Home Health Software for Nevada

Alora’s fully mobile, cloud based system for Nevada home health and home care agencies takes the mystery out of running your agency at peak productivity. Simple is power…with Alora’s award winning solution, designed for caregiver ease of use as well as administrator satisfaction. Change the way your deliver and manage homecare…

Home Health Software for Nevada

Mobile Ready – Cloud-Based – Simple to Use

Alora Home Health Software simplifies the process of how you deliver and manage home care services while ensuring compliance with the state of Nevada’s regulatory Homecare requirements. Engineered as a cloud-based, fully mobile solution optimized for the unique requirements of Nevada Homecare agencies, Alora brings the power of simplicity to your agency’s whole staff:


  • Fully responsive design for mobile devices, including smartphones
  • Easy to use clinical documentation for all disciplines
  • Billing for all payers – Medicare, Medicaid, Medicaid waiver programs, managed care, private insurance, VA, and private pay
  • Offline documentation capability
  • Ideal for skilled or non-skilled care workflow
  • Handles multiple offices or business lines within a single cloud-based system
  • Meets Nevada’s Home Health requirements


What do you wish your Home Health Software could do?

Alora is a Mobile-ready & User friendly solution –  Optimized for tablets and smartphones. Critical information is safely stored in the cloud, which provides clinicians access to Alora home health software anywhere, anytime.


Alora Offers Complete clinical documentation –  Assessments, evaluation, plan of care and visit notes for the six disciplines covered by Medicare (skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology. Alora offers the plan of care document that incorporates the requirements of the new Medicare Conditions of Participation (CoP) changes. Alora also offers the traditional CMS-485 Certification and Plan of Care document.


Assessments (OASIS and Non-OASIS) –  Alora helps your agency stay in compliance with CMS and the state of Nevada’s unique regulatory requirements. Alora offers a comprehensive OASIS assessment to assess patients in full compliance with Medicare guidelines. The OASIS Assessment includes Medicare M00 questions, comprehensive assessment questions as well as many tools including Braden Scale, Fall Risk Assessment, Nutritional Assessment, Pain Assessment and much more.*For non-Medicare/non-Medicaid home health services, agencies may opt to perform the Non-OASIS assessments which are comprehensive yet faster to complete.


Plan of Care (POC) – Alora offers the traditional CMS-485 as well as an enhanced plan of care to ensure agencies stay compliant with the Medicare Conditions of Participation (CoP) requirements. Agencies can Generate the Plan of Care automatically from the assessment or create independently. Alora’s POC is a living document that can track the progress made and goals met during the course of the certification period. At any time, agencies can view or print the plan of care as signed by the physician as well as the most current plan of care, incorporating all additional orders that came in since the cert period started. Alora also generates Patient Readable Plan of Care.


Visit notes Based on Plan of Care – Alora software generates patient-specific visit notes that are derived from the Plan of Care.


Medication Profile and Administration, with Interaction Alerts – Your caregivers can enter and maintain information on patient medications as software automatically checks for drug-to-drug interactions and drug-allergy reactions (powered by Medi-Span). Alora also generates logs on medication administration and materials to educate patients.


Chart Offline Without Internet Connectivity – “No Internet, no problem — With Alora Home Health Software, clinicians can complete visit notes offline when Internet is not available, then transmit their documentation with a single click later when gaining access to the Internet.


Electronic Signature Capture – Patients and caregivers can sign documentation electronically using their finger or a mouse. The captured signatures are then embedded into the clinical documents. Alora captures the GPS location with timestamp while patient signs as the proof of visit.


Alora helps clinicians and administrators stay compliant and thrive in their home health care workflow. Our solutions empower Nevada agencies with features that make your work life easier and more complete,  including integrated EVV, Braden Scale, patient-specific Emergency Preparedness Plan, shift visit notes, supervisory visits notes, missed visit notes, Integrated Faxing, supply log, transfer summaries, discharge summaries, Telephony, patient vitals history dashboard, physician portal, Aide Visit management, and much more.

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Partnering with you for Homecare Agency Success

Phenomenal customer support team

Alora Customer Support Has Been Consistently Rated at Nearly 100% Satisfaction Statistically

“Alora’s employees are exceptional at what they do. Professionalism at its best. Will definitely tell other medical companies about Alora. Keep doing what you guys do, and give the Support team a raise. Awesome staff, team, and overall awesome services.”

-Current Alora Customer

From implementation to training and onboarding of your office and field staff. Alora’s customer support team is dedicated to your agency success. Alora’s staff of seasoned home health care professionals enthusiastically support your organization through every step of software implementation through organizational adoption. Having worked with Nevada home health agencies since 2005, Alora has partnered with agency staffs sharing knowledge, expertise, care, and professionalism leading to maximum efficiency, improved patient care, high productivity, and overall agency growth.


Nevada’s Simple Home Health Solution for Agency Workflow

Technology continues to evolve. Most home health care personnel own a smartphone or similar mobile device. The convenience of being able to access your necessary workflow information at any time from anywhere, without having to carry an additional device such as a laptop or tablet can be a monumental enhancement to your homecare professionals providing the best possible patient care. With caregivers always on the move, owners and staff performing work after hours, the mobile-ready Alora home health EMR solution makes the life of a home health professional significantly simpler. Alora gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere at any time using their own smartphone, eliminating the need for an additional device. Engineered with security and regulatory considerations in mind, the Alora Plus mobile app is HIPAA compliant and no data is stored locally. Manage your entire homecare agency from the convenience of your pocket!


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