Know an agency that could benefit from Alora? Send them our way, and you could earn up to $1250, and the agency you refer gets $1250 as well.


Just provide your contact info and the contact info of the Agency/person you’re referring. Then, give us some brief insight into how you know them, and what you’ve told them about Alora. We’ll reach out to them and take it from there. And let them know we’ll be reaching out.


If you’d rather have them contact us, just make sure they mention they were referred by you.

Referred Account Monthly Fee Total Reward Amount for Each
$0-$599 $500 $250 for each
$600-$1,249 $1,000 $500 for each
$1,250-$1,999 $1,500 $750 for each
$2,000 and up $2,500 $1,250 for each

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