Alora Home Health Software helps make the survey process simple and painless.


When you have a home health software solution that facilitates compliance ongoing and every day, it becomes easier to pass a home health survey because you don’t have to rush back and fix things or attempt housekeeping as the surveyor is coming in the door. With Alora, you can face the surveyor with confidence.


Hundreds of Alora customers successfully pass surveys and get accredited by ACHC, CHAP or JCAHO every year.  To highlight Alora benefits during a survey:


  • Visit Notes are created based on patient’s Plan of Care – empowers your caregivers to just do what is necessary based on Plan of Care
  • Easy to create Plan of Care from Assessment
  • Built-in Scrubber to review OASIS for meeting best practices
  • Supervisory Visit Reporting
  • Store HR Records for staff
  • Ability to track expiring credentials
  • Automatic system-driven document validations for completeness
  • Built-in QA workflow for document review with options to approve or return back to the caregiver for correction.


Best of all, if an Alora customer calls our support staff and reports that they have a surveyor in the office, we treat them as our highest priority and provide whatever help and guidance necessary, instantly.


It’s yet another reason why Alora is one of the best-reviewed home health software products on the market today – and also one of the most affordable.


Why else do so many home health agencies trust Alora?

Work life made easier.

Works on any device.

It’s really easy to use.

Keeps up with regulations.

Top-rated live support.

Paperless workflow.

Lets you bill all payers.

Handles both skilled and non-skilled care.

Makes EVV easy.

Schedule a no-pressure meet-and-greet and learn how your agency can thrive with Alora behind you.

Video Testimonials:  Real Customers in Their Own Words