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Home Health Blog – CMS Eases Minds, Releasing Information on the Delay of EVV Implementation for up to One Year

Following a lengthy period of uncertainty amidst numerous requests for clarifications and official rules, CMS (The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) has finally issued regulatory guidance on a provision which will allow states to postpone implementation of mandated EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) for a period of up to one year. For perspective, The 21st Century Cures Read More

Home Health Blog – The Case For Universal, Free In-Home care Facing Key Test As Tax Based Implementation Referendum Looms In One Northeast State

There are many who cite the aging population and a lack of financial flexibility for seniors as clear indicators that a national universal healthcare bill is needed; one which would include an allowance of homecare services for seniors (and others in need) as well. One northeastern state is on the cusp of passing hotly debated Read More

Home Health Blog – Medicare Advantage Plans Could Present Minor but Notable New Paths to Positives in the Home Health Care Spectrum

Across the nation, home health care agencies and related provider businesses have renewed interest in capitalizing on the opportunity which Medicare Advantage plans presents, by way of usage as a supplemental benefit. As homecare agency management mull over the details, the actual girth of the overall benefit is yet unclear. It is predicted that most Read More

Home Health Blog – Industry Concerns Increase as Private Equity Firm Investment and Purchase of Home Health Agencies Nationwide Grows

Nationwide, the home health care industry is experiencing the highest level on record of private equity corporation assessment and appraisal of home health businesses. As a result, mergers and outright purchases of homecare and home health agencies have skyrocketed in recent months. With the large level of privately owned, for -profit equity capital firm activity, Read More

Homecare Software Blog – Home Healthcare Industry Lamenting the Return of the Unpopular “Pre-Claim Review Demonstration”

Scores of industry notables and shareholders within the home health care industry are preparing themselves for another conflict over Pre-Claim Review Demonstration (PCRD), the ever controversial initiative spearheaded by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). While its original intent was reducing fraud and improper billing in the home health care spectrum, the unpopularity Read More

Homecare Software Blog – New Legislation Surfaces Aimed at Delaying Electronic Visit Verification Mandates in Homecare Industry

In the last few years, several states in the U.S have implemented mandated EVV not only to reduce fraud, but to keep tighter controls on how homecare visits are conducted and funded. The 21st Century Cures Act, which is an over 6 billion dollar conglomerate of legislation enacted as law under the Obama administration, basically Read More

Homecare Software Blog –New Study Shows Duration of Average Home Health Care Visits Indicates Direct Correlation to Future Hospital Admissions in Patients

In the past few years, the conclusion of most experts seems unanimous that patients receiving home health care exhibit a lower tendency to go to emergency rooms and require hospitalization. This also reduces costs for the government, states, private insurers, and the patients themselves due to soaring hospitalization costs. New data digs a little further Read More