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Homecare Software Blog –New Study Shows Duration of Average Home Health Care Visits Indicates Direct Correlation to Future Hospital Admissions in Patients

In the past few years, the conclusion of most experts seems unanimous that patients receiving home health care exhibit a lower tendency to go to emergency rooms and require hospitalization. This also reduces costs for the government, states, private insurers, and the patients themselves due to soaring hospitalization costs. New data digs a little further Read More

Homecare Software Blog –Study Indicates African American Patients Receiving Home Health Care Yield Higher Re-hospitalization Statistics

More than 12 million people annually receive home health care services in the United States. A large percentage of these patients are considered elderly (above the age of 60). Home health care agencies afford families and individuals the convenience of treatment and monitoring within their homes for a variety of different ailments and conditions. Often Read More

Homecare Software Blog – Healthcare Companies Increase Consideration of Investment in Home Health Care Sector Opportunities & Expansions

Many analysts across sectors including but not limited to Healthcare, watched with anxiety in February and March as the Stock Market went on several roller coaster rides due to politics, the world stage, and perceived general market corrections. During this stretch of unpredictability  and concern, while countless industries saw their fortunes fall or level out, Read More

New Studies Point Towards U.S Doctors Widely Ignoring Review of Details in Their Patient’s Home Health Plans

“Recent studies indicate physicians approve  treatment plans Involving Skilled Home Health care after spending barely a minute to examine the details and treatment” Surprising statistics emerged from a recent study of American physicians currently practicing nationwide. In doctors who were empowered with the responsibility of treatment plan approval involving patients receiving skilled home health care Read More

New Federal Regulations Passed Last Year Requiring Home Health Agencies to Provide More for Patients Have Become the Norm

“The first major revision to federal regulations last year governing home health care agencies brought significant changes to an industry where great inconsistency was prevalent” Last year a sweeping set of new requirements regarding patient care was put in to place. In these protocols, Home health agencies were required to become much more responsive to Read More