How does home health software help agencies?

How does Home Health Software benefit home health care agencies? From efficiency to workflow, time and cost savings to administrative and caregiver staff, automation of outdated processes, and financial profitability and growth, home health software can be a powerful tool that forward-thinking agencies should utilize to the fullest.

The top benefits of using a home health software system


Finding the right home health software system for your agency can offer the benefit of getting off of paper and outdated homecare agency management processes. Home health software makes agencies run more efficiently, and allows staff to focus on patient-centered care. Studies have shown that home health software impacts improved communications and a higher level of management of an agency’s complete operational processes. While choosing the right home health software is important, here are some of the core benefits that any good home health software can provide to your agency.


Improving your level of patient care 


Home health software enables better tracking and management of patient information, ensuring accurate and up-to-date records, while reducing the risk of errors in medication administration and treatment plans. Patient care sits at the center of any successful home health care operation, and should be the first line of consideration when selecting a homecare software provider.


Better internal communications

Whether it’s communicating an open shift notification to your team, coordinating scheduling, or facilitating training and certifications, communication is key in running any solid organization. Home health software centralizes that communication and allows for greater accountability and record-keeping. Creating a more seamless communication line among healthcare providers, caregivers, nurses, administrators, and patients will benefit organizations and allow for growth.


Taking advantage of features that improve workflow 

From remote monitoring to integrated homecare EVV, to offline charting and telehealth, home health software vendors are constantly improving their offerings, which allows agencies to benefit from the latest innovations in healthcare. A solid home health software will allow home healthcare professionals to monitor patients remotely,  reducing hospitalization, and better handling of preventative care and homecare medication administration.


Greater Financial Management


Home health software automates billing processes, brings down the weight of administrative overhead, and reduces the constant threat of human error. Financial management is the lifeline of homecare agencies, so when tracking payments, claims, and reimbursements is easier, the whole agency benefits.


Higher regulatory compliance 


There are new regulations every year. PDGM, EVV, and other developments place an unintended burden on agencies that home health software can assist in alleviating. Many providers incorporate features into their home health software that simplify the administration of the changes that are driven by regulatory developemts, ultimately helping agencies stay in line with regulatory requirements and industry standards.


Learn more about Home Health Software for Agencies


Alora Home Health Software offers a comprehensive, cloud-based, whole-agency solution for home health care that puts everything you need in one place. Learn more about Alora by scheduling a demo, and read more below about how real agencies use Alora to make their work-life better. 


Alora Clients – In Their Own Words

“Not only would I recommend Alora to other agencies, I have recommended it.”


Watch our highlight video and hear first hand why so many customers love Alora Home Health Software.

Lilian – Nova Homecare – Miami, Florida


“Alora is very easy, we learned it in like, a week”


Nova Homecare was an agency that was operating on paper, and had tried other softwares with less than pleasing results. After getting Alora, her agency was happier with the ease of use and features like billing, payroll and HR functions.

Shakerah and Carol – Agency owners – Orlando, Florida


“When the state walks in, we’re able to say, look in Alora…we’re good.”


Shakerah and Carol are seasoned homecare entrepreneurs who started their Florida agency from the ground up, expanding and growing their business each year. After facing challenges using other softwares, they share their story of how Alora’s simplicity, customer service, and workflow makes providing the best patient care easy for each of them and their staff.

Susan – Home Health Compliance Director – Orlando, Florida


“It’s not just the features, it’s also the great customer support.”


Susan is an experienced home health care professional who has worked with many agencies and reviewed many different home health softwares. She consistently recommends Alora, having worked with several alternatives. She was seeking a system that could support their diverse care which included physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing, & home health aide visits. In Alora, she found a solution that worked for their caregivers AND admins.

Tonya & Pauline – Ohio Home Health Care Agency Staff Members


“Whatever areas you’re struggling in, whether it’s nursing or administrative, or billing, Alora can handle it.”


Having managed midsized to large agencies that serve numerous counties in Ohio, Tonya & Pauline were relieved to find a software that had all administrative and clinical functionality they needed, alongside the features to support their agency. Integrated EVV, the AideConnect solution for home health aide visits and the ability to bill all payers made Alora the ideal choice their large agency workflow.

Griselle – Ascendi  – Miami, Florida


“I strongly recommend Alora”


Ascendi was a growing home health agency in need of a complete Home health software. They were looking for a comprehensive system to better serve patients in the large Miami area, and a central solution that could handle claims, POCs, filing, nursing notes, and that would be easy for their caregivers to use in the field. They also wanted a company that would provide timely customer support. Alora was their answer.

Why choose Alora Home Health Software?

There are many home health care software companies with various offerings available on the market, but Alora’s streamlined workflow, award-winning customer service, and dedication to serving home care agencies nationwide place your agency in the best position for growth and success.


  • Alora is optimized for all devices, including smartphones
  • Alora provides easy to use clinical documentation for all disciplines
  • Alora Processes all payers – Medicare, Medicaid in any state, Medicaid waiver programs, managed care, private insurance, VA, and private pay
  • Alora is a fully mobile, comprehensive solution for skilled and non-skilled home care
  • Alora gives your caregivers the freedom to work offline
  • Alora home health software offers built-in EVV for regulatory compliance with the 21st Century Cures Act
  • Alora handles multiple offices or business lines within one system




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