My current software is too complicated and and complex, which makes it hard to use.

Too Many Platforms

I’m using multiple systems to manage my agency, and it’s hard moving around across them all.

Poor Support

The custom support at my current software provider is just bad.

Medicare Compliance

Worries over staying Medicare compliant is constantly on my mind.

Survey Fears

Fear of the surveyor keeps me up at night.


I’d like to switch providers, but I'm concerned about migrating/implementing new software.

Staff Retention

It’s really hard to retain home health staff.

Pricing and Cost

My current software is costly, and they keep raising prices!

EVV Woes

Dealing with EVV is a thorn in my side.

Poor Fit

My software is more than I need, or not enough.

Too Much Paper!

I kill forests with the volume of paper we push. I need more digital.

Cross-Device Flexibility

I’m tethered to my desk, and wish my solution was better across different devices.