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All-in-one Home Health Software


Alora Home Health Software streamlines the delivery and management of home health care, ensuring seamless compliance with regulations across all funding sources, including Medicare, state Medicaid, private insurance, and more.


Alora helps you:


  • Effectively manage your agency operation from anywhere
  • Go paperless. Alora’s electronic documentation lets your agency eliminate paper and bring efficiency for your caregivers and office staff.
  • Give your caregivers ultimate flexibility — they can use the software on smartphones, tablets, laptops, or even work offline
  • Stay Compliant – Complete EMR for home health automatically facilitates compliance with Medicare/CMS regulations
  • Process all payers – Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, Medicaid waiver programs, managed care, private insurance, VA/TriCare, and private pay
  • Handle skilled and non-skilled home care services
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Alora Home Health Software:

Features and Solutions



Our entire platform is optimized for tablets and smartphones. All information is safely stored in the cloud. So your caregivers can access Alora home health software anywhere, anytime.

Complete Clinical Documentation

Alora’s home health EMR system provides documents and tools for the clinicians, facilitating ease of use, completeness, and Medicare compliance.


That includes assessment, evaluation, plan of care, and visit notes for the six disciplines covered by Medicare (skilled nursing, home health aide, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and medical social worker) and more.


Learn about Alora’s Custom Care Plan Templates

Assessments (OASIS and Non-OASIS)

Alora offers comprehensive OASIS assessments to help agencies thoroughly assess their patients while staying compliant with Medicare guidelines.


Assessment includes Medicare M00 questions, comprehensive assessment questions as well as many tools including Braden Scale, Fall Risk Assessment, Nutritional Assessment, Pain Assessment, and much more.


Non-OASIS assessment is available for agencies that prefer to use a shorter assessment for patients who do not require a Medicare-mandated OASIS assessment.


In addition, Alora provides a non-skilled assessment that may be used for non-skilled only patients.

Plan of Care

Alora offers the traditional CMS-485 as well as an enhanced “living” plan of care helping agencies to stay compliant with the Medicare Conditions of Participation (CoP) requirements. Generate Plan of Care automatically from the assessment or create independently.


Alora’s POC is a dynamic document that can track the progress made and goals met during the course of the certification period. At any time, agencies can view or print the plan of care as signed by the physician as well as the POC in its most current status, incorporating all the additional orders that came in since the cert period started.


With Alora’s built-in faxing capability, Plan of Care and Verbal Orders can be faxed directly from the Alora system to the physician with just a click.


Alora also generates Patient Readable Plan of Care.

Visit Notes based on Plan of Care

Did your caregivers actually do what was required in the patient’s plan of care? You won’t have to wonder – Alora home health software generates patient-specific visit notes that are derived from the POC.


Learn more about visit notes based on plan of care.

Custom Documents

Do your staff complete any custom paper documents that were created by your agency?


Alora’s Custom Documents option lets you upload your master documents into the Alora system and have your caregivers complete and sign those documents electronically.


You no longer need to rely on paper documents.

Medication Profile with Interaction Alert

Your clinicians enter and maintain information on patient medications – and the software automatically checks for drug-to-drug interactions and drug-allergy reactions (powered by Medi-Span). Alora also generates logs on medication administration and materials to educate patients.

Medication Administration

Do you administer medications for your patients?  If so, you will love Alora’s Medication Administration functionality.


You can specify the scheduled times for each medication.  Based on the scheduled times, Alora provides quick and easy identification of approaching (or delayed) drug administration.


Documenting medication administration is a breeze with a click of a button and features such as multiple medication administration reduces time spent on charting so that more time can be spent on care.


Alora Software for Home Health provides the Medication Administration Record (MAR).

Offline Documentation

“No Internet” is no problem — clinicians complete documentation offline when the Internet is not available, then transmit their documentation with a single click when they have access to the Internet later.  Alora provides native offline applications for iPhone, iPad as well as Android phones and tablets.

Built-in OASIS Analyzer

Your clinicians’ assessment of patients is improved by a powerful analyzing tool that spots inconsistencies and other problems in OASIS forms. The result: Maximized reimbursement and better patient care.

Emergency Preparedness Plan

You can create and maintain an Emergency Preparedness Plan for each of your patients in Alora’s EHR for home health.

COVID-19 Screening & Monitoring

Alora provides COVID-19 screening for patients and staff. Special alerts in the system can remind employees when the screening was not completed for themselves or for the patients.


COVID-19 Monitoring Center provides a centralized view for your agency to monitor the COVID-19 risk level for your staff and patients. Instantly know when a staff member or patient is at risk. You can also see who has completed the screening for the day and who has not.

Other Capabilities

Alora home health software offers many other features to help clinicians and agencies to stay compliant and thrive in-home health care. Some of the additional features include Braden Scale, patient-specific Emergency Preparedness Plan, shift visit notes, supervisory visits notes, missed visit notes, supply log, transfer summaries, discharge summaries, patient vitals history dashboard, physician portal and much more.



Home Health Scheduling Software: Alora allows you to manage schedules from the angle of a patient, caregiver, or agency as a whole.


Alora’s scheduler also alerts you to potential conflicts or issues with compliance (such as frequency of visits or prior authorizations). And you can view the schedule the way you prefer – by month, week, day or certification period.


Recurrence option allows creation of multiple visits from one visit entry and there by saves a lot of data entry time.
Completed visits from Scheduler automatically flow into Billing and Payroll.

EVV (GPS & Telephony options)

Electronic Visit Verification:

EVV is becoming a requirement in many states – and Alora has it fully integrated into its system. Alora EVV simplifies the workflow for the caregivers as well as the agency administrators.


Alora’s electronic visit verification solution empowers caregivers with a software tool to check their schedules, capture signatures, and complete plan of care based visit notes.


In addition to facilitating compliance and caregiver accountability, Alora EVV brings efficiency for the agency because the EVV information captured flows to billing and payroll, eliminating manual entries.

Live Monitoring

Alora EVV comes with “live monitoring” capability – a powerful tool that provides you by-the-minute visibility on home visits that are in progress as well as delays and no-shows. You will know when a caregiver does not show up and you can proactively take the necessary steps to deal with the situation before it is too late.

Electronic Faxing

Alora Home Health Software lets you send and receive faxes with a single click, without the need for a machine. Alora’s fax confirmation log keeps a permanent history of all the faxes sent as well as their status. With Alora’s 1 click Home Health faxing, agencies can save hours of staff time each day while maximizing efficiency. Click to learn more about Faxing for Home Health Agency

Document Review / Q.A.

In Alora’s Quality Assurance Center, you may review all the documents – to approve or return them for correction.


Alora performs an automatic quality check when a caregiver completes a document.  Alora ensures that the document is complete and of reasonable quality before allowing the caregiver to mark the document as “Complete.”  This automatic quality check by Alora home health care software makes the job of your QA team easier.

Prior Authorization Tracking

We’ve made it easier to comply with payers’ requirements for prior authorization. Alora alerts you to authorization information that’s missing or attempts to exceed limits – whether the authorizations are recurring or for a set period of time. During billing, authorization codes automatically flow into claims.

Physician Tracking & PECOS Verification

Track all your physicians and related information.  Alora Home Healthcare Software verifies PECOS enrollment. When entering a physician to the system, Alora provides the option to automatically bring in physician information from the NPI registry facilitating faster entry and accuracy.

Secure Internal Email with Text Notification

Stay in contact with all staff, including caregivers in the field, with HIPAA-compliant email (which features built-in mobile texting to let them know email is waiting). Internal email keeps your agency’s people connected with each other.

Dashboards and Analytics

It’s your single-view look at what’s in progress – and what still needs to be done. Which 485 forms are due? Which orders have yet to be sent? What were the most recent OASIS assessments? We display it all in one place, and you get to determine the level of information your agency’s users can access.

Medicare Eligibility / DDE access

Alora checks Medicare eligibility for patients and gives you a detailed report with relevant information. Our software also lets you access the Medicare DDE system in a single click.

Communication Log

Communication Log allows your agency to document any type of communication that you would like to keep a record of.  Communication Logs are available for patients as well as for staff.  You can run reports filtered by communication type.

Open Shift Notification

This feature allows you to broadcast messages to your caregivers to quickly fill unassigned visits. This solution remarkably increases efficiency in finding an available caregiver to take on an unassigned visit.  Learn more about Open Shift Notification.


Alora Home Health Software helps agencies perform better as every feature of the Home Health EMR system has been built based on recommendations from home health agencies. Some of the other key features include patient referral tracking, hospitalization log, paperless records (scanned document storage) related to patients, caregivers, and office, patient communication log, caregiver communication log, custom fields for additional information tracking for patients, and the ability to handle multiple offices in one system.


Billing for All Payers

Home Health Billing Software:

We designed our billing solution to help you maximize revenue. Alora Home Health Software lets you generate electronic or paper claims for all payers – Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid/waiver (in any state), VA, private insurance, and private pay.


Before you bill, you can double-check accuracy and compliance with a built-in, pre-billing Quality Assurance tool.

Pre-Billing QA

Pre-Billing QA provides a quick view of any missing items for all of your patients before billing can be performed.  This tool is very useful for billers as well as staff responsible for compliance monitoring.  Missing items are shown in red for quick attention.

Accounts Receivables and Financial Reports

It’s robust: Alora keeps track of charges, payments, and adjustments and creates summaries or detailed financial reports tailored to the needs of billers, administrators, owners, and accountants. Payments can be posted electronically or through manual entry.


With Alora, you can track pay rates for each caregiver – standard rate or special rate for each service type – and calculate gross pay for each employee for the pay period. Pay rates can be set by time or by visit. You can also generate reports and export payroll data.

Caregiver Credential Tracking

Up-to-date driver’s license, auto insurance, TB tests and other credentials are a necessity for your front-line team, and Alora helps you track it all. Our software alerts you as key dates approach – and you can customize tracking and alerts to meet your agency’s specific needs.

Scanned Document Storage

Store your paper documents in Alora Home Health Care Software and go paperless.  You can store documents for the clients and for the staff.  You can create folders in Alora to organize your documents by category.

Multi-Office Capability

Does your agency have more than one office?  Alora Home Healthcare Software can accommodate all of your offices within one system, for no additional cost.

Travel Time & Mileage Calculator

This tool can be a great time saver if your agency tracks travel time or mileage for your caregivers’ visits.  Alora can automatically calculate the travel time and mileage, utilizing a mapping service, for your caregiver’s travel from one patient visit to the next.


You can customize this tool to not to calculate travel time if the time gap between two visits exceeds the limit set by you.

Report Generation

Knowledge is power, and Alora Home Health Care Software gives you deep knowledge of your agency’s activities by letting you generate reports on Medicare cost, census, visits, compliance, financials – and a vast array of other areas. Best of all, you can customize report generation based on your agency’s needs at any given time.

CAHPS Export

Alora Home Health Software creates CHAPS export files for multiple CAHPS vendors.  Creating the export file for CAHPS is very easy.  Simply select the month and the file becomes ready in one click.


We’ve made it easier for your back office to run better by automating the time consuming manual tasks into easily manageable processes. Alora Home Health Software helps agencies to perform better through its rich set of features that are easy to use. Other features that facilitate back-office administration include user security manager, CAHPS export, month-end-closing, and the ability to customize based on the agency’s business.

Product Screenshots

Minnesota Home Health Software


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Home Health Software Solutions by Alora


Alora is an all-in-one home health software system that has been designed to handle all aspects of a home health care agency operation. Alora helps your agency stay compliant every day so that you can always be ready to face surveyors from your state or accreditation agency anytime.  Every year, hundreds of Alora customers pass their surveys by ACHC, CHAP, and Joint Commission successfully and get certified by Medicare. Alora software for home health is capable of billing all payers, including Medicare, Medicaid/Waiver, Managed Care, Private Insurance, Veterans Affairs (VA), and Private Pay.



Alora Home Health EMR Empowers Agencies with:


    • Comprehensive software for home health care agencies
    • Ability to handle multiple offices or business lines in one computer system
    • Billing for all payers, including Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid/Waiver, Private Insurance, VA, and Private Pay
    • Offline documentation capability
    • Integrated electronic one-click faxing for sending documents to physicians and other entities
    • Compliance with Medicare, Medicaid, & HIPAA
    • Customer support reflecting the strong partnership for the success of your agency
    • Ability to handle both skilled and non-skilled home care
    • Maximized clinical & operational efficiency
    • Increased staff productivity at reduced costs


What are real customers saying about Alora Home Health Software?


The Impact of Home Health Software on Point of Care


Home health is always evolving, and with that evolving, the traditional concept of point of care has also experienced significant transformation as well. Having started in the clinical setting, technology innovation in home health care software and related applications have allowed most care to reside more in a patient’s residence. The key to an agency’s ability to deliver the best patient care, is the software for home health that they utilize.

Most home health software solutions on the market contain a range of features and applications engineered to streamline workflow through improved communications, automation of processes, and greater synergy between caregivers, families, and physicians.

The advances in home health software functionality have most significantly impacted POC by standardizing improvements including but not limited to:

  • Better coordination between healthcare providers
  • Electronic health records accessibility and compliance within a secure centralized platform
  • Remote monitoring, virtual consultations, and other features that remove the restrictions of face to face in-person care protocols of the past
  • The integration of secure messaging platform’s ability to share vital patient information quickly
  • User-friendly interfaces reducing the learning curve of caregivers and patients, leading to higher patient and family involvement in services rendered at the point of care
  • Wearable devices and IoT tech, allowing clinicians to gather real-time patient health data, making quicker and more accurate decisions to improve patient outcomes


Ultimately, the technology infused into home health software has led to a decrease in patient hospitalization, which reduces both the burden on the healthcare system and the cost for families and insurance companies.

Additionally, the reduction of errors associated with manual and outdated processes benefits patients immensely. The new model of a patient-centered approach to the delivery of care has proven to be sustainable and more accessible, leading to an improved overall experience within the modernized digital home healthcare eco-system. The rise of AI in technology promises even greater efficiency, as providers explore how to leverage AI’s benefits within care delivery.

All of these improvements changed the delivery of healthcare for the better, subsequently enhancing the original principles of point of care for both the patient and the provider. Home health software has become the primary point of execution for this technology, which is why choosing the best home health software is a critical component to agency success. Cloud based home health management software that encompasses everything from case management and caregiver scheduling, to physician communications and EVV compliance, are now the new standard in home health care operation.


Top five ways home health software improves agency efficiency


  1. Administrative Task Management – Through automation of previously manual tasks including patient records management, scheduling, processing billing and insurance, and getting agencies off paper, the savings in time and expenditures more than offset the cost of the average home health software system for most agencies.
  2. Personalization of Care Plans – The ability to manage and even automate aspects of the creation of a personalized care plan for patients, tailored to every patient’s unique health challenges, medication regimen, and needs, brings data analytics, health history, and other technology innovation into this critical part of home health services.
  3. Documentation and Reporting Enhancement – Empowering healthcare providers to easily record patient assessments, interventions, and outcomes in real-time is a big deal. The ability to quickly produce comprehensive reports and analytics is a key automation in home health software that identifies areas for improvement and keeps workflows succinct.
  4. Caregiver Retention – The overall happiness and job satisfaction of your caregiver staff is tied to how much they enjoy their work and how easily they can execute it. Inefficiency born of charting and record keeping on paper not only introduces a burden on your staff, but also increases human errors and financial repercussions that can compromise the workplace experience. Growing and maintaining your staff is easier when the technology helps and not hinders.
  5. Better Communication – Home health software improves communication and collaboration agency-wide. Processes are easier when everything is centralized in one place. The advantages of secure messaging and real-time updates, make sharing information, care plans, open shift notifications, and regulatory mandates a simple process.


Best home care software Software Advice Reviewer’s Choice Awards named Alora the easiest to use home health software


Consistently rated by customers and third-party reviewers as the easiest-to-use solution in the industry, Alora’s cloud-based/mobile ready homecare software can be accessed using smartphones, tablets, laptops, and Desktops. In addition, Alora home health EHR offers native offline applications that allow clinicians to document at a patient’s home and capture signatures, without needing the Internet. Alora customers have great flexibility to choose devices that are convenient for them.


Home Health Billing Software – for All-Payers

Alora Home Healthcare Software system includes a highly versatile billing solution. Alora can bill Medicare, Medicaid, Medicaid Waiver, Managed Care, Insurance, and private pay.


In addition to billing Medicare Part A for home health, Alora’s cloud based Home Care CRM is capable of billing for Medicare Part B home health care services, such as outpatient therapy at home.  This billing capability allows your company to manage multiple business lines within one computer program, Alora, instead of having to piecemeal with multiple different software applications.


Home Healthcare Software – with paperless workflow


The Benefits of Alora’s Cloud-Based EMR for home health care Agencies


Alora offers solutions that allow home health care agencies to go paperless and automate workflow for increased efficiency, accuracy, and compliance. Alora has helped hundreds of home care agencies with rapid growth and higher profitability. At Alora, we understand that each agency is unique. Our motto is to treat every client as if they are our only client. We work side by side with each client to ensure that our technology solutions fit the immediate and ongoing needs.


Engineered for Skilled & Non-Skilled Home Care


Alora specializes in providing software for home care agencies that offer services across the various disciplines of home health care, with multiple business lines or office locations. We invite you to have a conversation with our Solutions Consultants regarding your specific needs. Let us show you how Alora Home Care software can help your agency succeed.


Integrated EVV


Alora features built-in EVV for compliance with the guidelines set forth by the 21st Century Cures Act. Stay on top of all visits as they are occurring in the field, with an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly system optimized for both administrators and caregivers. Alora’s Electronic Visit Verification for Homecare Agencies can empower your agency to not only meet but exceed compliance requirements while creating a higher level of workflow efficiency. Click here to learn more about EVV Software for Home Health Care



Home Health EHR – For All Disciplines


The Alora Software was designed by experts of the Home Healthcare industry and was developed to be the complete EHR for home health care agencies to efficiently manage electronic health records of their patients. We constantly stay abreast of new rules and regulations, and technology innovations, and most importantly, we listen to our most valuable resource – the thousands of home health care professionals who trust our Home Care Software – to consistently provide them with an intuitive EMR solution. Empowering your agency with Alora can eliminate unnecessary costs, centralize important patient care, and financial and HR data, ensure efficiency and compliance with changing laws, and maximize your agency’s ability to serve your patients with the best care while maintaining high profitability as a business. Providing agency centered Home Health Care Software since 2005, Alora has become a trusted industry innovator in bridging the connections between technology, efficiency, and the best possible patient

Alora offers agencies a complete skilled or non-skilled Home Care SoftwareHome Health SoftwareHospice SoftwarePrivate Duty Homecare SoftwareCompanion Care Software, & more. Additionally, our optional integrated solutions such as EVVPediatric Homecare, Homecare faxing, and our home health aide visit management solution AideConnect, grant agencies the ability to enhance compliance, automate workflow and diversify their portfolio of revenue-generating services.


A Complete, Mobile Ready Home Health Software Solution


Alora offers an industry-leading home health software solution that is highly scalable for home health care agencies of any size. Alora combines the many functions of an agency into one integrated home care software EHR system that is very easy to use. We would love to share with you a quick demo at a time of your convenience. Alora empowers agencies with a robust set of intuitive features such as Scheduling, Billing, Certification and Plan of Care (CMS-485), OASIS with Scrubber, Comprehensive Assessments, Point of Care (with or without Internet), Paperless Records, Visit Notes, Electronic Signature, Medication Profile and Interactions, Offline Charting, Telephony, QA, Dashboard, HR Functions, Messaging, Documentation and much more.


Alora’s web-based homecare software solution and its point of care features can be accessed using an iPad, iPhone, Mac, or an Android device, in addition to, Windows-based Desktop, Laptop, and Tablets. Alora customers have great flexibility to choose devices that are convenient for them.


Mobile Ready – User-Friendly – Workflow Centered


Alora Home Health Software is mobile-ready. The entire EHR software application can be run on a smartphone or a tablet by downloading the Alora Plus app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Alora provides a user-friendly interface on mobile devices with no need for scrolling left and right or straining the eye to read screen content. Alora provides a friendly and stylish appearance on mobile devices that allows users to utilize the software, completing their workflow with optimal user experience.


Convenience & Accessibility Meet Technology


In this day and age, most home health care personnel own a smartphone. Imagine the convenience of being able to access and record all necessary workflow information at any time from anywhere, without having to carry an additional device such as a laptop or tablet? With caregivers always on the go and owners and staff often needing to carry work after hours, the mobile-ready Alora home health EMR solution makes the life of home health professionals significantly easier. Alora presents staff with the flexibility to work from anywhere at any time using their own smartphone, eliminating the need for an additional device. Engineered with security and regulatory considerations in mind, the Alora Plus mobile app is HIPAA compliant and no data is stored locally.


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