Native iPad Home Health Software - SN Note

Home Health Software for iPad - Alora SN Note

Alora SN Note- The Home Health Software Industry’s 1st Native iPad app for Home Health Visits"

Alora SN Note is a first of its kind native iPad app that allows home health care nurses to enter Visit Notes at a patient’s home without the requirement of Internet access.

The Benefits of Offline Charting for iPad with Alora:

  • Fully Complete Visit Notes at Patients Bedside Without Internet
  • Integrates With The Complete Alora Home Health Software
  • Save Nurses & Clinicians Time While Improving Efficiency
  • Reduce Errors & Increase Accuracy of Visit Notes
  • Capture Patient & Nurse Signatures Electronically
  • Automatically Capture GPS Location of Visit for Verification
  • Capture Multiple Wound Pictures
  • Transmit Completed Visit Note with One Click
  • Use iPad Voice Dictation to Verbally Complete Fields (internet required)

Empower Your Nurses- Charting At A Patient's Bedside Eliminates Errors

Studies have proven that accuracy and efficiency increases when a clinician charts right at the patient’s bedside rather than charting at a later time. Nurses in the field often encounter the common dilemma of arriving at a patient’s home to discover that Internet is down or unavailable in the area. Available for use on iPad or iPad Mini tablets, Alora SN Note acts as the ultimate solution to enable charting at a patient's home without having to rely on Internet. Like Alora Home Health Software, the interface is so intuitive and user-friendly that there is  no learning curve for Alora SN Note.

Alora- Complete Home Health Software For Offline Charting

A User Friendly Interface + One Click Transmission

Alora SN Note for iPad has been engineered as a software extension to the cloud-based Alora Home Health Software. Visit Notes completed on the iPad are securely transmitted to the Alora Home Care Software application with the touch of a button once Internet access becomes available. In order to be able to use Alora SN Note, the nurse must have login credentials that were created in Alora Home Health Software by the home health agency administrator.

HIPAA Compliant & Encrypted For Security

Developed exclusively for home health care agencies that rely on Alora Home Health Software, Alora SN Note is a HIPAA compliant solution. Designed with ease of use for the nurse but also security in mind, data stored by Alora SN Note is fully protected and the transmission of the notes to the full Alora Home Health System is done through secure SSL encryption. Charting offline with a complete Home Health Software for iPad has never been easier with Alora SN Note.

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The Power of Home Health Software + the iPad

"Capture Wound Pictures Within Your Nursing Note & More"

The speed & processing power of the iPad, paired with the industry's foremost Home Health Software charting interface gives your nurses the tools they need to insure the highest level of patient care.

  • Capture multiple wound pictures and enter information into the intuitive fields as the nursing note is completed.
  • Voice Dictation allows nurses to verbally speak into the iPad's built in microphone to complete many of the fields within the visit note. (voice dictation is available on generation 3 or above iPads and requires internet access)
  • Integration + Phenomenal Support from Alora Home Health Software empowers your agency with a complete Online & Offline charting solution that includes free enhancements and upgrades as well as live "One on One" customer support.

Integrated Solutions for Completing Visit Notes Without Internet

Alora is committed to providing the most comprehensive Home Health Software Solutions in the industry. We strive to set ourselves apart from other vendors by offering a full suite of Online and Offline Charting Solutions designed to improve patient care and give agencies maximum efficiency and flexibility. Alongside our native iPad app for Visit Notes, we also offer Offline Charting on your Laptop and windows based devices, as well as a Physical Therapy Software Solution that operates on and offline. Call us today for a customized quote to empower your agency with a robust EHR software solution integrated with offline capabilities.

  • Alora Nursing - Offline Charting for Laptop & Windows Based Devices - Complete visit assessments and notes on your laptop or windows based device with ease. Nurses can download their schedules, patient 485s, and Orders, before leaving a Wi-Fi location. Like Alora SN Note, capture patient and nurse signatures electronically. Complete work flow on location, regardless of internet connectivity, and enjoy one click transmission to Alora Home Health Software as soon as internet is available
  • Alora PT- Online & Offline Physical Therapy Homecare Software Solution - Complete Physical Therapy Assessments on your Laptop computer or windows based device. Like our other Offline Solutions, Alora PT allows Physical Therapists to complete their Assessments in the patient's home with or without internet connectivity. Featuring an intuitive interface, comprehensive assessment fields for data entry, and native installation for increased speed, Alora PT is an essential tool for agencies who offer Physical Therapy Home Health and Home Care.

Move Your Agency Forward With The Convenience Of Offline Charting

CLICK HERE to schedule a free no obligation demo of Alora SN Note for iPad, or for more information on Alora’s complete Home Health Care Software offline solutions, please give us a call at 1-800-954-8250: