Home Health Software for Medicare Agency

Alora Home Health Software offers medicare certified agencies, as well as agencies in the process of attaining Medicare certification, a complete cloud-based, mobile-ready solution that addresses comprehensive agency workflow in both the field and the back office.

Alora’s hospice software is designed specifically to support agencies providing this specialized form of care — whether at home or in a facility. It was developed with the input of hospice agency professionals and refined through years of serving hospice care businesses.

Medicare Certified Agency Home Health Software Solutions

Alora Home Health software offers medicare certified agencies, as well as agencies in the process of attaining medicare certification, a complete cloud based, mobile ready solution that addresses comprehensive agency workflow in both the field and the back office.

Designed for unsurpassed simplicity for staff members who work in both the back office and within direct patient care, Alora combines all of the essential functions of a comprehensive software solution, into one centralized solution that brings efficiency and maximum productivity to Medicare certified agencies of any size.

The benefits of Alora include:

  • Comprehensive solution designed for Medicaid Certified home health agencies
  • Ability to handle multiple offices or business lines in one system
  • Easily customizable to the unique work flow of your agency
  • Easy Medicaid Billing
  • Offline documentation capability
  • Integrated Electronic visit verification (EVV)
  • Integrated electronic one-click faxing
  • Fully HIPAA Compliant
  • Phenomenal Customer Support
  • Maximized clinical & operational efficiency

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Home Health Software for Medicare Agency Features


Billing – Generate Medicare,Medicaid & Private Insurance Claims. HIPAA Compliant & paperless billing for all payers.

Payroll – Handle payroll easily within the easiest to use interface in the industry

Accounts Receivable – Post Charges to A/R During Claim Generation. Easily make adjustments, viewing entire admission or a single claim.

Scheduler – Schedule & track patient visits. Record mileage, expenses and much more.

Certification & Plan of Care (485) – Generate CMS-485 & CMS 487 Addenda either automatically or independently create one.

OASIS – Easily input, validate, and export OASIS Assessments. Built in OASIS Analyzer/Scrubber allows you to maximize revenue & improve quality.

Point of Care – Complete Assessments, Plan of care, visit notes, & other documents directly within Alora’s robust, user friendly interface.

Admission & Insurance – Full ICD9 diagnosis & procedure codes. Accept unlimited # of insurance records per admission & track prior authorization.

Reports – Improve accuracy and productivity, code compliance, & cost savings. Easily generate, analyze, and export whatever reports you need.

Telephony – As an administrator stay on top of arrival, departure, and visit length times during nursing visits in the field

Offline Charting – Chart without reliance on internet on multiple devices with Alora’s powerful solutions for offline completion of nursing notes.

Alerts – Automatic Alerts for scheduling conflicts, Therapy ReAssessments, Frequency, Prior Authorization & more.

HR Functions – Manage employee information, including credentialing, contact info and more.

Electronic Signature Capture – Capture Patient & Employee Signatures using a finger (touchscreen) or mouse.

Private Duty Solution – Schedule shifts, handle live in capability, invoicing and more.

Physician Orders – Create addendum orders with signature tracking and report options.

Internal Email – Attach items within internal email. Interface with QA, and allow reviewed notes to be returned to clinicians for corrections.

Quality Assurance – Allows QA Manager to review completed documents for approval or return to clinician for changes.

Communication Log – Create communication types, categories, and then run internal or external reports based on type.

Dashboard – As an administrator, choose items to display on dashboard reporting for the current week or dates can be expanded.

Referral Tracking – View Referrals in process or in admitted or non-admitted status, or view all.

Braden Scale – Tool used to determine patient’s risk level for pressure sores. Checks can be done at different intervals, and view history.

Medication Profile – Allows clinicians to add client medications, dosages, and classifications and create printed medication profile & drug interactions & allergy reactions.

Interaction Checking – Through Medication Profile, check for interactions for medications listed for client.

Medicare Eligibility & DDE Access – Alora Home Health Software offers detailed Medicare Eligibility information and access to the Medicare DDE System.

GPS Location Tracking – GPS tracking allows system to identify the location of the nurse at the time the patient signs the visit note, providing proof of visit.

Multi-Office Capability – Have more than one office location in the Alora system. Set priority of offices for admissions and other tasks.

HIPAA Compliance – Alora is fully compliant with HIPAA guidelines. Electronic Health record options allows you to send HIPAA encrypted data using designated password

Google Maps – Patient’s demographics when entered in system, links to Google Maps to verify and display location.

One On One Customer Support – Live agents in multiple offices work with you one on one to maximize your Alora experience.

Native iPad app – Alora offers the industry’s first native iPad app for Home Health visitsavailable in the Apple app store.

Hospice Solution – Alora offers a customized solution for the unique needs of Hospice agencies.

Physical Therapy Solution – The ultimate Physical Therapy solution featuring all the ease of use and functionality of Alora.

Integrated Faxing – Send and receive faxes from with Alora Home Health Software

Medicare & Medicaid Compliance – Full Medicare/Medicaid compliance and our team of specialists stay abreast of changes and inact them within ALORA, helping you stay compliant as well.

Electronic Claims for All Payers – Generate Electronic claims for all payers within Alora’s interface.

Auto 485 Generation – Automatically generate 485 directly from the Assessment.

EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) – Integrated EVV for proof of visit & piece of mind.

Unlimited User Licenses – Alora makes an unlimited number of user licenses available to your agency based on your needs.

User Security Levels – Administrator controlled, allows admin to determine areas of access for each employee. “View only” access or “Full access” for example.

A Highly intuitive Home Health Software Solution


What would make running your home health agency easier?

The foundation of our Home Health Software for Medicare-certified agency’s suite of intuitive features is based upon answering that question. With more than 15000 users in nearly every state in the U.S, our commitment to simplifying home health workflow and facilitating the highest level of patient care is our largest priority.

We provide agencies with a browser-based, mobile-friendly platform that is consistently rated by both users and 3rd party reviewers as “exceptionally easy to learn and use.” Our solution accomplishes this without sacrificing its comprehensive capabilities,  covering all aspects of patient care and back-office administration.

We focus on developing the features and benefits you need most, so you can focus on running your agency and providing exceptional care:• Alora facilitates the ability to easily process payments, and even bill any payer outside of strictly Medicare

• We offer flexible licensing plans to fit the needs of your agency, partnering with you from initial certification to meeting growth goals

• One-on-one training for your team, with a customized focus for your particular agency’s business model and needs

• Rapid, live, real-person support. Nearly 100% of our help desk calls are answered immediately by a person with years of Home Health Software experience

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Fully Mobile Responsive – Cloud Based Solution for Automated Workflow


Uncompromised Navigation Across Devices

Alora’s user friendly interface works consistently across devices, meaning whether you are on your laptop, smart phone, tablet, ipad, or mobile device of choice, you will be able to navigate within Alora’s features with ease and familiarity. Complete your workflow anytime, anywhere, on any device with Alora.

Cloud Based Solution

Dedicated to using the latest technology and innovation, Alora’s cloud based interface brings the most comprehensive features and accessibility to your staff for a maximized level of workflow access and efficiency.


More Options for High Performing Agencies

Conceived with the idea that one cloud-based complete solution can be utilized for whatever types of homecare your business provides, ALORA is also an ideal solution for agencies with multiple business lines. Many agencies who provide skilled and non-skilled care, as well as hospice, private duty, pediatrics, or any combination, utilize Alora’s Hospice Softwaresoftware for private duty home care, and emr for home health solutions capabilities. Call us today at 1-800-954-8250, as we would love to chat with you about how Alora can support the unique intricacies of your agency’s workflow.


“With You from Day One”

The Alora experience begins with our team partnering with your agency staff for training and implementation. Whether you are fully Medicare certified, or still in the process of attaining Medicare certification, our dedicated and knowledgeable staff works hand in hand with you to ensure an implementation that places you on the path to achieving success without boundaries.

Alora has a near 100% satisfaction rate with our users, paired with a near 100% satisfaction rate with our support call ratios. As a company, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for every agency in the Alora family.



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