Powerfully Simple

We’ve engineered Alora to allow you to streamline work for your front-line caregivers and your back-office administrators.  And unlike the competition, you don’t have to pay for features you don’t need.  Our support staff has years of home health experience and usually answers your call on the first ring.  But best of all, Alora Home Health software is extremely easy-to-use.

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Everything in One Place

Alora is an affordable all-in-one home health solutions where everything you need is in one place. Alora is not only one of the best-reviewed home health software products on the market today, but also one of the most affordable. When tasks are made simpler, more gets done, and done right. We put years of thinking into our highly-intuitive home health software to make it as easy as possible.

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Top-Rated Customer Support

Alora customers rank our software and support 4.8 out of 5 stars. 98% of Alora support calls are answered live, and the remaining 2% are called back within the hour. And Alora’s customer support team are experts with advanced knowledge of not only Alora’s software but also of the home health care industry.

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Easy Implementation

Whether you’re new to home health software or switching to Alora, you’ll enjoy rapid and easy, fully-supported setup. We’ve made it simple with Alora’s Easy Switch Implementation. Your home health software is an investment. Alora’s Easy Switch Implementation is designed to assure you can see the reward in your investment rapidly.  It’s yet another reason why so many successful home health agencies choose Alora.

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Worry-Free Medicare Compliance

As an agency, fears over compliance are omnipresent. But Alora’s home health software solution facilitates compliance ongoing and every day. Hundreds of Alora customers successfully pass surveys and get accredited by ACHC, CHAP or JCAHO every year.

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Survey Preparedness

When you’re automatically prepared, surveys aren’t so scary. Alora Home Health Software helps make the survey process simple and painless. When you have a software solution that facilitates compliance ongoing and every day, it becomes easier to pass a home health survey because you don’t have to rush back and fix things or attempt housekeeping as the surveyor is coming in the door. With Alora, you can face the surveyor with confidence.

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Better Staff Retention

Keep your staff smiling.  Alora’s easy-to-use, time-saving software equals happy employees + better staff retention. Treat your staff to powerfully simple, all-in-one home health software. Easy-to-use software is paramount to staff satisfaction and retention, since they spend all day interacting with it. Software that is frustrating and challenging, has been cited as a primary reason for staff abandoning ship.

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Home Health agency financial management

Value and ROI

The magic word is value.  Alora happens to be not only one of the best-reviewed home health software platforms – it’s also one of the most affordable.  Our aim is to bring value and Return on Investment (ROI) to agencies by providing software that lives up to our promise and makes agencies more efficient, productive, and easier to run.

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Home Health Software Saves Time

EVV Made Easy

Time is money, and replicating work in a state-provided or standalone EVV system requires twice the time.When you manage your agency workflow and documentation separately from the EVV system, more time is wasted on manual entries while increasing the chance for errors.

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From Startups To Large Agencies, Alora Grows With You

The most successful home health agencies don’t wait until they grow to get home health software. They get Alora so they CAN grow. Some Alora customers started with as few as one patient – and now have over one thousand. We’re here for you now. And we’ll be here for you in the future.

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Truly Paperless

No more need for long drives and in-person visits to drop paperwork back to the home office.  No more filing cabinets.  Completely paperless faxing.  This is Alora Home Health.  Alora digitizes the home health care documentation experience.

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Make it easier for your agency to run better.

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