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Alora Home Care Software has been built around simplicity.

All-in-one Software for Homecare


Alora Home Care Software is an easy-to-use and affordable solution that facilitates the highest level of efficiency for homecare agencies.  Alora combines all the functions of a home care agency operation into one powerful software platform.


With Alora Home Care Software, you can:


  • Effectively manage your agency operation from anywhere because Alora is cloud-based and mobile-ready
  • Go paperless. Alora’s electronic documentation lets your agency eliminate paper and bring workflow efficiency for your caregivers and office staff. Alora’s Custom Documents capability lets you convert even your proprietary paper forms for electronic data entry.
  • Process all payers – Medicaid/waiver in any state, managed care, Medicare, private insurance, VA, and private pay
  • Use the software from any device – smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktops
  • Live monitor visit activities – know, in real-time, which caregiver has started the visit and who is delayed
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Make it easier for your agency to run better.


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Alora Home Care Software:
Features and Solutions


EVV (GPS & Telephony options)

Electronic Visit Verification:

EVV is becoming a requirement in many states – and Alora has it fully integrated into its system. Alora EVV simplifies the workflow for the caregivers as well as the agency administrators.


Alora’s electronic visit verification solution empowers caregivers with a software tool to check their schedules, capture signatures, and complete plan of care based visit notes.


In addition to facilitating compliance and caregiver accountability, Alora EVV brings efficiency for the agency because the EVV information captured flows to billing and payroll, eliminating manual entries.

Live Visit Monitoring

Alora EVV includes “live monitoring” capability – a powerful tool that provides you up-to-the-minute visibility on home visits that are in progress as well as delays and no-shows.


You will know when a caregiver does not show up and you can proactively take the necessary steps to deal with the situation before it is too late.


Home Care Scheduling Software:

Alora’s software solution allows you to enter and view schedules from the angle of a patient, caregiver or agency as a whole.


Our software also alerts you to potential conflicts or issues with compliance (such as prior authorizations or frequency of visits). And you can view the schedule the way you prefer – by month, week, day, or certification period – and you can also manage visits in “batch entry” rows and columns format.

Electronic Faxing

Alora lets you send and receive faxes with a single click, without the need for a machine. Our fax confirmation log keeps a permanent history of all the faxes sent as well as their status. Alora’s fully integrated Home Health faxing can literally save your agency hours of time daily. Click here to watch Home Health Faxing Video

Document Review / Q.A.

Onscreen, you can review caregivers’ completed documents – to approve or return them for correction.

Secure Internal Email with Text Notification

Stay in contact with all staff, including caregivers in the field, with HIPAA-compliant email (which features built-in mobile texting to let them know email is waiting for them). Internal email keeps your agency’s people connected with each other.

Dashboards and Analytics

It’s your single-view look at what’s in progress – and what still needs to be done. Which plan of care is due? Which orders have yet to be sent? What were the most recent assessments? We display it all in one place, and you get to determine the level of information each agency staff can access.

Prior Authorization Tracking

We’ve made it easier to comply with payers’ requirements for prior authorization. Alora homecare software alerts you to authorization information that’s missing or attempts to exceed limits – whether the authorizations are recurring or for a set period of time. During billing, authorization codes automatically flow into claims.

Travel Time & Mileage Calculator

Alora Homecare Software can automatically calculate the travel time and mileage, utilizing a mapping service, for your caregiver’s travel from one patient visit to the next.  If your agency tracks travel time or mileage, this tool can save you a lot of time and provide peace of mind.


This tool can be customized to not to calculate travel time if the time gap between two visits exceeds the limit set by you.

Communication Log

Communication Log allows your agency to document any type of communication that you would like to keep a record of.  Communication Logs are available for clients as well as for staff.  You can run reports filtered by communication type.


Alora home health software also lets you track patient referrals … create and maintain logs for the patient and caregiver communication as well as patient hospitalization … generate paperless records (scanned document storage) for patients, caregivers, and office … handle multiple offices in one system … track caregiver absences and unassigned visits… and more.


COVID-19 Screening & Monitoring

Alora provides COVID-19 screening for clients and staff. Special alerts in the system can remind employees when the screening was not completed for themselves or for the clients.


COVID-19 Monitoring Center provides a centralized view for your agency to monitor the COVID-19 risk level for your staff and clients. Instantly know when a staff member or a client is at risk. You can also see who has completed the screening for the day and who has not.


Our entire platform is optimized for tablets and smartphones. All information is safely stored in the cloud. So your aides and caregivers can access Alora software anywhere, anytime.

Assessments (Non-Skilled and Skilled)

Alora provides OASIS, Non-OASIS, and Non-Skilled assessments.  Assessments are comprehensive and easy to complete.

Plan of Care

Alora lets you generate the traditional CMS-485, Aide Care Plan as well as other discipline-specific care plans. In addition, Alora provides an enhanced “living” plan of care that can track the progress made and goals met during the course of a certification period.


Care Plans are customizable specific to the needs of your clients and based on the services offered by your agency.


With Alora’s built-in faxing capability, you can fax the plan of care and documents to physicians or other entities with just a single click.

Visit Notes based on Plan of Care

Did your caregivers actually do what was required in the client’s plan of care? You won’t have to wonder – Alora Software for Homecare generates client-specific visit notes that are derived from the plan of care.

Complete Documentation

In addition to assessments, care plans, and visit notes, Alora comes with many other documents including missed visit notes, supervisory visit notes, and verbal orders.

Custom Documents

Do your staff complete any custom paper documents that were created by your agency?


Alora’s Custom Documents option lets you upload your master documents into the Alora system and have your caregivers complete and sign those documents electronically, anytime, within Alora.


You do not need to rely on paper documents any longer.

Offline Documentation

“No Internet” is no problem — clinicians can complete documentation offline when the Internet is not available, then transmit their documentation with a single click when they have access to the Internet later.  Alora provides native offline applications for iPhone, iPad as well as Android phones and tablets.

Emergency Preparedness Plan

You can create and maintain an Emergency Preparedness Plan for each of your clients in Alora’s home care system.

Other Capabilities

Your caregivers can access their schedules, find directions to patient’s home, document communication logs, and much more.


Billing for All Payers

Home Care Billing Software:

We’ve designed our homecare billing solution to help you maximize revenue.


Alora lets you generate electronic or paper claims for all payers – Medicaid and Waiver programs in any state, Managed Care, Medicare, Private Insurance, Veterans Administration (VA), and Private Pay.


Claims and invoices can be generated as a batch or individually.

Pre-Billing QA

Pre-Billing QA provides a quick view of any missing items for all of your clients before billing can be performed.  This tool is very useful for billers as well as staff responsible for compliance monitoring.  Missing items are highlighted in red for attention.

Accounts Receivables & Financial Reports

It’s robust: Alora keeps track of charges, payments, and adjustments and creates summaries or detailed financial reports tailored to the needs of billers, administrators, owners, and accountants. Payments can be posted electronically or through manual entry.


With Alora, you can track pay rates for each caregiver – standard rate or special rate for each service type – and calculate gross pay for the pay period. Pay rates can be set by time or by the visit. The system provides reports as well as export options for the payroll information.

Caregiver Credentials Tracking

Up-to-date driver’s licenses, auto insurance, TB tests, and other credentials are a necessity for your caregivers, and Alora helps you track it all.


Alora Home Care software provides dashboard alerts as key dates approach – and you can customize tracking and alerts to meet your agency’s specific needs.

Scanned Document Storage

Store your paper documents in Alora Homecare Software and go paperless.  You can store documents for your clients and for the staff.  You can create folders in Alora to organize your documents by category.

Multi-Office Capability

Does your agency have more than one office or business line?  Alora Home Care Software can accommodate all of your offices within one system, at no additional cost.

Physician Tracking

Track all your physicians and related information.  When entering a physician to the system, Alora provides the option to automatically bring in physician information from the NPI registry facilitating faster entry and accuracy.  Alora Home Care Software can verify PECOS enrollment.

Report Generation

Knowledge is power, and Alora gives you deep knowledge of your agency’s activities by letting you generate reports on the census, visits, compliance – and a vast array of other areas. Best of all, you can customize report generation based on your agency’s needs at any given time.


We’ve made it easier for your back office to run better with many other features – such as the ability handle more than one primary payer, managing multiple aide care plans for the same patient and derive appropriate care plan based notes, and tracking of patient’s insurance case managers.

Product Screenshots

Minnesota Home Health Software

It's Exceptionally Easy to Use: Read More About Alora Home Care Software

Whether your agency provides home care with clinical components, personal care, or other non-medical homecare services, Alora can help your agency thrive.  With Alora home care software free your agency from exhaustive manual workflow and make work-life easier for you and your staff.
Alora has been committed to providing the best imaginable user interface for agencies since 2005. With more than 30,000 Home Care professionals enjoying the benefits of Alora every day, Alora has become the best home care software solution that is offered at an affordable price for smaller and medium-sized agencies.
  • Ease of use for Administrators, Caregivers & Clinicians
  • Developed for Medicare Certified Skilled Care & Non-Skilled Homecare Agencies
  • Go Paperless, Eliminate Costs & Save Resources with Web-Based Software
  • Integrated One-Click Faxing
  • Phenomenal English & Spanish Speaking One on One Support
  • Clinicians can Complete Visit Notes Offline, on iPad or Laptop
  • Access Across many Devices, iPad, Mac, PC, Laptop, Tablet & More…
  • Full Home Care Telephony Integration Available
  • Integrated Electronic Visit Verification Plus
  • Works as Personal Care Software and Private Duty Software




Engineered to be a comprehensive EHR software and more for Home Care agencies of any size, Alora’s intuitive design combines the expertise of Home Care professionals and software developers who sought to design a complete solution for the back office and the field. Alora allows management, administrators, and clinicians to complete every agency task faster, easier, and with a greater degree of security and control. Alora’s main interface dashboard gives the Administrator a bird’s eye view of the entire agency’s operations, identifying opportunities and prompting reminders for time-sensitive tasks, enabling compliance, and facilitating productivity and accountability.  Alora is an ideal software for non-medical home care as well as agencies providing skilled services.


Every Aspect of Home Care Simplified



More Options for Agencies

Engineered to be a cloud-based comprehensive solution for whatever type of care your agency offers, ALORA is also an ideal solution for agencies with multiple business lines. Many combination agencies who provide skilled and non-skilled care, as well as hospice, private duty, pediatrics, or any combination, utilize Alora’s Software for hospice, software for private duty home care, and emr for home health solutions. Contact us at 1-800-954-8250, as we would love to discuss how our software system can support the intricacies of your agency’s workflow.


Simplicity, Efficiency, Profitability…Through One Centralized User-Friendly Interface


  • Improve Compliance & Audit Success
  • Complete Software for Homecare, Companion Care,  Personal Care, & Private Duty
  • Web-Based Software Solution
  • Chart Without Internet On iPad & Laptop
  • Full Homecare Telephony Integration
  • Phenomenal Live “One on One” Support
  • Comprehensive Easy to Use Features
  • Generate Claims for all Payers
  • Engineered for Skilled Care & Non-Skilled Care Agencies
  • Conduct Back Office & Point of Care Operations with one Integrated Solution
  • Customizable to your Homecare agency’s unique workflow


Alora offers your agency comprehensive home health software that gives you more than just a management tool to address the many aspects of your back office and your caregivers in the field. Alora’s Integrated solutions suite features the most user-friendly, easy-to-learn, and regularly enhanced software on the market. Built based upon the direct needs of professional Home Care providers in conjunction with a dedicated team of software designers, Alora’s core functionality represents the synergy of technology and real-world Homecare.


Unmatched “One on One” Homecare Software Support


Alora holds a near 100% satisfaction rating with our valued clients, with customers reporting that they are consistently surprised and pleased by our team’s uninhibited enthusiasm towards their happiness. Our Support team works side by side with each member within our family of clients as a trusted partner, invested fully in your agency’s growth, profitability and success. Our highly trained team of Home Health Software professionals is available to promptly answer your calls and emails six days and in excess of 50 hours per week. Our technicians are ready to navigate you through every aspect of Alora’s interface when needed, and additionally, their combined industry expertise often affords them the opportunity to share knowledge and resources in every area ranging from initial agency certification and start-up, to growth and expansion. Our team also stays abreast of changes in federal or state laws and filing requirements that could impact your agency, customizing a suite of software solutions for you that stays up to speed with the laws that affect your business and your patients. A common occurrence is one of our team members remembering a customer by name if they call in after a conversation or two. Alora’s Home Care Software Support is one of the biggest parts of who we are and serves as the foundation of our tireless dedication to every agency getting the most out of their investment.

The Most User-Friendly Homecare Software In The Industry


Alora’s highly intuitive easy to navigate interface, comprehensive functionality, and simple to learn features are just a few of the reasons why Alora is favorably recommended by industry consultants, independent reviewers, & software users alike. Many agencies lose sight of the true cost of their software, often losing a great deal of their investment on having to train their staff on a cloud-based Homecare Software that is not designed with the end-user in mind. The more time and focus a software takes to enable and train within your organization, the more it costs you, and your software’s primary benefit should be to bring in revenue and improve processes along with patient care. The easier your Home Health Software is to install within your organization, the more value it adds, as it will literally allow you and your staff to spend time focusing on activities that will generate revenue, and improve the level of patient satisfaction. Alora has been designed to make you and your staff’s jobs easier, and more enjoyable.


Complete, Agency Centered Features For Home Care


Alora offers a customized cloud-based Homecare Software Solution for every type of agency. With solutions packages that include all of the essential features like Billing, Scheduling, 485, OASIS with Analyzer, Medicare Eligibility & DDE Access, Online & Offline Visit Note for iPad & Laptop Capability, Medication Regimen Review, Electronic Signature Capture, QA, Telephony and more; Alora is your complete answer. Each of our features has been designed and quality tested by our software engineering specialists, as well as our staff which includes former nurses, caregivers, and agency administrators. Many of our features have been implemented and designed largely based on the feedback we have received from the real nurses, managers, clinicians, and caregivers who use Alora every day.


New Features & Enhancements Added Regularly Without Increases In Cost


Our customers who trust Alora with their business and their patients are our number one priority. They also serve as the most reliable resource for sharing with us the particulars of their individual needs as well as the changing landscape of Home Care on a day-to-day basis. As we invest in remaining consistently informed on technology innovations, researching customer feedback and trends, and staying on top of filing and compliance requirements; Alora is committed to keeping our customers informed and empowered in such a way that there are no surprises or mysteries when it comes to managing their Homecare agency.


Integrated Homecare EVV

Alora offers agencies automated compliance with a built-in EVV system. In accordance with the 21st Century Cures Act, Alora’s home health software solution with EVV integration, takes the guesswork out of caregiver and administrator work-flow, and saves your agency from performing double work while navigating the hazards of possible errors associated with working in two separate systems.

EVV benefits to your agency include:

  • Ensure compliance with guidelines set forth by the 21st Century Cures Act
  • Automate workflow from scheduling to billing and payroll
  • Eliminate manual data entry of timesheets
  • Centralize the workflow of aides into the main Alora Home Care Software
  • Create care plan-based visit notes 6. Reduce agency costs 7. Alora EVV functions across mobile devices






Founded in 2005, Alora is a group of dedicated professionals who are committed to individual and professional excellence. Our headquarters is located in Atlanta, GA just a few miles outside of the city.


Alora began as primarily a Scheduling, Billing, and EHR Software for Home Care agencies, building momentum with a core group of customers based on our dedication to serving their needs with the level of personal attention that larger corporate entities have little ability or interest to provide. Customers who saw the software loved it, staying with us as we grew and added solutions for Home Health Software, Pediatric Homecare Software, Hospice Software, Private Duty Home Care Software, and all areas of the home health industry. Our company is dedicated to expanding our portfolio of Home Care solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our Software has grown rather “Organically” since its inception, ultimately blossoming into the comprehensive agency solution it has become today. That spirit of seeking out and responding to our customer’s needs reminds us that there are no limitations on what a home health care Software solution should be able to do for your agency.


Now, many years later, Alora offers a complete set of features within a cloud-based home health emr, to manage all aspects of Home Care. Whether your staff is working remotely from their homes or conducting a visit note at a patient’s bedside, Alora is a solution that fits the unique workload of your agency. With more than 7000 Homecare professionals located in nearly every state in the U.S, Alora has become a trusted solution for Home Care, and our focus is to make Home Care easier for everyone involved with your agency from the owner to your patients.