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Home Health Care Software Solutions for Agencies of all Sizes

Alora Home Health Care Software’s suite of Web based Software Solutions is the nation’s premier choice for agencies of all sizes and types when seeking a complete software with both on and offline capability, phenomenal support, and unmatched ease of use. With a staff of dedicated professionals who are passionate about increasing the level of patient care, efficiency, and profitability of our clients, thousands of Home Health Care professionals trust Alora with their businesses, patients, and their employees every day. Known throughout the industry as an innovator in the Homecare Software development field, Alora offers Home Health Care solutions designed to meet your agency’s specific needs.

 Move Your Agency Forward

Does your Home Health Care Software save you time, ease your work-flow, increase revenue, and improve patient care? Alora is your complete agency answer.

“Experience the Alora Difference”

  • Easiest to use for Administrators & Clinicians/Caregivers
  • Web-Based Software with Offline Documentation Capability
  • Billing for ALL Payers, Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance, Private pay
  • Integrated Features Proven to Maximize Agency Productivity, Eliminate Costs, Insure Compliance, and Improve Patient Care
  • Customizable to the Unique Workflow of Your Agency
  • Point of Care & Paperless Records
  • Free Training & Outstanding Bi-lingual “One on One” Support
  • Most Highly Recommended Software by Users & Consultants Alike
  • Access From iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac, PC & Laptop

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Explore our comprehensive solutions for Home Health Care Agencies below.

Additionally, Alora offers many optional features & solutions that ensure compliance, automate workflow, increase the level of patient care, and encompass various disciplines and areas of home health care spectrum including:


“Complete Software without boundaries for Home Health Agencies of all types”

Thousands of Home Health Care professionals choose Alora Home Healthcare Software for its unmatched ease of use, phenomenal customer support, and intuitive features set. Much more than just  a typical EHR Software, Alora is packed with the features your agency needs to increase efficiency, improve patient care, and take your business to the next level. Alora was designed to be the comprehensive answer for agencies of all sizes and states. Fully compliant with HIPAA, Medicare & Medicaid, and the unique set of requirements in every state in the U.S, we invite you to schedule a free no obligation demo, and begin to enjoy the Alora Advantage.

Alora Home Health Care Soutions

Alora SN Note FOR iPad

“The industry’s 1st Native iPad app for Home Health Visits”

Alora SN Note FOR iPad

Available for download in the Apple app store; Alora SN Note is the industry’s first native iPad app designed exclusively for home health visits. Alora SN Note is a software extension to the cloud-based Alora Home Health Software (link to home health software page). Designed for successfully completing home health visits when internet is not available, visit notes completed on the iPad are securely transmitted to the Alora Home Health Software application with a touch of a button once Internet access becomes available. Alora SN Note is HIPAA compliant. Created not only with ease of use, but also security in mind; data stored by Alora SN Note is fully encrypted and the transmission of the notes to the full Alora Home Health System is done through secure SSL encryption.


“The Ultimate Offline Charting Solution for your Laptop Computer”

Alora Nursing is a solution for your Laptop computer that allows home health nurses to enter Visit Notes at a patient’s home and capture signatures, without the requirement of Internet access. Alora Nursing allows both the Patient and the nurse to sign the visit note, with a finger (touch screen Laptops). Alora Nursing is an extension of the main web based Alora Home Health Software, and completed nursing notes can be uploaded to the software once internet is available with one simple click.


“Physical Therapy Software for both online and offline PT visits”

“Alora PT” is the industry’s premier offline Physical Therapy Home Healthcare Software Solution that integrates with the main Alora Home Health Software. Alora PT was engineered with PT & OT visits in mind, designed to literally save your therapists hours of time, eliminating costly errors, and maintaining an unprecedented level of accuracy and convenience, and accountability. As a part of our suite of Offline solutions (link to offline solutions page) which includes Alora SN Note, Alora Nursing, and Telephony; Alora PT allows you to fully document physical therapy visit notes, completing comprehensive assessments without the need for internet.


“Connecting Agencies, Caregivers & Patients”

Telephony is a service within Alora Home Health Software’s suite of solutions for Home Healthcare visits, designed to connect Agencies with their nurses and patients with a level of real time efficiency and accountability that will improve the process of running your agency’s visitations schedule. Telephony is intended for Medicaid based programs, allowing nurses in the field to dial in to a dedicated line at their agency and accurately report when their visits begin and end.

Alora Telephony


Alora Private Duty Software

Alora’s Private Duty Software is a one of a kind powerful business tool that will have your agency operating at an optimum level, your patients reaping the benefits of your saved time and attention to detail, and your caregivers enjoying their home visits through the use of a software solution designed with them in mind. With a completely web based solution customized for both skilled and non-skilled care powered by features like scheduling, billing, AR, Telephony, and more, our dedicated One on One Support Specialists will partner with your agency to insure you experience a level of agency efficiency that no other software solution comes close to providing.

A Private Duty Solution Built With the Agency and The Caregiver In Mind

Improve Efficiency – Streamline Workflow – Reduce Waste

  • Web Based Private Duty Home Care Software
  • Easily Schedule Visits or Shift Work
  • Phenomenal “One on One” Technical Support
  • Integrates With Alora Telephony Solution
  • A Complete, “All in one” Private Duty Homecare Solution
  • Go Paperless, Save Money & Resources
  • The Easiest To Use Solution Available
  • Works on iPad, iPhone, Android, Laptop & Mac
  • Designed For Use in Skilled & Non-Skilled Homecare
  • Chart Without Internet on iPad or Laptop

Every Feature You Need

Alora Private Duty Software features are a whole agency solution for the workflow of any agency of any size. Alongside free updates and enhancements regularly, you will enjoy a robust set of features which includes a Flexible Scheduler which allows you to schedule by patient and/or employee, the ability to handle recurring visits/shifts in one entry & much more. Alora Private Duty Software also includes comprehensive Billing capability which handles Electronic Billing Paper Claims, as well as Private Pay Invoices and statements. Flexible payroll configuration and reporting coupled with agency specific credential tracking, makes Alora’s solution an essential tool for Human Resource Management within your agency.

Click here to learn more about the features included in Alora Private Duty Software


“Alora’s Customized Software Solution for Hospice care Agencies”

Hospice care is a very sensitive and delicate professional service that requires highly trained professionals who are well equipped to navigate the complexities of their patients’ and their family’s unique bedside care requirements. Alora Hospice Software centralizes every aspect of the agency into the system. The software brings all agency staff inclusive of ownership, management, administrators, billers, schedulers, nurses, therapists, social workers, aides, chaplains, and volunteers, into one easy to use system.

Alora’s centralized workflow streamlines operations and maximizes efficiency to the agency while keeping the operational costs low. Your agency can depend on our intuitive Hospice software solution that will balance the importance of workflow efficiency and accuracy, with  patient comfort and family peace of mind.

Hospice Software