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Alora A-Fax is a fully integrated electronic faxing solution for Home Health & Home care agencies that enables you to fax a document from within Alora Home Health Software with a single click. As a fully HIPAA compliant solution that allows you to send and receive electronic faxes within Alora's easy to use interface, Alora A-Fax is intended to help your agency increase productivity and save money. Alora's Home Health Software Faxing capability can make an immediate impact on your agency's workflow and efficiency.

Electronic Faxing Solution For Homecare Agencies

  • Fax 485s, Orders, OASIS, or any document with one click
  • Eliminate costs associated with manual paper faxing
  • Increase staff productivity by reducing interruption of work flow from traditional faxing
  • Receive automatic confirmations of faxes sent & notifications of pending or failed faxes
  • Customize A-Fax options to your exact preferences
  • Send & receive important documents with full HIPAA Compliance and security
  • System automatically re-sends faxes that meet a busy signal, and notifies of failed faxes
  • Designed for all agency types, Skilled, Non-Skilled, Private Duty, etc

As your trusted partner for the success of your agency, Alora is dedicated to constantly developing solutions to help your agency with higher efficiency and productivity. A-Fax's electronic faxing for home health agencies integration is a cost saving addition to our growing roster of comprehensive software features for Home Health care, which includes integrated Telephony, Offline Documentation capability and more.

Speed, Efficiency, & Convenience at Your Fingertips

A-fax is a electronic faxing solution designed within the scope of Alora Homecare Software's well-known ease of use, and using it is extremely quick and easy. Sending a Home Health fax once logged into Alora is quick and user friendly. You can instantly fax any document such as a 485, Order, or OASIS:

  1. Select the option “Send as Fax”
  2. View the automatically opened fax screen, with the physician’s fax number already pre-populated
  3. Visually confirm the correct fax number, or change it if necessary
  4. Click on Send, and a cover page with your agency’s information is automatically created as the fax is instantly sent
  5.  An integrated confirmation log shows you a color coded list of all faxes sent by your agency staff along with the status, Success, Pending, or Failed
  6. View and customize A-Fax's various filter and sort options based on your preferences

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Home Health Electronic Faxing Solution Benefits

Average Manual Faxing Time & Cost, 5 to 10 Minutes Plus $1 to $3 Per Page...

Average time to send a fax with Alora A-fax - 3 SECONDS

With Alora A-Fax, your agency will reap the benefits and savings of  Home Health Software integrated cloud based faxing.

  • Save hours of staff time each day: A-Fax can be sent within 3 seconds. Compare that to the 5 to 10 minutes it takes with traditional faxing, which includes printing, preparing a coversheet, walking to and from a fax machine, punching in numbers without error, and waiting...and waiting...
  • Save Money: Reduce costs by spending less money on paper and toner, in addition to saving money through maximizing employee time. A-Fax frees up your staff to accomplish more during the work day, resulting in higher productivity.
  • Fax from Anywhere, Anytime: You no longer need to be at the main office in order to send a fax. A-Fax is transmitted securely over the Internet and is compliant with HIPAA regulations, so you can literally fax from wherever you are and whenever you want to.
  • Maximum Productivity: A-Fax allows your nurses and other staff to focus on their primary work instead of having to leave their work station to send faxes throughout the day. According to Gallup research, it takes an average of 23 minutes for an employee to resume work after getting up to perform tasks that interrupt their work flow. Manual faxing at a fax machine is a prime example of this massive loss of productivity.
  • Image Quality: The electronic fax images transmitted by A-Fax are of higher quality than traditional faxes because A-Fax requires no paper scanning.
  • No More Busy Signals: You will never get a busy signal using A-Fax. If the destination fax machine is busy, A-Fax automatically re-sends the fax multiple times while you have long since moved on to other work. No more waiting, no more worries. The status can be checked at any time in A-Fax's customizable confirmation log.
  • Easy Review of Fax History: With A-Fax, you have a permanent history of all the faxes sent by the various employees of your agency in one centralized place.

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When it comes to encouraging staff productivity and whole-agency efficiency, Alora is your comprehensive answer. A-Fax is one of our many solutions designed to improve the way your agency operates in the field and in the office. Explore our mobile ready Home Health Solutions for more information on integrated features that allow your caregivers and nurses to easily handle their workload, while empowering administrators with an "All-in-one" Homecare software designed to help agencies of any size exceed expectations.

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