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Ohio Medicaid EVV

Comprehensive Home Health Software with OH Medicaid EVV

A Fully Integrated Solution for ODM’s EVV Mandate

Effective January 8, 2018, the Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) will require that home care agencies utilize an Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system. Agencies may use ODM’s free EVV solution offered by Sandata, or agencies can implement Alora Home Health Software with its Ohio EVV functionality. The difference between the two choices is the difference between a solution that simply verifies visits or an enhanced EVV solution that is fully integrated within a powerful home health agency management solution, Alora.


Thursday, Dec 14, 2017 –  2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST presented by Alora

Joins us for an informative webinar highlighting the details of agency compliance with the requirements of the new ODM EVV mandate through a fully integrated comprehensive software solution. Be prepared when January of 2018 rolls around, with information on how Ohio home health agencies can not only meet but exceed the requirements of the EVV mandate while bringing their workflow to new levels of efficiency and ease.

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Designed to Benefit Ohio Agencies

Alternate EVV Vendor

Alora is the first vendor to be certified by ODM as an Alternate EVV Vendor.  Alora’s Ohio EVV functionality offers a complete Electronic Visit Verification solution for home health agencies. In addition to meeting ODM EVV requirements, Alora’s live monitoring capabilities allow your agency view the status of all home visits in real-time, alerting you to delayed visits and no-shows.  Meanwhile, your aides have at their fingertips an easy to use software tool that provides them with their schedules, client information, and the care plan based visit note. Nurses can perform their visit notes and assessments right at the patient’s home while having access to all relevant clinical information in the palm of their hand.

Because Alora’s EVV solution is seamlessly integrated within Alora’s complete home care software, all EVV information captured automatically flows into the system, from home visits to billing and payroll.  This synergy of integrated information ultimately allows you to avoid manual entry, while simultaneously improving workflow efficiency and accuracy.


  • Avoid loss of revenue due to no-shows
  • Eliminates inefficiencies of manual data entry into home health software
  • Workflow centralized into easily managed processes
  • Improves aide efficiency and accountability
  • Eliminates documentation errors
  • Faster billing – visits are ready for billing and payroll once visit is completed
  • Ensures patients receive their medically necessary services
  • Go paperless with Alora’s Plan of Care based visit notes
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Alora Drives Clinical Excellence, Efficiency, and Financial Success

Alora Integrates ODM EVV to the Total Solution for your Agency

Alora offers a robust suite of features that automate home care agency operations that include:

· Billing

· Electronic claims for all payers

· Medication profile and interactions

· Accounts receivable

· HR functions

· OASIS & comprehensive assessment

· OASIS analyzer

· Plan of care (485)

· Automatic 485 generation

· Electronic signature capture

· Dashboard

· Eval, POC & notes for all disciplines

· Integrated Faxing

· Physician orders

· Flexible Scheduling

· Internal email

· Payroll

· ICD10 codes

· Quality assurance

· Communication log

· Braden scale

· Referral tracking

Alora‘s flexible implementation methodologies allow you to choose only the features and devices you and your employees need to realize maximum productivity.

A Mobile-Ready Web-based Platform Means Connectivity with Any Device

Because Alora’s Home Health Software is a mobile-ready and browser friendly solution, its point of care features can be scaled to any device. That means your caregivers can access our solutions using their smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

CareConnect OH EVV Features - The Alora Advantage

Robust EVV Functionality Integrated with Alora Intuitive Workflow

CareConnect OH EVV was designed to not only fulfill ODM requirements but additionally, its feature capabilities anticipate and simplify the aspects of your visit workflow that may have previously cost your agency time and productivity.


  • OH Medicaid-compliant EVV
  • Captures and sends patient and caregiver signatures, visit start time and end time with GPS location
  • Plan of Care based Visit Note
  • Viewable Schedules
  • Live monitoring & Alerts: Real-time, color-coded views of the status of all visits
  • Mobile ready. Operates across smartphones, tablets, and other devices.
  • EVV data flow in the system for billing and payroll.
  • Simplicity of use improves caregiver efficiency & patient satisfaction

About Alora Healthcare Systems

Our Company, Our Committment

Alora is one of the nation’s premier providers of software solutions for the Home Health Care industry. We are a trusted partner to more than 100 agencies operating in the state of Ohio, improving their productivity, profitability, and performance by automating virtually every data capture and management function of their day to day operations.

The 21st Century Cures Act mandates the use of EVV systems by home care agencies when billing through Medicaid. Alora helps agencies not just meet, but thrive with the requirements for electronic visit verification for Ohio Medicaid patient visits.

Since 2005, Alora has provided products and professional services that have helped OH home health agencies and professionals maximize their patient care, efficiency, and success. We’ve built our company on a corporate culture that encourages innovation, creativity, performance and customer satisfaction. The result is a team of professionals who are dedicated to effectively bridging the gap between your needs and the most powerful technology, keeping us at the forefront of the Home Care Software industry.

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