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Hospice Software

Alora Hospice Software is a cloud-based system that integrates the many aspects of a hospice care agency operation into one comprehensive solution. This easy-to-use software system enables hospice agencies to provide the highest level of care and comfort for their patients while maintaining maximal operational efficiency.

Alora Hospice Software empowers agencies with:

  • Streamlined workflow
  • Highest level of patient care
  • Paperless documentation for all disciplines
  • Full mobile access with cloud storage
  • Improved efficiency at reduced cost
  • Easy-to-use with an intuitive design
  • Unlimited world-class support

Mobile Ready

Access Alora Hospice on Your Mobile Device of Choice

Alora Hospice Software is a mobile responsive system providing user-friendly screens even on smaller devices such as smart phones. Alora users can access the software from their device of choice including:

  • Smart phones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Other Mobile Devices

Mobile users have the option of downloading the app from the app store while laptop users can access through the browser.

The Comprehensive, "Whole Agency" Solution

Engineered for Agency Success

Comprehensive ‘Whole Agency” Solution

Alora Hospice Software centralizes every aspect of the agency into the system. The software brings all agency staff including the owners, administrators, billers, schedulers, nurses, therapists, social workers, aides, chaplains, and volunteers, to one centralized system.  Alora’s centralized workflow streamlines operations and maximizes efficiency to the agency while keeping the operational costs low.

Designed to Facilitate Success

The two fundamental components for an agency to succeed are :

  1. Providing the best care for patients
  2. Keeping low operational costs

Alora Hospice Software has been designed with the goal of enabling success for the hospice agency.  The software provides many tools that can help the agency provide the highest level of care for their patients. The centralized system brings efficiency to all employees of the agency while providing accountability for their work.  This winning combination facilitated by Alora can put the agency on the path to success.

Point of Care Documentation

Go Paperless with Alora

Alora Hospice Software features a rich array of documents and tools designed for clinicians and other field staff of various disciplines. Alora’s integrated point of care component allows hospice staff:

  • Ability to check their schedules and access relevant information
  • Efficiently document in an easy to use centralized interface
  • Capture staff and patient signatures electronically
  • Capture GPS location with time-stamp for electronic visit verification
  • Document on their device of choice, including tablets, smart phones as well as laptops

Phenomenal Customer Service

Alora is Fully Supported by our Team of Dedicated Software Professionals

Alora Hospice Software is backed by world class customer support that is unparalleled in the industry. Alora offers unlimited support for our valued customers. Our support team is dedicated to ensuring that your agency gets the most out of Alora software. With our consistently over 98% call-to-answer rate by highly trained and experienced support specialists, your agency can focus on providing care as your number one priority. We are always here for you.  At Alora, we know that our success comes from your success.

A Scalable, User Friendly Solution

Features Designed to Improve Workflow Efficiencies

Alora Hospice Software is intuitive, self-explanatory, and requires minimal training. The combination of an easy navigation program design paired with powerful software engineering, makes Alora Hospice Software the ideal solution for hospice agency staff. Known as the easiest-to-use hospice software package, Alora enables even users who are not savvy with computers to fully utilize the power of the software tool.

A Scalable Solution:

Because Alora Hospice Software has been designed with a solid technological foundation, it is scalable for hospice agencies of any size.  Alora Hospice Software utilizes Microsoft SQL Server database engine along with Microsoft .Net, HTML5, JavaScript, and other state of the art web development to leverage the cutting edge technologies for the benefit of hospice agencies.  With its solid technological foundation as well as scalable design, Alora Hospice Software can handle the workflow of agencies of any size, including large multi-location agencies with several millions of data records.

Features Engineered for Maximized Agency Workflow

Admission – Insurance – Scheduling – Billing – Accounts Receivable – Payroll

Assessments – Evaluations – Care Plans/IDT – Visit Notes  – For All Disciplines

Mobile Access – Electronic Signature Capture – GPS Location Capture 

Reports – HR Functions – Internal Email – Communication Log – Dashboard

Referral Tracking – Medication Profile – Drug Interaction Checking 

Medicare Eligibility & DDE Access – Multi-Office Capability – Google Maps

HIPAA Compliance – Medicare Compliance – Quality Assurance 

Paperless Documentation – Unlimited User Licenses – Rapid Customer Support 

&  more…


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