Home Health Software for Utah

Alora simplifies homecare workflow for Utah agencies. As a fully mobile cloud based solution, Alora empowers home health care organizations to streamline processes, improve patient care, and grow their businesses while providing exceptional patient care.

Home Health Software for Utah

Utah Home Health Software


Alora is an award-winning cloud-based homecare software system engineered with the unique requirements of Utah home health care agencies in mind. Alora offers a fully mobile cloud-based solution, with optional built-in EVV. Alora empowers Utah home health care agencies with higher efficiency and productivity, resulting in agency success and exceptional patient outcomes. Alora home health software is capable of billing all payers including Medicare, Medicaid, Managed Care, Private Insurance, VA, long-term care insurance, and Private Pay.

Combining the various functions of a home health care operation into one powerfully integrated software system, Alora is a fully mobile solution.

Alora’s benefits to agencies include:

  • Access a mobile-ready system designed for Utah Home Health Agency management
  • Medicare & Medicaid Compliant
  • Integrated EVV
  • Ideal for skilled and non-skilled care
  • Access across all mobile devices, laptop, PC, Mac
  • Award-winning support and user interface
  • All-payer billing solution
  • Offline charting capability

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Utah Medicaid EVV

Alora offers forward-thinking agencies operating in the state of Utah, electronic visit verification (EVV) seamlessly integrated within our solution for homecare. Captured EVV information from patient visits flows automatically into Alora’s easy-to-use home health software system. Captured EVV data spans everything from the exact details of in-home visits to billing and payroll.  This integrated information transmission allows agency staff to avoid the pitfalls of manual entry of data, while also improving workflow efficiency.

Alora’s built-in electronic visit verification places agencies in the driver’s seat when it comes to assurance that their visits are conducted as planned, and payments remain on schedule.



For the state of Utah, EVV is defined as a system that includes multiple point-of-care verification technologies. These technologies include telephonic, mobile, and web-or cloud-based verification inputs. Electronic visit verification systems electronically verify the occurrence of home or community-based service visits, recording the exact time and location that homecare services begin and end to ensure accurate claims disbursement.



EVV is required for all Personal Care Services and Home Health Services under Medicaid with an original scheduled effective date of July 1, 2019. Providers are free to select their own Utah Medicaid EVV service vendor so long as the system meets the minimum requirements and has records available for review upon request. All systems must be compliant with the 21st Century Cures Act requirements which mandate reporting of the following:

  • Name of the individual (patient) receiving the service
  • The date service was performed
  • The exact location of service delivery
  • The legal name of the individual providing the service
  • The time the service begins and ends
  • The date of creation of the electronic record

Providers are free to choose the electronic visit verification system for Utah that best fulfills their needs. The state of Utah does not require use of a specific EVV software or vendor, so long as the system meets the federal requirements set forth in the 21st Century Cures Act.

*Though initially a July 1, 2019 compliance date was set for EVV implementation in Utah, the Utah Department of Health & Medicaid is not levying penalties for lacking EVV data prior to January 1, 2020 for Personal Care Services and January 1, 2023 for Home Health Services.


Utah EVV Features

  • Avoid lost revenue associated with no-shows and missed visits
  • Experience faster billing – completed visits are automatically readied for billing and payroll through EVV automation
  • Take your agency paperless with Plan of Care based visit notes
  • Eliminate inefficiencies associated with manual data entry
  • Centralize workflow into a single user-friendly home health emr solution
  • Improve  efficiency of home health aides & caregivers during and after visit completion
  • Reduce the chances of errors in documentation


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Alora provides forward thinking agencies with a dynamic home health software for UTAH agencies to stay compliant and thrive:

· Billing

· Electronic claims for all payers

· Medication profile and interactions

· Accounts receivable

· HR functions

· OASIS & comprehensive assessment

· OASIS analyzer

· Plan of care (485)

· Automatic 485 generation

· Electronic signature capture

· Dashboard

· Eval, POC & notes for all disciplines

· Integrated Faxing

· Physician orders

· Flexible Scheduling

· Integrated EVV

· Payroll

· ICD10 codes

· Quality assurance

· Communication log

· Braden scale

· Referral tracking


A Mobile-Ready Web-based Platform | Connectivity with Any Device

ALORA is a mobile-ready and browser-friendly,  whole agency solution, with point of care features that can be easily scaled to any device. Caregivers and administrators can access Alora at will using their smartphones, tablets, and laptops.



Alora is a premier provider of software solutions for the Home Health Care industry. We are a trusted partner to numerous agencies operating in the state of Utah, as well as nationwide, improving productivity, profitability, and performance by automating virtually every data capture and management function associated with day-to-day agency operations. As agencies seek the best home care software for their business, Alora serves as a trusted partner, continuously offering a solution that was built to grow with your needs.

The 21st Century Cures Act mandates the use of EVV systems by home care agencies when billing through Medicaid. Alora facilitates agencies not just meeting, but excelling under the requirements for electronic visit verification for Utah Medicaid patient visits.

Since 2005, Alora has been a trusted software vendor for home health agencies in Utah that has partnered with forward-thinking agencies, improving their level of patient care as well as overall operational efficiency. Alora is built on a culture that encourages continuous improvement and passionate customer satisfaction. Alora’s  team of professionals is dedicated to bridging the gap between agency needs and cutting-edge technology, keeping our partners and customers at the forefront of the Home Health Care Software industry.


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