Minnesota Medicaid EVV System

Alora simplifies EVV for Minnesota home care agencies.

Electronic Visit Verification for Minnesota

Alora has made EVV easy for Minnesota home care agencies. Thousands of PCAs and other caregivers enjoy the ease of Alora’s electronic visit verification solution because it makes their work-life easier. The benefit for the agency is not only compliance with the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) but also higher operational efficiency than ever before.

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Home Care Software with EVV Built-in

Alora’s Electronic visit verification is seamlessly integrated within Alora’s all-in-one Minnesota home care software. EVV information captured automatically updates the scheduler and flows into billing and payroll.  This integrated workflow avoids the pitfalls of manual data entry, while also improving efficiency and accuracy.

With this integrated solution, your agency is able to:

  • Live monitor home visits, tracking delays and no-shows
  • Empower your PCAs – they can complete plan of care-based visit notes right from the EVV interface, swiftly check their schedules, look up client information, and communicate with your agency through secure mail
  • Handle all payers, including MN Medicaid/Waiver, UCare, Blue Cross, Health Partners, and United Healthcare
  • Handle all services to your clients, including, PCA, Homemaker, and Respite Care
  • Accelerate billing and payroll (EVV data is automatically integrated into billing and payroll)

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Alora Integrates with HHAeXchange EVV Aggregator

MN Medicaid has chosen an “Open Model” for EVV, meaning, agency providers are free to choose any EVV system that best fits their needs. The sole requirement is that the system must collect all six data elements as required by the 21st Century CURES Act.  Alora captures this information for you.  The EVV data captured by Alora is automatically transmitted to the EVV data aggregator, HHAeXchange.


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Benefits to Minnesota Agencies

  • Avoid possible revenue loss due to missed visits and no shows
  • Get rid of the inefficiencies associated with manual data entry
  • Paperless timesheets
  • Centralize workflow into easily managed processes
  • Work-life made easier for PCAs, other caregivers, and office staff
  • Reduce the chances of documentation errors
  • Enjoy faster billing and timely payroll
  • Plan of Care based visit notes to help ensure that your caregivers do what is required in the plan of care


Minnesota EVV Information


As of June 2021, the current timeline for Minnesota DHS EVV implementation is as follows:

  • Personal care services by Dec. 1, 2021, which includes some home and community-based waiver services
  • Home health services prior to Jan. 1, 2023, (the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services deadline)


What information must the EVV system collect?

Any approved EVV system must verify:

  • The type of service performed
  • Name of the patient who received the service
  • The exact date of the service
  • The location where the service was performed
  • Name of caregiver who provided the service
  • Exact start and end time of the service

Providers are free to use either the state-provided EVV system HHAeXchange, or their own selected compatible, compliant system.

Why Alora?

Your agency doesn’t have to just “Get by” with a state-approved EVV system that often creates more work and consumes more staff time and resources…

Why not THRIVE with Alora?


Alora closely monitored the progress by the Minnesota DHS on its selection of HHAeXchange as the state’s EVV data aggregator. Alora’s EVV solution is being customized to allow Minnesota agencies to easily transmit the EVV data from the Alora system to HHAeXchange. Alora features the convenience and certainty of EVV built into a comprehensive home health software system.


Live Real-time Monitoring

Alora offers live monitoring of all home visits, notifying your agency of any delayed visits or no-shows. This capability provides a real-time view of all home visits activity in real-time. Subsequently, your agency stays compliant and informed while avoiding the risk of lost revenue due associated with missed visits. With Alora, agencies are in full control of everything happening with their home visits schedule.

Fast & Efficient Billing and Payroll

Alora EVV is integrated within our home health software solution, meaning the EVV data is captured and automatically flows into the Alora system. Once an agency’s caregiver departs from the patient’s home, the visit is instantly updated within the Alora system and the start and end time is recorded, then the visit is marked as completed. Instantly, the visit is ready for billing and payroll. Any visit that didn’t occur as planned is flagged for manual review by administrators.

Reduce Claim Denials Risk

When Minnesota’s EVV grace period has passed,  the possibility of denied claims will increase for those who are not comfortable with an approved system. Is your agency going to be at risk for claim denials? Alora integrates EVV into claims processing to eliminate the risk of claim denials. With Alora, you can rest easy.

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The level of automation achievable with Alora home health software will position your agency to enjoy a level of workflow that ensures efficiency. Compare this solution to an agency that does not have the Alora, and the difference in committing several manual hours daily to enter and verify EVV data will be dramatic. For accurate billing and payroll, agencies must do away with the slow, labor-intensive, process of manual data entry. Inefficient practices cost agencies time and money, while flirting with dangerous errors that can put Medicaid reimbursement and agency solvency at risk.

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Alora makes work life easier for both administrators and caregivers. The benefits of having EVV fully integrated within Alora’s agency management system begin with the fact that Alora already houses all information from the visits from the point the caregiver arrives at a patient’s home. Caregivers upon arrival can simply press “Start Visit” and proceed with the patient care.

A standalone EVV system lacks prior data from the visit, lacks information on the client’s Medicaid ID, the agency information, the caregiver, and the services being provided. Your caregiver is forced to enter all of this upon arrival. Wasted time and manual mistakes cost agencies money.


Need confirmation that the caregiver actually performed all tasks required in the patient’s plan of care? There is no mystery with Alora – the software generates patient-specific visit notes that are derived from the Plan of Care. Aides and nurses can perform documentation directly from Alora’s EVV interface, simplifying processes and creating a winning formula for organizational success.

How can Alora help?


Alora empowers aides and nurses with a software tool to not only capture electronic visit verification, but also check their schedule and look up client information on their mobile device of choice. Field staff can easily complete plan of care-based visit notes and communicate with the agency through secure mail with text notifications. Caregivers can access Alora from their smartphones or any other mobile devices. Alora offers agencies an award winning nurse-friendly home health software solution. Above simply capturing EVV information, nurses can also complete visit notes and assessments right at the patient’s home, while enjoying access to all relevant clinical information at their fingertips. The EVV component of Alora grants nurses immediate access to skilled nursing visit notes and OASIS assessments, ensuring that their workflow at the patient’s home stays simple and straightforward.


Arrive at a patient’s home to no Internet connectivity? No problem. Alora also offers homecare telephony as a back up to our GPS based EVV software. If your caregiver is performing services in a home and does not have Internet connectivity, the caregiver can use the telephony solution to capture EVV.


Alora is not solely an Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) solution, additionally, it is a powerful home health software for Minnesota agencies. Alora is a complete EMR for home health agencies in MN that covers the financial, clinical, and operational aspects of a home health care business. With integrated EVV, Alora improves the operational efficiency and cost savings for your agency.

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Alora brings all caregivers into electronic documentation, leaving paper behind. With Alora, Home Health aides no longer need to execute their visit notes on paper. Aides will love Alora’s easy to use interface and feel empowered to check their schedules, complete plan of care based visit notes, capture time in/time out for all visits, patient signatures, and their own signatures. Aides can also communicate with your team via HIPAA compliant secure internal email with text notifications.

Establish QA review on your aide visit notes and approve or return them for corrections. Alora’s electronic workflow will keep your agency at a high level of efficiency. Your caregivers will love the technology you are providing to make their life easier.

Alora’s home health software for Minnesota with built-in EVV improves agency efficiency and reduces costs. Experience how Minnesota home health agencies can meet and exceed the requirements of the state’s EVV mandate while improving agency workflow. The Alora EVV solution improves profitability by eliminating manual data entry tasks and helps your agency thrive.  For a no-obligation demo, contact us at 1-800-954-8250 Ext 2 or click here to schedule a demo.


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Alora Home Health Software offers all the features and functionality for your agency to reach the next level:

· Billing

· Electronic claims for all payers

· Medication profile and interactions

· Accounts receivable

· HR functions

· OASIS & comprehensive assessment

· OASIS analyzer

· Plan of care (485)

· Automatic 485 generation

· Electronic signature capture

· Dashboard

· Eval, POC & notes for all disciplines

· Integrated Faxing

· Physician orders

· Flexible Scheduling

· Internal email

· Payroll

· ICD10 codes

· Quality assurance

· Communication log

· COVID-19 Screening

· Referral tracking

Alora‘s flexible implementation methodologies allow you to choose the features you and your employees need to realize maximum productivity.


Alora’s Home Health Software is a fully mobile, browser friendly solution. Alora’s point of care features can be scaled to any device. Caregivers can access Alora using their smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Alora’s Minnesota EVV was designed to not only fulfill Minnesota DHS requirements, in addition, its feature capabilities anticipate and simplify all aspects of your visit workflow that previously cost your agency time and productivity.

  • Minnesota DHS-compliant EVV
  • Captures and sends patient and caregiver signatures, visit start time and end time with GPS location
  • Plan of Care based Visit Note
  • Viewable Schedules
  • Live monitoring & Alerts: Real-time, color-coded views of the status of all visits
  • Mobile ready. Operates across smartphones, tablets, and other devices.
  • EVV data flow in the system for billing and payroll.
  • Simplicity of use improves caregiver efficiency & patient satisfaction


Affected services

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) define personal care services as service that support activities of daily living (ADL), including mobility, bathing, toileting, transferring and personal hygiene, and/or those that support instrumental activities of daily living (IADL), including assistance with paying bills, meal preparation, shopping and telephone use.

Minnesota personal care services required to use EVV are:

  • Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS) direct support
  • Consumer Support Grant (CSG) direct support
  • Extended personal care assistance
  • Homemaker-assistance with personal cares
  • Crisis respite (in-home)
  • Independent community living support (in-person)
  • Individual home support (in-person)
  • In-home family support
  • Night supervision
  • Personal support
  • Personal care assistance
  • Respite care services (in-home)

Minnesota home health services required to use Electronic Visit Verification are:

  • Extended in-home therapies
  • In-home occupational therapy
  • Skilled nurse visits
  • Home health aide
  • In-home physical therapy
  • In-home respiratory therapy
  • In-home speech and language therapy

As the implementation deadline approaches, additional services may be subject to EVV. Minnesota DHS will communicate any such changes directly to provider via email and through publicly posted website updates.


Alora is one of the nation’s premier providers of software solutions for the Home Health Care industry. We are a trusted partner to countless agencies operating in the state of Minnesota, improving agency productivity, profitability, and performance. Alora automates virtually every data capture and management function of an agency’s day to day operations.


Since 2005, Alora has been a preferred software vendor for home health agencies in Minnesota helping these organizations improve patient care and operational efficiency.  Our company was built on a culture that encourages continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. The result is a team of professionals who are dedicated to effectively satisfying your needs by providing the most powerful, yet easy to learn and implement technology.

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