best software experience for all care provider agencies. Alora homecare software is easy to use and full of features. We also provide home health and hospice software. Along with our amazing software, we also offer outstanding customer service and software training for our clients. All of these for a very fair price, unlike other software providers who overcharge for their services. Many reviews and testimonials from different healthcare agencies prove that we offer only the best possible experience for our clients.

Do you need proof? Visit our website at alorahealth.com or call us at hotline number 800-954-8250 for a free demo and a free quotation. We will show you how committed we are to fulfilling our promise to deliver the best service!

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