Alora Vision, Mission, Core Values and Strategies


Alora is comprised of a group of high-performing professionals who are partners to our clients with a commitment to enabling their success.  We empower our clients’ businesses with innovative software, establishing a remarkable reputation for service that builds long-lasting relationships.  We are passionate about what we do, the clients we serve, and the successful outcomes we can achieve together.



We are a high-performing group of creative professionals who combine our talents to produce innovative software and achieve unparalleled service that empowers home health care providers.   We build lasting partnerships with clients to provide user-friendly and efficient software tools that enable their business to be successful and improve patient care.  We bridge the gap between our clients’ business and technology that ensures reliability, reasonable costs, and enables our clients to focus on the patients they serve.


Core Values


VALUE Summary Descriptions of Behaviors That Demonstrate These Values.
Customer Satisfaction We serve our customers with timely responses, a courteous attitude and respect.  We take the initiative to understand customer needs.  We provide appropriate and innovative solutions that consistently meet or exceed expectations.  Our success is a reward of outstanding customer satisfaction.

We set high standards and strive for excellence in everything we do.  We take pride in our results, and seek continuous feedback to ensure quality.  We communicate with our customers to understand their needs, pay attention to details, and deliver solutions that provide value.


Continuous Improvement

We continuously strive to improve our knowledge and skills.  We strive to be software technology leaders and encourage professional development.  We are critical thinkers who share and implement ideas to improve our products and services to help our customers.


Teamwork We develop and maintain effective working relationships with everyone.  We respect and value individual differences and diversity by treating everyone equally, fairly and professionally.  We share ideas and information which contributes to a positive team atmosphere and professional development.  We confidently rely on and support each other.  We collaborate effectively to achieve great results.  Teamwork is a cornerstone of our success.



Strategic Imperatives


  1. PEOPLE: Hire, develop, and retain exceptional people who are passionate about achieving their potential, bringing out the best in themselves and what they achieve as a team to benefit the clients we serve.  Our team is comprised of committed professionals who reflect our core competencies and values for long-term relationships.  At Alora, our employees are valued, empowered, accountable and rewarded.


  1. CUSTOMERS: We build long- term client relationships that earn customer respect, a high level of satisfaction, retention and unwavering commitment for the unparalleled service, support, consultation and products that we provide.


  1. ORGANIZATION: Implement an ongoing Organization Development (“OD”) program to systemically integrate our strategy with business processes that ensure congruent performance. Maintain a culture that reinforces what we value.


  1. TECHNOLOGY: Deliver and support consistently innovative software products that are user-friendly, reliable, and cost effective across multiple modern platforms.  We work to maintain a culture that encourages innovation, and our team members learn and maintain the highest skills as students of that innovation.
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