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Georgia Home Health Software

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Alora is a powerful and easy-to-use software system engineered with the specific needs of GA home care agencies at the forefront.  Alora home health care software is capable of billing all payers including Medicare, Medicaid, Managed Care, Private Insurance, VA, and Private Pay.

An all-in-one cloud-based platform, Alora empowers Georgia home health care agencies with a streamlined workflow and maximum level of efficiency.  As a state-approved alternate electronic visit verification vendor, Alora software comes with a built-in EVV system for Georgia Medicaid.

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Alora’s benefits to Georgia agencies include:

  • Access a complete software designed for GA Home Health Agency management
  • Ability to capture Co-Signatures on Aide Notes as mandated by some Georgia payers
  • Handles both skilled and non-skilled home care
  • Manage all payers, including Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance, VA, and Self Pay
  • Integrated Georgia EVV system
  • Online & Offline Capability
  • Work from any device, including smart phones, tablets, laptop, PC, Mac
  • Award-winning support team ready answer your questions

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Approved Georgia EVV SystemAlora Home Care Software has made EVV easy for Georgia agencies. Administrators, nurses and caregivers enjoy the unmatched simplicity of Alora’s Electronic visit verification system for Georgia because it makes their workflow easier. The benefits for GA home health care agencies are not only assurance of compatibility with Georgia DCH requirements, but also greater operational efficiency. Alora is a Georgia Medicaid-approved EVV provider.

Benefits of ALORA Home Care Software with Built-in Georgia Medicaid Certified EVV

  • Live-Monitor visit activities and avoid the possibility of lost revenue due to no-shows
  • Enjoy faster billing – completed visits are automatically readied for billing and payroll through Alora’s EVV automation
  • Ensures patients are administered the planned medically necessary services
  • Go paperless with Alora’s Plan of Care based visit notes
  • Eliminate the inefficiency associated with manual data entry
  • Centralize workflow into one complete solution for GA Home Health Care & EVV
  • Improve the efficiency of home health aides & caregivers during and post-visit
  • Reduce the chances of errors in documentation

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Alora simplifies scheduling, billing, documentation, and reporting, while also offering robust capabilities for electronic visit verification (EVV), a requirement under Georgia’s home care regulations. Alora also provide real-time, HIPAA-compliant communication tools that connect your entire team – from clinicians and caregivers to administrators and billing professionals.

Our commitment to delivering a comprehensive, user-friendly solution not only maximizes your agency’s productivity but also enhances patient outcomes. Choose Alora and transform your agency into a more effective and agile home health agency.

When your agency is seeking a certified Georgia Medicaid EVV system, built into an award-winning Home Health Care software system, Alora is the answer. Our solution has been recognized for “Outstanding customer support” and “Easiest to use” in Gartner’s Software Advice Reviewer’s Choice awards. When everything you need to make your agency run better is in one system, growing your agency and reaching business goals moves to the forefront of your agency’s culture and success.

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Built for Caregiver & Administrator Workflow

Alora is an All-in-One Solution for Georgia Home Health Care

Alora’s powerful home health software for GA agencies. grants administrators uninhibited access to a comprehensive, whole-agency solution, while freeing up your field staff to focus on patient care. Alora was awarded easiest to use and most outstanding customer support by Software Advice based on user feedback. Alora has been engineered as a complete system for homecare, covering the full financial, clinical, and operational aspects of a home health care business.

Excellence, Efficiency, and Financial Success

Alora’s Georgia Home Health Care Software offers all the features and functionality for your agency to reach the next level:

· Billing

· Electronic claims for all payers

· Medication profile and interactions

· Accounts receivable

· HR functions

· OASIS & comprehensive assessment

· OASIS analyzer

· Plan of care (485)

· Automatic 485 generation

· Electronic signature capture

· Dashboard

· Eval, POC & notes for all disciplines

· Integrated Faxing

· Physician orders

· Flexible Scheduling

· Internal email

· Payroll

· ICD10 codes

· Quality assurance

· Communication log

· COVID-19 Screening

· Referral tracking

Alora‘s flexible implementation methodologies allow you to choose the features you and your employees need to realize peak productivity.

Mobile-Ready Web-based Platform – Connectivity with Any Device

Alora is a fully mobile, browser friendly solution. Alora’s point of care features can be scaled to any device. Caregivers can access Alora using their smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

More About Alora

Alora is one of the nation’s premier providers of software solutions for the Home Health Care industry. We are a trusted partner to countless agencies operating in the state of Georgia, improving agency productivity, profitability, and performance. Alora automates virtually every data capture and management function of an agency’s day to day operations.

Since 2005, Alora has been a preferred software vendor for GA agencies,  helping these organizations improve patient care and operational efficiency. Alora was built on a culture that encourages continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. The result is a team of professionals who are dedicated to effectively satisfying your needs by providing the most powerful, yet easy to learn and implement technology.

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