Home Health Software for Connecticut

An all-in-one solution for Connecticut home health care agencies for higher efficiency and productivity

Connecticut Home Health Software

Alora provides a comprehensive web-based software solution for empowering Connecticut home health care agencies with high efficiency, compliance, and affordability. Designed to support administrative, clinical, and financial operations, Alora is backed by top-rated customer support. Recognized for its user-friendliness, Alora is an all-in-one software aimed at enhancing the growth and patient care of Connecticut agencies.


The Benefits to Connecticut Home Health Agencies:


  • Built-in CT Medicaid approved Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system
  • Easiest to use home health software that simple to train on and quick implement
  • Medicare, Medicaid & HIPAA Compliant
  • Billing For All Payers
  • All The Essential Features
  • Works with PC, Mac, Laptop, tablets and smart phones


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All The Features You Need

Generate Connecticut Medicare,Medicaid & Private Insurance Claims. HIPAA Compliant & paperless billing for all payers.


Handle payroll easily within the easiest-to-use interface in the industry

Integrated EVV

Built-in Connecticut Medicaid approved EVV compatible with the state aggregator and in compliance with the CT DDS requirements.

Accounts Receivable

Post Charges to A/R During Claim Generation. Easily make adjustments, viewing entire admission or a single claim.


Schedule & track patient visits. Record mileage, expenses and much more.

Certification & Plan of Care (485)

Generate CMS-485 & CMS 487 Addenda either automatically or independently create one.


Easily input, validate, and export OASIS Assessments. Built in OASIS Analyzer/Scrubber allows you to maximize revenue & improve quality.

Point of Care

Complete Assessments, Plan of care, visit notes, & other documents directly within Alora’s robust, user-friendly interface.

Admission & Insurance

Full ICD9 diagnosis & procedure codes. Accept unlimited # of insurance records per admission & track prior authorization.


Improve accuracy and productivity, code compliance, & cost savings. Easily generate, analyze, and export whatever reports you need.


As an administrator stay on top of arrival, departure, and visit length times during nursing visits in the field.

Offline Charting

Chart without reliance on internet on multiple devices with Alora’s powerful solutions for offline completion of nursing notes.


Automatic Alerts for scheduling conflicts, Therapy Re-Assessments, Frequency, Prior Authorization & more.

HR Functions

Manage employee information, including credentialing, contact info and more.

Electronic Signature Capture

Capture Patient & Employee Signatures using a finger (touchscreen) or mouse.

Private Duty Solution

Schedule shifts, handle live in capability, invoicing and more.

Physician Orders

Create addendum orders with signature tracking and report options.

Internal Email

Attach items within internal email. Interface with QA, and allow reviewed notes to be returned to clinicians for corrections.

Quality Assurance

Allows QA Manager to review completed documents for approval or return to clinician for changes.

Communication Log

Create communication types, categories, and then run internal or external reports based on type.


As an administrator, choose items to display on dashboard reporting for the current week or dates can be expanded.

Referral Tracking

View Referrals in process or in admitted or non-admitted status, or view all.

Braden Scale

Tool used to determine patient’s risk level for pressure sores. Checks can be done at different intervals, and view history.

Medication Profile

Allows clinicians to add client medications, dosages, and classifications and create printed medication profile & drug interactions & allergy reactions.

Interaction Checking

Through Medication Profile, check for interactions for medications listed for client.

Medicare Eligibility & DDE Access

Alora Home Health Software offers detailed Medicare Eligibility information and access to the Medicare DDE System.

GPS Location Tracking

GPS tracking allows system to identify the location of the nurse anywhere in Connecticut at the time the patient signs the visit note, providing proof of visit.

Multi-Office Capability

Have more than one PA office location in the Alora system. Set priority of offices for admissions and other tasks.

HIPAA Compliance

Alora is fully compliant with HIPAA guidelines. Electronic Health record options allows you to send HIPAA encrypted data using designated password

Google Maps

Patient’s demographics when entered in system, links to Google Maps to verify and display location.

One On One Customer Support

Live agents in multiple offices work with you one on one to maximize your Alora experience.

Native iPad app

Alora offers the industry’s first native iPad app for Home Health visitsavailable in the Apple app store.

Hospice Solution

Alora offers a customized solution for the unique needs of Hospice agencies.

Physical Therapy Solution

The ultimate Physical Therapy solution featuring all the ease of use and functionality of Alora.

Monthly Enhancements

New enhancements and functionalities added monthly based on customer feedback and technology innovations.

Medicare & Medicaid Compliance

Full Medicare/Medicaid compliance and our team of specialists stay abreast of changes and inact them within ALORA, helping you stay compliant as well.

Electronic Claims for All Payers

Generate Electronic claims for all payers within Alora’s interface.

Auto 485 Generation

Automatically generate 485 directly from the Assessment.

Go Paperless

Alora’s Home Health Software puts an end to the waste and inconvenience of paper records through our robust software tools.

Unlimited User Licenses

Alora makes an unlimited number of user licenses available to your agency based on your needs.

User Security Levels

Administrator controlled, allows admin to determine areas of access for each employee. “View only” access or “Full access” for example.


Approved EVV System for Connecticut


Connecticut Medicaid EVVAlora is an approved vendor for EVV in the state of Connecticut


Alora’s Connecticut Medicaid-approved EVV solution is integrated into Alora’s easy homecare agency management workflow. Alora captures and integrates all of the EVV data from the visit directly into your agency’s workflow.


With this integrated solution, your agency is able to:


  • Live monitor home visits, tracking delays and no-shows
  • Accelerate billing and payroll (EVV data is automatically integrated into claims processing and payroll)
  • Empower your aides – they can complete plan of care-based visit notes right from the EVV interface, swiftly check their schedules, look up client information, and communicate with your agency through secure mail



The Benefits of a Connecticut Medicaid Approved EVV System


Alora is a certified alternate EVV vendor for Connecticut Medicaid in accordance with the Connecticut Department of Developmental Services. Connecticut Medicaid EVV information captured by Alora is seamlessly transmitted to the CT Medicaid EVV aggregator, Sandata. As an all-in-one solution for Connecticut home care agencies that combines EVV and agency management within one system, Alora brings great efficiency and ease of use for your staff.


Home Health Software For Connecticut


With the Home Healthcare landscape changing every year, the role that software plays in a Home Health agency has become increasingly more involved. With Connecticut and many other states enacting laws and compliance requirements that directly impact how an agency handles the various aspects of its workload, the decision to invest in software should be made based on an assessment of not only where your agency is today, but where your agency will be tomorrow as you grow. All Home Healthcare software is not created equally, and the process of implementation is not one that any owner or staff likes to revisit often. As a provider, we pride ourselves on being able to offer a user-friendly and affordable software for Connecticut Homecare agencies that addresses all facets of an agency’s operations.


The Alora Difference

Unmatched “One on One” Home Health Software Support


With an upwards of 95% satisfaction rating, Alora Customers are consistently surprised by our enthusiasm towards our mission of always exhibiting a relentless dedication to their happiness. Our Support team works hand in hand with you as a trusted partner, investing wholly in your agency’s growth and success. Our Support is available six days, and more than 50 hours per week. Our highly trained technicians not only possess skill at navigating you through every aspect of Alora’s software solutions, but also many times their combined industry expertise allows them to offer knowledge and resources on everything from initial certification and start-up, to expansion and Connecticut-specific laws and/or requirements that impact your agency directly. Don’t be surprised if one of our agents remembers you by name after a conversation or two. Alora Home Health Software Support is a large part of who we are and our dedication to our family of customers.


The Easiest To Use Homecare Software Available On The Market


Alora’s intuitive, user-friendly interface, robust functionality and simple-to-learn navigation are just some of the reasons why Alora is highly recommended by industry consultants, independent reviewers, & users alike. The learning curve of your software amounts to dollars and cents, as the more time it requires you and your staff to train on a Home Health Software, the more it costs you. An easy-to-use software is an added value, as it literally allows your staff to spend its time engaging in activities that generate revenue, as opposed to burning hours trying to learn an overly complicated system for doing their jobs.


Complete Agency Features for Home Health Care & Private Duty Agencies


Alora offers a customized Home Health Care Software Solution for agencies regardless of agency size, type, or location within the state. Alora handles Connecticut Medicare & Medicaid and includes essential features such as Billing, Scheduling, 485, OASIS with Analyzer, Medicare Eligibility & DDE Access, Online & Offline Visit Notes for iPad & Laptop Capability, Medication Regimen Review, QA, Telephony, and more. Our features have been designed by the combined expertise of industry software engineering specialists and built largely off of the feedback we have received from real nurses, managers, and clinicians.


New Features & Enhancements Added Regularly


Our customers are our biggest priority, and they are also the best resource for sharing with us what they need in their day-to-day operations. Alora has assembled a truly diverse and experienced Home Health Care Software development team to stay consistently informed on technology innovations, research customer feedback and trends, and stay on top of Connecticut as well as federal level filing and compliance requirements; resulting in the industry’s most comprehensive Homecare Solution designed to keep your agency in the know and prepared for whatever challenges may come.


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