Why Alora?

One Word: Simplicity

Let’s be honest: Software can be a hassle.

It doesn’t always work as promised. Getting help on the phone can be a pain.

And switching from one software platform to another means having to start all over again.

That’s why Alora works to make your experience with our software – and our company – as simple as possible. Here’s how:

1. Highly intuitive software. When tasks are made simpler, more gets done and done right. We put years of thinking into our software to make it as easy as possible. And with input from our customers, we are always refining how our software functions and looks.

2. All-in-one power. Multiple products and plug-ins can complicate your agency operations. We’ve engineered Alora to be comprehensive to streamline work for your front-line caregivers and your back-office administrators.

3. Customized packages. While Alora software pretty much does it all, you don’t have to pay for a lot of unused features. Our pricing reflects the modules and functionality you need most to run your agency efficiently.

4. Tailored demonstrations. If you’re looking to replace or upgrade your current software, you’re likely reviewing several options. When you decide to take a closer look at Alora, we won’t waste your time. The demo we give you will be based on what’s relevant to your agency’s size and focus.

5. Tailored training. Some companies “bundle” their software training for several agencies at once. But Alora’s skilled trainers work only with your team to get everyone up and running fast.

6. Expert help. We like talking to agencies. So if you have a question or issue, an expert with years of home health experience will answer your call, usually on the first ring. This practice separates us from software companies that do everything possible to avoid staffing for help.

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Alora Home Health Software Benefits

Whether you need software for home health, private duty home care, personal care, hospice or pediatric home care - our core promise is to make it easier for your agency to perform better.

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The Alora backstory

Like so many of the agencies we serve, Alora has a story of humble beginnings and rapid growth.

Our roots run back to 2005, when Sathish John, a senior software engineer for a healthcare company in Wisconsin, decided to start his own enterprise.

So he moved to Atlanta with his wife and their two young children. And he arrived with a vision: Create new tools to help the budding industry of home health care agencies manage their businesses better.

Drawing on his previous 12 years in healthcare software design, Sathish spent six months developing the first platform. He named it Alora, a word meaning “better than best.”

In January 2006, the owner of a home health agency in Florida came calling. He’d learned what Sathish was developing and offered to purchase the first license. Sathish declined – he felt Alora wasn’t ready. “I had it in my mind that it needed to be more complete,” he recalls. “It didn’t have the full scope of features to benefit agencies.” The agency owner said he’d buy another solution elsewhere if he wouldn’t let him use it. 

“I said, ‘Give me two weeks.’”

Sathish worked non-stop to enhance the platform – and the Florida agency remains an Alora customer today. By the end of that first year, Alora had six clients. Two years later, it had 50 agencies of all sizes.

In those early days, Alora shipped CDs to its agencies. By 2010, the platform was web-based and it was stored in the cloud. In 2013, it was tablet-ready. 

And in 2017, Alora became the very first homecare / hospice / home health software platform to be 100 percent mobile-ready – meaning its entire interface is auto-optimized for all kinds of devices, including smartphones.

Sathish John continues to serve as Alora’s President and CEO. But today, he has a lot more help from people who have worked in home health care agencies — as well as experienced software engineers who constantly evolve the Alora platform to meet new regulations, and to make work life easier for you and your staff.

Make work life easier for you and your staff


  • “I would recommend Alora to any home health agency. It keeps you on top of your game and it keeps you organized!”

    — Maria Amos
    LALA Comfort Homecare
  • “Alora works very well. All the moving pieces and parts fit so well together.”

    — Tonya Johnson
    Sanctuary Skilled Home Health
  • “Alora is what helped us through our initial licensing. All the features are very, very nice, I enjoy using all of them.”

    — Hopal Bonefont
    Hats Home Health
  • “I am not very computer literate, but the first time I used Alora, it was like I had been using it before. I didn’t need anyone to teach me.”

    — Cecilia Igwala
    Sugarland Trinity Home Health
  • “I use everything in Alora — payroll, billing, calendars, patients. It’s very friendly, very easy. In a week, I was able to find everything.”

    — Lilian
    Nova Home Care
  • “Alora was very simple to get comfortable using – we were able to understand it easily!”

    — Loretta
    Supra Home Health
  • “I would recommend Alora for startups, or if you’re a franchise, or an existing agency. They helped us 100% with everything. There’s just so much you can do with Alora.”

    ― Amanda Krachinski
    Helping Hands in Home Care
  • “Alora is very easy to work with, compared to other programs. We’re using Alora with all the features available.”

    — Grizelle Ramirez
    Ascendi Home Health
  • “Alora's ease of use is amazing. We have used similar software in the past, and Alora has been the easiest software to learn.”

    ― Joe Kozlosky
    Professional Home Care Services