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Accurate Homecare billing can be a major strain on an agency’s time, staff, and resources. Alora offers agencies a choice, by providing our expert professional staff with more than 25 years of combined Home Health and Medicare billing experience to handle your billing needs.

Potential errors, lost revenue, and the risk of rejected claims can be eliminated through the numerous benefits of Alora Billing Service. Placing your revenue management with Alora, creates a peace of mind where your Alora software from patient intake to payment processing, is centralized under one solution, one company which partners with you for your agency success.

The Alora Advantage – Billing Services Benefits

  • Easy claim approval within your home health software
  • Reduce the risks of lost revenue and claims rejection
  • Detailed corrections, notifications, and information
  • Electronic RAs faxed to your office for your records
  • Follow claims through the payment process
  • Increased Revenue
  • Claim generation
  • Payment posting

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Faster Payment + Increased Cash Flow = Peace of Mind

Reduce Administrative Errors That Negatively Impact Claims & Payment Processing

Lost or delayed revenue, untimely filing, and rejected claims are never welcome in a successful agency’s daily to do list. Alora can handle your billing electronically to accelerate your payments, while validating those payments for accuracy. Our team manages the process of any potential claims denial, keeping your cash on hand high and your payment headaches low.

The litany of individual billing tasks that subtract time and efficiency from your day can finally be resolved through an affordable service that offers your agency solace and assurance that your billing workflow is in capable hands.

Some of the issues Alora Billing Services manages:

  • Daily Medicare T-Status and ADR monitoring, as well as prevention of payments recouped by Medicare and other payers
  • Pre-Billing QA – We assess the completeness and accuracy of reported information while reducing the risk of fraud
  • Timely posting of payments received with swift follow up on unpaid payments
  • Regular reporting of billing information, with your staff administrators kept up to date on payment and billing status
  • Preventive adjustments for the avoidance of lost or delayed revenue


We Focus on Your Revenue Cycle Management...So you can Focus on Patient Care

The Benefits to Your Staff

Through Alora Billing Services, our company offers the expertise of our dedicated staff of knowledgeable Home Health & Medicare Billing experience to your business. When you delegate the time consuming process of revenue cycle management to us, the chance of deflating setbacks such as filing errors, lost revenue, and claims corrections can become a thing of the past.

Free up Your Time with a Trusted Partner in Alora:

  • Experienced staff knowledgeable in all aspects of Alora Software & Home Health Billing
  • Eliminate potential for overhead personnel costs such as workers comp insurance
  • Save agency resources including capital, time, and opportunity cost
  • Affordable census based pricing allows your agency to increase profitability while collecting revenue quickly

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Professional Billing Services Designed for Agency Success

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