Virginia Home Health Software

Alora provides a complete solution for Virginia home care agencies to thrive in the era of EVV

Home Care Software for Virginia

Alora is a web-based, mobile-ready home health care software, tailored specifically for Virginia agencies to ensure the utmost efficiency and compliance. It offers a comprehensive solution that addresses the EVV (for skilled and non-skilled care), documentation, and billing requirements unique to Virginia agencies.

Alora generates electronic claim files for all payers, including DMAS, Aetna, Anthem, Magellan, OptimaHealth, United Healthcare, Virginia Premier, and Medicare.

DMAS forms, including DMAS-90 and DMAS-97A/B, are built into Alora home care software. Alora generates patient-specific DMAS-90 Aide Note based on the daily tasks specified on the DMAS-97 Plan of Care.

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Here’s what your agency will look like, with Alora:

  • Paperless workflow
  • Built-in EVV system for Virginia to handle both skilled and non-skilled care, making your agency workflow easy and efficient
  • Assessments, Plan of Care, and POC driven Visit Notes for non-skilled and skilled care
  • Your can live-monitor visit activities and react to delays in real-time
  • Effectively handle all payers knowing that you have the software solution to support you with billing and compliance
  • Robust scheduling, documentation, billing, QA, and HR functions
  • Your caregivers can access the software from their smartphones, tablets, or laptops.
  • Electronic faxing to physicians, payers, and others with just a click
  • Outstanding Customer Support by Alora – our experts answer when you call



Caregiver & Admin Workflow

With a complete set of features on board that includes EVV, Scheduling, Billing, Accounts Receivable, Certification & Plan of Care, Eligibility, Documentation, and much more, Alora strikes the balance between ease of use and comprehensive functionality.  Alora is the preferred choice of Virginia Home Health Agencies who are seeking to streamline their efficiency with a suite of Home Care software Solutions that includes Online and Offline Capability, Telephony, and easy usage across multiple devices such as Android, Laptop, iPad, Mac & PC. If you are seeking a Virginia Home Health Software that puts your agency’s needs first, Alora is the Answer.

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Home Health Software with EVV for DMAS

Virginia Medicaid requires that agencies providing Personal Care, Respite Services, and Companion Services utilize an Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system. Agencies may implement Alora Home Health Software with its built-in Virginia EVV solution.  Alora EVV for DMAS is an enhanced EVV solution that is fully integrated into a powerful home care agency management solution.


  • Avoid possible revenue loss due to missed visits and no shows
  • Rid your agency of the inefficiencies associated with manual data entry
  • Centralize workflow into easily managed processes
  • Improve the efficiency of home health aides and caregivers during and after visits
  • Reduce the chances of documentation errors
  • Enjoy faster billing – All visits are readied for billing and payroll once visits are completed through Alora’s EVV automation
  • Ensures patients are administered planned medically necessary services
  • Take your agency paperless with Alora’s Plan of Care based visit notes

Learn more about Virginia Medicaid EVV

Simple is Power – The ideal Solution for Virginia Skilled + Non-Skilled Care

Mobile-ready & User friendly – Alora is optimized for tablets and smartphones. All information is safely stored in the cloud, which allows caregivers to access Alora home health software anywhere, anytime.

Complete clinical documentation –  Assessment, evaluation, plan of care and visit notes for the six disciplines covered by Medicare (skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology. Alora homecare software offers the plan of care document that incorporates the requirements of the new Medicare Conditions of Participation (CoP) changes.Additionally, Alora offers the traditional CMS-485 Certification and Plan of Care document.

Assessments (OASIS and Non-OASIS) –  Alora helps agencies stay in compliance with CMS and the state of Virginia’s unique requirements. Alora offers a comprehensive OASIS assessment to assess patients in full compliance with Medicare guidelines. The OASIS Assessment includes Medicare M00 questions, comprehensive assessment questions as well as many tools including Braden Scale, Fall Risk Assessment, Nutritional Assessment, Pain Assessment and much more.*For non-Medicare/non-Medicaid home health services, agencies may opt to perform the Non-OASIS assessments which are comprehensive yet faster to complete.

Plan of Care (POC) – Alora offers the traditional CMS-485 as well as an enhanced plan of care helping agencies to stay compliant with the Medicare Conditions of Participation (CoP) requirements. Agencies can Generate the Plan of Care automatically from the assessment or create independently. Alora’s POC is a living document that can track the progress made and goals met during the course of the certification period. At any time, agencies can view or print the plan of care as signed by the physician as well as the most current plan of care, incorporating all additional orders that came in since the cert period started. Alora also generates Patient Readable Plan of Care.

Visit notes based on Plan of Care – Alora software generates patient-specific visit notes that are derived from the Plan of Care.

Medication profile and administration, with interaction alerts – Your clinicians can enter and maintain information on patient medications as software automatically checks for drug-to-drug interactions and drug-allergy reactions (powered by Medi-Span). Alora also generates logs on medication administration and materials to educate patients.

Offline documentation. “No Internet, no problem — With Alora, clinicians may complete visit notes offline when the Internet is not available, then transmit their documentation with a single click once they have access to the Internet later.

Electronic signature capture – Patients and caregivers can electronically sign documentation using their fingers or a mouse. Captured signatures are embedded into the clinical documents. Alora home health software can capture the GPS location with timestamp while the patient signs as proof of visit.

Other capabilities. Alora home health software offers many other features to help clinicians and agencies to stay compliant and thrive in home health care. Some of the additional features include Intergrated EVV, Braden Scale, patient specific Emergency Preparedness Plan, shift visit notes, supervisory visits notes, missed visit notes, Integrated Faxing, supply log, transfer summaries, discharge summaries, Telephony, patient vitals history dashboard, physician portal, Aide Visit management, and much more.

Features That Put Virginia Home Health Care First

Comprehensive Features Designed For Excellence In Patient Care & Efficiency

Billing – Generate Wisconsin Medicare, Medicaid & Private Insurance Claims. HIPAA Compliant & paperless billing for all payers.

Payroll – Handle payroll easily within the easiest to use interface in the industry

Accounts Receivable –Post Charges to A/R During Claim Generation. Easily make adjustments, viewing entire admission or a single claim.

Scheduler – Schedule & track patient visits. Record mileage, expenses and much more.

Certification & Plan of Care (485) – Generate CMS-485 & CMS 487 Addenda either automatically or independently create one.

OASIS – Easily input, validate, and export OASIS Assessments. Built in OASIS Analyzer/Scrubber allows you to maximize revenue & improve quality.

Point of Care – Complete Assessments, Plan of care, visit notes, & other documents directly within Alora’s robust, user friendly interface.

Admission & Insurance – Full ICD9 diagnosis & procedure codes. Accept unlimited # of insurance records per admission & track prior authorization.

Reports – Improve accuracy and productivity, code compliance, & cost savings. Easily generate, analyze, and export whatever reports you need.

Telephony – As an administrator stay on top of arrival, departure, and visit length times during nursing visits in the field.

Offline Charting – Chart without reliance on internet on multiple devices with Alora’s powerful solutions for offline completion of nursing notes.

Alerts – Automatic Alerts for scheduling conflicts, Therapy Re-Assessments, Frequency, Prior Authorization & more.

HR Functions – Manage employee information, including credentialing, contact info and more.

Electronic Signature Capture – Capture Patient & Employee Signatures using a finger (touchscreen) or mouse.

Private Duty Solution – Schedule shifts, handle live in capability, invoicing and more.

Physician Orders – Create addendum orders with signature tracking and report options.

Internal Email – Attach items within internal email. Interface with QA, and allow reviewed notes to be returned to clinicians for corrections.

Quality Assurance – Allows QA Manager to review completed documents for approval or return to clinician for changes.

Communication Log – Create communication types, categories, and then run internal or external reports based on type.

Dashboard – As an administrator, choose items to display on dashboard reporting for the current week or dates can be expanded.

Referral Tracking – View Referrals in process or in admitted or non-admitted status, or view all.

Braden Scale – Tool used to determine patient’s risk level for pressure sores. Checks can be done at different intervals, and view history.

Medication Profile – Allows clinicians to add client medications, dosages, and classifications and create printed medication profile & drug interactions & allergy reactions.

Interaction Checking – Through Medication Profile, check for interactions for medications listed for client.

Medicare Eligibility & DDE Access – Alora Home Health Software offers detailed Medicare Eligibility information and access to the Medicare DDE System.

GPS Location Tracking – GPS tracking allows system to identify the location of the nurse anywhere in Pennsylvania at the time the patient signs the visit note, providing proof of visit.

Multi-Office Capability – Have more than one PA office location in the Alora system. Set priority of offices for admissions and other tasks.

HIPAA Compliance – Alora is fully compliant with HIPAA guidelines. Electronic Health record options allows you to send HIPAA encrypted data using designated password

Google Maps – Patient’s demographics when entered in system, links to Google Maps to verify and display location.

One On One Customer Support – Live agents in multiple offices work with you one on one to maximize your Alora experience.

Native iPad app – Alora offers the industry’s first native iPad app for Home Health visitsavailable in the Apple app store.

Hospice Solution – Alora offers a customized solution for the unique needs of Hospice agencies.

Physical Therapy Solution – The ultimate Physical Therapy solution featuring all the ease of use and functionality of Alora.

Monthly Enhancements – New enhancements and functionalities added monthly based on customer feedback and technology innovations.

Medicare & Medicaid Compliance – Full Medicare/Medicaid compliance and our team of specialists stay abreast of changes and inact them within ALORA, helping you stay compliant as well.

Electronic Claims for All Payers – Generate Electronic claims for all payers within Alora’s interface.

Auto 485 Generation – Automatically generate 485 directly from the Assessment.

Go Paperless – Alora’s Home Health Software puts an end to the waste and inconvenience of paper records through our robust software tools.

Unlimited User Licenses – Alora makes an unlimited number of user licenses available to your agency based on your needs.

User Security Levels – Administrator controlled, allows admin to determine areas of access for each employee. “View only” access or “Full access” for example.


Free Software Updates & Enhancements Without Additional Cost

Alora’s robust feature set has been designed to handle every need of a Michigan Home Health agency, however, our company is built on the mantra of always improving, and adding value to our services. We measure our success as a company based upon your success as an agency. What sets us apart from others is our commitment to continuously improving our suite of Home Health Care Software Solutions without passing on extra hidden costs to our valued clients. Michigan nurses, caregivers, and administrators know that with Alora, they will receive a customized solution tailored to fit the needs of their agency, regardless of whether or not they are in the initial start-up phase or a larger agency poised for expansion. Our team of highly trained software developers combines their years of expertise to continuously challenge one another to design better and more powerful features, improve upon user experience, and make using Alora something that our clients look forward to, and their patients benefit from.

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