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Billing errors can cause a major strain on cash flow and resources. Having the right home health care software that makes billing easy and lets you bill all payer sources is key to avoiding headaches related to billing.  Alora Home Health Software lets you generate electronic or paper claims for all payers – Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid/waiver (in any state), VA, private insurance, and private pay.


Alora’s Pre-Billing QA feature provides you a quick view of any missing items for all of your patients before billing can be performed.  This tool is very useful for billers as well as staff responsible for compliance monitoring.  Missing items are shown in red for quick attention.


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The potential risk of rejected claims and lost revenue can be eliminated through Alora’s built-in claim edits as well as the ability to customize billing per payer’s requirements. Placing your revenue management with Alora creates peace of mind – where you utilize a trusted homecare software that handles the full spectrum of home health care, from patient intake to payment processing.  Put simply, we partner with you for your agency for financial success.


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Home Health Care Billing Software Benefits

  • Easy claim approval within your home health software
  • Reduce the risks of lost revenue and claims rejection
  • System designed to easily handle corrections, notifications, and information
  • Easily track and follow claims through the payment process
  • Ensure consistent revenue
  • Handle claim generation within one centralized system


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Faster Payment + Increased Cash Flow = Peace of Mind


Reduce Administrative Errors That Negatively Impact Claims & Payment Processing


Lost or delayed revenue, untimely filing, and rejected claims are never welcome in a successful agency’s daily to-do list. Alora handles your billing electronically with a cloud-based, mobile-ready solution that can handle your payments quickly and accurately. Alora was awarded “Outstanding Support” in Software Advice Reviewer’s Choice awards, and our team takes pride in offering our valued customers guidance and consultation on avoiding potential claims denial We help you keep your cash on hand high and your payment headaches low.

Homecare billing for all payers

Alora home health care software is capable of billing all payers, including, Medicare, Medicaid/Waiver, Managed Care, Commercial Insurance, VA and Private Pay. Alora helps homecare agencies go paperless and automate workflow achieving increased efficiency, accuracy and compliance.

ALORA Handles Your Revenue Cycle Management…So You Can Focus On Patient Care


Through Alora, our company offers the expertise of our dedicated staff of knowledgeable Home Health & Medicare Billing experience, paired with a complete home health software system to your business. When you delegate the time-consuming process of revenue cycle management to ALORA, the chance of deflating setbacks such as filing errors, lost revenue, and claims corrections become a thing of the past.


Free Up Your Time With A Trusted Partner In Alora:


  • Experienced staff knowledgeable in all aspects of Alora Software & Home Health Billing
  • Eliminate the potential for overhead personnel costs such as workers comp insurance
  • Save agency resources including capital, time, and opportunity cost
  • Increase profitability while collecting revenue quickly



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