Missouri Medicaid EVV System

Alora Software has made EVV easy for Missouri home care agencies.

EVV System for Missouri Agencies

Alora has simplified EVV for Missouri personal care and home health agencies. Thousands of caregivers enjoy the unmatched ease of Alora EVV every day because it makes their work-life easier! The benefit for agencies is not only compliance with Missouri Medicaid but also a far greater level of operational efficiency.

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EVV is integrated into Alora’s software for Missouri personal care agencies.  Alora captures and integrates all of the Missouri Medicaid EVV data from the visit directly into your agency’s workflow.

With Alora’s cloud-based integrated EVV system for Missouri, your agency is able to:

  • Live monitor home visits, tracking delays and no-shows
  • Accelerate billing and payroll (EVV data is automatically integrated into claims processing and payroll)
  • Empower your aides – they can complete plan of care-based visit notes right from the EVV interface, swiftly check their schedules, look up client information, and communicate with your agency through secure mail



EVV System for MissouriCertified EVV System for Missouri




Alora is a Certified EVV Vendor for Missouri Medicaid.  Alora automatically transmits EVV information to the Sandata aggregator for visits completed as planned.  For visits that need manual review, such as caregiver forgetting to clock out, Alora queues the visits for manual review and approval before transmitting to Sandata.

Alora ensures compliance with Missouri’s EVV requirements, with a built-in solution accessible within your main Alora Home Health Software. When everything is in one place, running your agency becomes easier.


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The State of Missouri, in June of 2021, selected Sandata to provide an aggregator solution for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), however, all providers are free to use an alternate EVV System for Missouri so long as the system meets the aggregator specification requirements.

As an all-in-one solution for Missouri personal care agencies, combining EVV and agency management in one system.  With EVV built into the full agency’s workflow, Alora brings great efficiency and ease of use for your staff.

Missouri Medicaid requires that personal care services utilize an Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system.  Alora Home Care Software features an integrated Missouri Medicaid EVV system, with both GPS and Telephony options, offering your agency one centralized solution that is compliant and holistic.






When you manage EVV outside of your home care software, you have to re-enter data. Manual entries take time and bring mistakes. Alora’s Home Care Software for Missouri already has all of the information for each visit — about the client, caregiver, agency, and service provided. That means, your caregivers do not have to re-enter information when they arrive at a patient’s home.  They can simply press Start Visit on the Alora system upon arrival.  Your office staff does not need to manually reenter EVV data into your agency management software.  Your agency gets the benefit of accuracy and efficiency.


So many agencies have chosen Alora Home Care Software to make their work-life easier AND make their business run better. Alora’s comprehensive (yet incredibly-easy-to-use) platform:

  • Is designed to handle both non-skilled and skilled home care services
  • Processes all payers
  • Includes GPS and Telephony based Electronic Visit Verification options
  • Includes one-click electronic faxing to physicians, payers, and others

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Alora offers live-monitoring of home visits, alerting your agency for delayed visits and no-shows. This capability gives a real-time view of what is happening in the field with home visits, by the minute.  With Alora’s homecare software for Missouri, your agency stays compliant, while avoiding lost revenue due to missed visits.  Alora keeps your agency are in full control of what is happening with all of your home visits.


Stay Compliant

Don’t put your agency at risk for being out of compliance. Alora provides your back office with a complete system that integrates EVV into the rest of your agency workflow, including claims and payroll. Alora helps you stay compliant and have peace of mind.

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With EVV integrated, the electronic visit verification data captured during visits automatically flows into the full Alora system. The moment your caregiver leaves a patient’s home, Alora updates the visit data with the start and end time and is marks the visit as completed. Instantly, the visit is then ready for billing and payroll. Any visits that don’t occur as planned, are flagged for manual review.



Alora’s automated workflow elevates your agency efficiency to an entirely new level. Compared with an agency that uses an alternative solution, your staff would have to navigate spending endless manual hours copying EVV data from another software into your system, just to ensure accurate billing. Agencies lose time and money with inefficiency that can never be recouped, not to mention the possibility of errors that require even more time to be corrected, causing frustration and putting your Medicaid reimbursement at risk.

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Alora makes work life easier for your caregivers. With Alora, Simple is power. That power starts with the simple act of your caregiver pressing the “START VISIT” button on their smartphone or tablet from a patient’s home.

The convenience of fully integrated EVV within Alora Home Health Software’s whole agency management system is that Alora has already populated all the relevant data for a scheduled visit when your caregiver arrives at the patient’s home…allowing the caregiver to focus solely on patient care. In comparison with a separate EVV solution that stores no prior data regarding the visit taking place, the advantage of Alora is clear.

With separated systems, there is no information on the patient’s Medicaid ID, the agency name, the caregiver’s information, or the tasks to be performed for the client. This places an undue burden on the caregiver to accurately enter all of this information when they get to the patient’s home. Unnecessary time consumption, human error, transmission mistakes, all of the variables that can frustrate your staff and prove costly to the agency, synergize into an end result that complicates the billing and confirmation process and obstructs delivering focused care for the patient. With Alora, complexity fades, creating a win/win for your staff and your patients.


Did your caregiver actually perform all of the tasks which were required within the plan of care? No need to worry about the answer as Alora generates patient-specific visit notes derived directly from the POC. Your personal care worker and nurses can perform the required documentation directly inside the Alora EVV interface – simplifying their workflow.

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Alora empowers aides with software which not only captures electronic visit verification but also allows them to check their schedules, pull up client information, complete plan of care based visit notes, and communicate with the agency through secure mail with text notifications, all from the convenience of, of their mobile device of choice.

For your nurses, Alora is very nurse-friendly home health software. Aside from capturing EVV data, nurses can complete visit notes and assessments right at the patient’s home while having access to the important clinical information necessary to complete their duties. Alora’s EVV component grants nurses quick access to skilled nursing visit notes and OASIS assessments ensuring that the entire process of patient care is easy and straightforward.


Don’t have Internet connectivity at your patient’s home, no problem! Alora also offers an integrated telephony solution as a back up to the GPS based EVV software. If your caregiver is at the patient’s home with no Internet connectivity, they can simply use the telephony solution to capture EVV.


Alora is more than simply an Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) solution for Missouri homecare agencies. It is a comprehensive solution consistently rated as the most user-friendly software on the market. Alora was engineered to perform as a complete agency management EMR for Missouri home health agencies that covers the clinical, financial and operational aspects of a home health care business. With EVV integrated seamlessly, Alora improves operational efficiency and provides cost savings for your agency.

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Alora’s EVV solution improves agency efficiency and reduces costs by eliminating the tiresome process of manually entering visit information.  Experience how Missouri home health agencies can meet the requirements of Missouri’s electronic visit verification mandate, while simultaneously improving agency workflow. Alora EVV can improve profitability by disposing of manual data entry tasks and helping your agency thrive.  For a no-obligation demo, contact us at 1-800-954-8250 Ext 2 or click here to schedule a demo.


  • Eliminate the loss of revenue due to caregiver no-shows
  • Eliminate inefficiencies of manual data entry into an unconnected software
  • Enjoy easier management of processes through centralized workflow
  • Experience higher levels of home health aide efficiency and uninhibited accountability
  • Significantly reduce the occurrence of errors
  • Bill faster! Completed visits are readied for billing and payroll once a visit is finished
  • Ensures patients receive all of the services on their POC
  • Go completely paperless with Plan of Care based visit notes


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Missouri EVV Information

In order to comply with the CURES Act, the Missouri Department of Social Services (DSS), MO HealthNet Division (MHD) has elected to implement an open vendor model for the state. In essence, this means that Missouri providers of personal care services and home health care services are free to choose any EVV vendor that best suits their needs, or continue to utilize an existing EVV system, so long as the system is compatible with Missouri EVV data aggregation specifications.



Home health care service providers are not required to be fully EVV compliant until 2023.

Initially, all home health and personal care providers were instructed to be able to demonstrate EVV implementation compliance as outlined in the Cures Act by January 1, 2020. Missouri then applied for and was approved for a Good Faith Effort Exemption for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV). As a result, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) did not apply reductions in federal medical percentage during 2020; however, if personal care service providers in Missouri were not fully compliant by January 1, 2021, the risk of reductions has taken effect. Home health care service providers are not required to be fully EVV compliant until 2023.



In concert with the 21st Century Cures Act, Missouri agency requirements for EVV state that compatible systems must electronically capture:

  • The identity of the patient who receives a service
  • The identity of the caregiver who provides the service
  • The exact type of care/services that were provided
  • The exact location of the services provided
  • The exact date of services provided
  • The start and end time of the visit



Missouri providers who offer any of the following services will be required to implement an EVV documentation system

  • Advanced personal care
  • Chore
  • Consumer-directed personal care
  • In-Home Respite authorized by the Division of Senior & Disability Services (DSDS)
  • Homemaker
  • Any services reimbursed by a Managed Care Organization (MCO)
  • Personal care


ALORA offers a compatible alternate EVV system for Missouri

Missouri is an open model state. Providers are free to use an alternate EVV System for Missouri so long as the system meets the aggregator specification requirements.


Alora Drives Clinical Excellence, Efficiency, and Financial Success

Alora offers a fully mobile home health software for Missouri agencies to ensure compliance and succeed:

· Billing

· Electronic claims for all payers

· Medication profile and interactions

· Accounts receivable

· HR functions

· OASIS & comprehensive assessment

· OASIS analyzer

· Plan of care (485)

· Automatic 485 generation

· Electronic signature capture

· Dashboard

· Eval, POC & notes for all disciplines

· Integrated Faxing

· Physician orders

· Flexible Scheduling

· Internal email

· Payroll

· ICD10 codes

· Quality assurance

· Communication log

· Braden scale

· Referral tracking


Alora‘s flexible implementation and full customer support onboarding allow you to select only the features and devices you and your employees need to reach maximum productivity.

Alora’s Mobile-Ready Web-based Platform Equates to Connectivity with Any Device

Because Alora’s Home Health Software for Missouri is a mobile-ready and browser friendly solution, our point of care features can be scaled to any device. Simply put, your caregivers can access our solutions on their mobile device of choice, using their smartphones, tablets, or laptops.



  • Missouri Medicaid-compliant EVV
  • Captures and sends patient and caregiver signatures, visit start time and end time with GPS location
  • Plan of Care based Visit Note
  • Viewable Schedules
  • Live monitoring & Alerts: Real-time, color-coded views of the status of all visits
  • Mobile ready. Operates across smartphones, tablets, and other devices.
  • EVV data flow in the system for billing and payroll.
  • The simplicity of use improves caregiver efficiency & patient satisfaction

Alora is a Certified Alternate EVV Vendor for Missouri Medicaid

EVV System for Missouri