Medicare Part B Billing for Home Health Care

Alora can generate Medicare Part B claims for your outpatient therapy services.

Does your home health care agency provide outpatient services that need to be billed as Medicare Part B? Alora’s got you covered. Alora can generate Medicare Part B claims for your business lines such as outpatient therapy services.


Alora Home Healthcare Software is a highly versatile, all-payer, billing solution, that lets you bill not only for your home health care services but also for outpatient Medicare Part B services.  Alora offers both electronic claims (837i) as well as UB-04 paper claims.


The outpatient therapy billing capability allows your company to manage multiple business lines within one complete software system, Alora, instead of having to deal with multiple software applications.


With Alora, your agency can:


  • Bill all payers, including Medicare Part B
  • Handle multiple offices/business lines in one system. For example, your home health agency and outpatient therapy services can be managed using one Alora system
  • Keep track of charges, payments, and adjustments in the system
  • Generate financial reports (summaries or detailed) tailored to the needs of billers, administrators, and owners


According to CMS, outpatient therapy services may be provided by a home health agency to patients who are not homebound or otherwise are not receiving services under a home health plan of care (POC). These services are not paid under the Home Health Prospective Payment System (HH PPS). The reimbursement for the outpatient therapy services is calculated using the Medicare Physician’s Fee Schedule (MPFS).


I do everything in Alora, from clinical to billing and it’s pretty easy.

Kati, Agency Administrator



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