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Hospice is a distinct form of care. So the software should be distinct, too.

Alora Hospice Software


Alora Hospice Software is a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for optimizing hospice care. Our robust Hospice EMR platform simplifies all aspects of a hospice agency operation by streamlining clinical documentation, tracking patient care, managing billing operations, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Accessible on any device, Alora’s  Software for Hospice ensures your team remains connected, efficient, and focused on what matters most – providing exceptional patient care.


  • Stay Compliant – Complete EMR for hospice automatically facilitates compliance with Medicare/CMS regulations
  • Alora brings all your staff and volunteers to one centralized hospice software system, facilitating paperless workflow and efficiency
  • Give your team ultimate flexibility — they can use the hospice care software on smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktops
Alora EMR for Hospice and Home Health facilitates Medicare compliance for agencies.



Make it easier for your agency to run better.


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Alora Hospice Software:
Features and Solutions


COVID-19 Screening & Monitoring

Alora provides COVID-19 screening for patients, staff and volunteers. Special alerts in Alora Hospice Software can remind employees when the screening was not completed for themselves or for the patients.


COVID-19 Monitoring Center provides a centralized view for your agency to monitor the COVID-19 risk level for your staff and patients. Instantly know when a staff member or patient is at risk. You can also see who has completed the screening for the day and who has not.


When using Alora, any member of your team can access the software on tablets and smartphones as well as a computer. All information is safely stored in the cloud.

Clinical Documentation

Every aspect of the care you provide is documented. That includes assessment, evaluation, plan of care, notes, verbal orders and more — whether performed by skilled nurses, aides, social workers, or spiritual / volunteer / interdisciplinary team members.


Alora also gives your team the ability to create a plan of care based on assessments and notes based on the plan of care.


Alora Hospice Software generates the Face to Face Encounter forms. It tracks the date when it was sent to the physician for signature and the received date.


Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs) provide guidance to determine if a patient is eligible for Hospice.  Alora Hospice Software has integrated the LCD’s into the RN HIS Assessment for improved compliance.  The primary diagnosis will determine the appropriate LCDs for the nurse to document against improving efficiency.   Validation warnings provide error-checking to ensure that all items to establish eligibility have been addressed.

IDT Meetings

Alora Hospice Software allows all members of the interdisciplinary team (IDT) to proactively add notes for review prior to each IDT meeting.


IDT team can collaboratively review the plan of care for modifications to encourage efficient care planning and focus on the patient’s needs.


All attendees of your IDT meetings can electronically sign the meeting documentation.

Bereavement Planning and Monitoring

Alora lets you develop your own bereavement tasks to build multiple bereavement care plans according to bereavement risk and assign them to any bereaved contact of a patient.


Alora’s Bereavement Monitor helps you easily monitor and manage all bereavement tasks for all your hospice patients.

Medication Profile with Interaction Alert

Your clinicians can enter and maintain information on patient medications – and the software automatically checks for drug-to-drug interactions and drug-allergy reactions.


Alora provides materials to educate patients and families on the medications provided for hospice care and also generates logs on medication administration.

Medication Administration

Do you administer medications for your patients?  If so, you will love Alora’s Medication Administration functionality.


You can specify the scheduled times for each medication.  Based on the scheduled times, Alora provides quick and easy identification of approaching (or delayed) drug administration.


Documenting medication administration is a breeze with a click of a button and features such as multiple medication administration reduces time spent on charting so that more time can be spent on care.


Alora provides the Medication Administration Record (MAR).

Custom Documents

Do your staff complete any custom paper documents that were created by your agency?


Alora’s Custom Documents option lets you upload your master documents into the Alora system and have your staff complete and sign those documents electronically, anytime, within Alora.


You do not need to rely on paper documents any longer.

Electronic Signature Capture

Care providers, case managers, physicians and patients can electronically sign documentation – including the interdisciplinary care plans – using their finger or mouse. Captured signatures are embedded into clinical documents. Alora provides tracking options to ensure that documents are appropriately signed.

Other Capabilities

A medical director working remotely can digitally sign off on the IDT plan later…. team members can enter and access notes on shift visits, missed visits and supervisory visits … and much more.


Patient Information Tracking

Alora hospice software tracks all patient information relating to hospice care, such as the period of benefit, levels of care, demographics, insurance, diagnosis and physician information.


The design is simple, but the capability is robust: Alora’s scheduler allows you to enter and view schedules from the angle of caregiver, patient or agency as a whole. It also alerts you to potential conflicts or issues with compliance. And you can view the schedule the way you prefer – by month, week, day or certification period – and manage visits in “batch entry” rows and columns format.

Notice of Election Alert

Alora provides color coded alerts for Notice of Election (NOE) that are due soon.  You will never have to miss the timely filing of notice of election.

Electronic Faxing

Alora lets you send and receive faxes with a single click, without the need for a machine. A fax confirmation log keeps a permanent history of all the faxes sent as well as their status.

Document Review / Q.A.

Onscreen, you can review caregivers’ and team members’ completed documents – to approve or return them to the case manager or team member for correction.

Secure Internal Email

Stay in contact with all staff, including hospice caregivers in the field, with HIPAA-compliant email (which features built-in mobile texting to let them know email is pending). Internal email keeps your agency’s people connected with each other.

Dashboards and Analytics

It’s your single-view look at what’s in progress – and what still needs to be done. Which forms are due? Which plans of care have yet to be sent? We display it all in one place, and you get to determine the level of information your agency’s users can access.

Medicare Eligibility / DDE Access

Alora checks Medicare eligibility for patients and gives you a detailed report with relevant information. Our software also lets you access the Medicare DDE system in a single click.

Open Shift Notification

With Open Shift Notification, you can broadcast messages to your caregivers to quickly fill unassigned visits.  Interested caregivers can request the visits through the app.  This feature significantly increases the efficiency in finding available caregivers to take on  unassigned visits.  Learn more about Open Shift Notification.

Other Capabilities

Alora hospice software also lets you create and maintain logs for hospice patient and caregiver communication … generate paperless records (scanned document storage) for patients, caregivers and office … handle multiple offices in one system … and more.



We designed our billing solution to help you maximize revenue. Alora lets you generate electronic or paper claims for all payers, including Medicare. Whether hospice care was provided at home, hospital or another facility, Alora can calculate the per diem charges and bill appropriately. The system automatically incorporates all visit information and medications supplied by the agency. So you can be sure that your billing follows guidelines without leaving money on the table.

Accounts Receivables and Financial Reports

It’s robust: Alora keeps track of charges, payments, and adjustments and creates summaries or detailed financial reports tailored to the needs of billers, administrators, owners and accountants. Payments can be posted electronically or through manual entry.


With Alora, you can track pay rates for each hospice caregiver – standard rate or special rate for each service type – and calculate gross pay for each employee for the pay period. Pay rates can be set by time or by the visit. You can also generate reports and export payroll several different ways.

Employee Credential Tracking

Up-to-date driver’s license, auto insurance, TB tests and other credentials are a necessity for your front-line team. Alora helps you track it all. Our software alerts you as key dates approach – and you can customize tracking and alerts to meet your agency’s specific needs.

Scanned Document Storage

Alora’s Software for Hospice Care lets you store your paper documents electronically and go paperless.  You can store documents for the clients and for the staff.  You can create folders in Alora to organize your documents by category.

Report Generation

Knowledge is power, and Alora gives you deep knowledge of your hospice agency’s activities by letting you generate reports on the census, visits, compliance – and a vast array of other areas. Best of all, you can customize report generation based on your agency’s needs at any given time.

Other Capabilities

Alora Hospice Software has made it easier for your back office to run better with other features – such as a month-end closing option for financial transactions and the ability to track general ledger accounts.

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Alora Hospice Software is a cloud-based system that integrates the many aspects of a hospice care agency operation into one comprehensive solution. This easy-to-use software system enables hospice agencies to provide the highest level of care for their patients while maintaining maximal operational efficiency and compliance.


Alora Hospice Software empowers agencies with:


  • Streamlined workflow
  • Highest level of patient care
  • Paperless documentation for all disciplines
  • Full mobile access with cloud storage
  • Improved efficiency at reduced cost
  • Easy-to-use with an intuitive design
  • Unlimited world-class support


Mobile Ready




Alora Hospice Software is a mobile responsive system providing user-friendly screens even on smaller devices such as smart phones. Alora users can access the software from their device of choice including:


  • Smart phones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Other Mobile Devices


Mobile users have the option of downloading the app from the app store while laptop users can access through the browser.



Companies with multiple post-acute care business lines can manage all their business lines in Alora’s all-in-one platform for hospice and home health care software solutions.


Alora strives to be the best hospice software in the market.  Alora Hospice Software centralizes every aspect of the agency into the system. The software brings all agency staff including the owners, administrators, billers, schedulers, nurses, therapists, social workers, aides, chaplains, and volunteers, to one centralized system.  Alora’s centralized workflow streamlines operations and maximizes efficiency to the agency while keeping the operational costs low.


Designed to Facilitate Success


The two fundamental components for an agency to succeed are :


  1. Providing the best care for patients
  2. Keeping low operational costs


Alora Hospice Care Software has been designed with the goal of enabling success for the hospice agency.  The software provides many tools that can help the agency provide the highest level of care for their patients. The centralized system brings efficiency to all employees of the agency while providing accountability for their work.  This winning combination facilitated by Alora can put the agency on the path to success.




Alora Hospice Software features a rich array of documents and tools designed for clinicians and other field staff of various disciplines. Alora’s integrated point of care component allows hospice staff:


  • Ability to check their schedules and access relevant information
  • Efficiently document in an easy to use centralized interface
  • Capture staff and patient signatures electronically
  • Capture GPS location with a time-stamp for electronic visit verification
  • Document on their device of choice, including tablets, smartphones as well as laptops




Alora Hospice Software is backed by world-class customer support that is unparalleled in the industry. Alora offers unlimited support for our valued customers. Our support team is dedicated to ensuring that your agency gets the most out of Alora software. With our consistently over 98% call-to-answer rate by highly trained and experienced support specialists, your agency can focus on providing care as your number one priority. We are always here for you.  At Alora, we know that our success comes from your success.


A Scalable, User-Friendly Solution




Alora Hospice Software is intuitive, self-explanatory, and requires minimal training. The combination of an easy navigation program design paired with powerful software engineering makes Alora Hospice Software the ideal solution for hospice agency staff. Known as the easiest-to-use hospice software package, Alora enables even users who are not savvy with computers to fully utilize the power of the software tool.


Because Alora Hospice Software has been designed with a solid technological foundation, it is scalable for hospice agencies of any size.  Alora Hospice Software utilizes Microsoft SQL Server database engine along with Microsoft .Net, HTML5, JavaScript, and other state-of-the-art web development to leverage the cutting-edge technologies for the benefit of hospice agencies.  With its solid technological foundation as well as scalable design, Alora Hospice Software can handle the workflow of agencies of any size, including large multi-location agencies with several millions of data records.




Admission – Insurance – Scheduling – Billing – Accounts Receivable – Payroll

Assessments – Evaluations – Care Plans/IDT – Visit Notes  – For All Disciplines

Mobile Access – Electronic Signature Capture – GPS Location Capture

Reports – HR Functions – Internal Email – Communication Log – Dashboard

Referral Tracking – Medication Profile – Drug Interaction Checking

Medicare Eligibility & DDE Access – Multi-Office Capability – Google Maps

HIPAA Compliance – Medicare Compliance – Quality Assurance

Paperless Documentation – Unlimited User Licenses – Rapid Customer Support

&  more…




Hospice software Q&AQuestions about Hospice Software

What kind of Hospice care software do I need for my agency? What types of features should I look for when seeking the best solution? How much cost is involved in securing the right system? If my agency is a combination agency handling skilled care and hospice, is there one solution that can handle the workflow? What is the difference between home health software, home care software, and Hospice software?  This Questions and Answers section is intended to serve as a good starting point on what you should know about choosing the right Hospice software.



Q: What is Hospice software?


A: Hospice software (which is often called hospice care software, or Hospice EMR software) is a type of healthcare information technology (abbreviated within some circles as HIT) used for the processes of workflow in a hospice care agency including but not limited to billing, intake & referrals, scheduling, documentation, clinical oversight, reporting, and other activities. 


Q: What should I look for in my agency’s Hospice Software?


A: Seek a provider that offers features that fit your agency’s workflow (not all software offers the same number or type of features), has high rated customer support, as well as a cloud-based solution for both ease of use and technology advantages. Training and ease of use should also be top of mind since the learning curve of a software has a direct effect on ease of implementation and time and money spent onboarding


Q: What exactly does Hospice Software provide and to what type of patients?


A: Hospice care’s central focus is on delivering care, comfort, and quality of life for patients who have serious, or often terminal issues, and who are expected to be approaching the end of life.


Q: How much does Homecare software cost?


A: There are numerous hospice care vendors in the U.S and global market, with prices that can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars in recurring revenue (or monthly) fees. Contact individual hospice software providers to compare and identify the best fit at the best price for your agency.


Q: Is there a difference between Hospice Care Software & Palliative Care Software? 

A: Hospice software is sometimes referred to as Palliative care software although there are some key differences in the two types of care themselves. Generally, a Palliative care system refers to a platform or solution that automates administrative tasks of medical facilities that provide palliative care to individuals with life-limiting illnesses. Since Hospice care is considered end-of-life care, quite often a system designed for either will have significant overlap.


A: There are numerous considerations that should come into play as an agency decides the best software to use. Affordability, number of features, billing and payroll capabilities, integrations, reviews, ease of use, are all important factors. For more information on selecting the best software, read our related blog How do I choose the best home health software


Q: What is an EHR system for Hospice care?


A: An EHR (electronic health record) system is intended to help organizations manage clinical and office operations, including features like patient intake, scheduling and billing management. Most Hospice & Palliative care software is marketed as feature-rich software built for clinicians and administrators in agencies.


Q: How long does it take to implement Hospice software?


A: Onboarding procedures vary depending on the size of the agency and the organizational efficiency of the vendor. Agencies can expect a wide variety of implementation times ranging from a couple of days to many weeks depending on a number of factors.


Q: Does Alora work for agencies that offer hospice AND home health care?


A: Yes. For nearly two decades ALORA has served agencies with multiple business lines, offering skilled and non-skilled care as well as hospice. Alora was engineered to serve the unique workflow of agencies of all sizes and types.


Q: Can I use Alora on mobile devices?


A: Yes. Alora was one of the first Hospice software vendors to offer a mobile ready solution




Founded in 2005, Alora is a group of dedicated professionals who are committed to individual and professional excellence. Alora’s headquarters is located in Atlanta, GA just a few miles outside of the city.


Alora began as primarily a Scheduling, Billing, and EHR Software for Home Care agencies, building momentum with a core group of customers based on our dedication to serving their needs with the level of personal attention that larger corporate entities have little ability or interest to provide. Customers who saw the software loved it, staying with Alora as we grew and added solutions for Home Health SoftwarePediatric Homecare Software, Home Care Software, Hospice Software, Private Duty Software.  Our company is dedicated to expanding our portfolio of software solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our Software has grown rather “Organically” since its inception, ultimately blossoming into the comprehensive agency solution it has become today. That spirit of seeking out and responding to our customer’s needs reminds us that there are no limitations on what a home health care Software solution should be able to do for your agency.


Now, many years later, Alora offers a complete set of features within a cloud-based solution, to manage all aspects of Hospice Care. Alora is a solution that fits the unique workload of your agency. With more than 7000 Homecare professionals located in nearly every state in the U.S, Alora has become a trusted solution for Hospice and Home Health Care, and our focus is to make agency workflow easier for every user.