Virginia Medicaid EVV System

Alora simplifies EVV for Virginia Skilled & Non-Skilled home care.

Virginia Medicaid EVV Software

Alora has made EVV easy for Virginia home health care agencies.  Thousands of caregivers enjoy the ease of Alora EVV and love to use it every day – because it makes their work-life easier! The benefit for the agencies is not only compliance with the Virginia Medicaid but also better operational efficiency than ever before!


Home Care Software with EVV for Skilled & Non-Skilled Services

The Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) has mandated EVV for Skilled Home Health Care Services effective December 1, 2023.  This mandate requires EVV information for skilled home health services to be transmitted as part of the electronic claim, utilizing the Institutional Claim file format.  Alora’s Virginia Home Care Software has been ahead of this curve, offering an integrated, fully compliant EVV solution that meets DMAS requirements.

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Alora’s EVV for DMAS is an enhanced Virginia EVV system built into a robust home care agency management software.  Alora software supports Virginia agencies providing Personal Care, Companion Care, Respite Services, or Skilled Home Health Services in fulfilling the DMAS EVV requirements while improving operational efficiency.



Virginia Medicaid requires that the EVV data captured to be transmitted as part of the electronic claim file (837P format for non-skilled and 837I for skilled services).  Because EVV is integrated within Alora Home Health Software for Virginia, the EVV information captured by Alora automatically flows into claims.  Alora includes the required EVV data elements into the electronic claim files per Virginia Medicaid specifications for DMAS and MCOs.



Alora can generate electronic claim files for all payers including, DMAS, Aetna, Anthem, Magellan, OptimaHealth, United Healthcare, or Virginia Premier. In addition, for Anthem patient visits, Alora can automatically transmit claim-ready EVV information to Tellus/Netsmart, per Anthem requirements. DMAS and MCOs will no longer accept paper claims or DDE.

Is your agency at risk for claim denials?  Virginia agencies need a robust system that integrates EVV into electronic claims to eliminate the risk of claim denials.  With Alora, you can rest easy.

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DMAS forms, including DMAS-90 and DMAS-97A/B, are built into the Alora home care software. Alora generates patient-specific DMAS-90 Aide Note based on the daily tasks specified on the DMAS-97 Plan of Care. With Alora, you won’t have to wonder if your aides actually do what was required on the plan of care. The system can help you stay compliant.

Virginia DMAS EVV System



Alora offers live-monitoring of home visits, alerting your agency for delayed visits and no-shows. This capability gives a real-time view of what is happening with home visits, by the minute.  It helps your agency stay compliant while avoiding lost revenue due to missed visits.  With Alora, agencies are in full control of what goes on in the field.

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As soon as your caregiver leaves patients home, the visit in the Alora system gets updated with the start and end time and is marked as completed. Instantly, the visit becomes ready for billing and payroll. Any visit that did not occur as planned is flagged for manual review.



The power your agency will achieve from Alora’s integrated EVV solution is the automation.  Such automation will elevate your agency’s workflow to a much greater level of efficiency.  Your agency will be ready for accurate billing and payroll from the moment the caregiver leaves a patient’s home.

Compare this to an agency that does not have the Alora system. They have to commit several manual hours daily to copy all the EVV data into their system, in order to be able to do billing and payroll accurately. This slow, labor-intensive, process not only costs time and money but also is prone to errors which will put their Medicaid reimbursement at risk.

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Alora makes work life easier for your caregivers. The benefit of having EVV fully integrated within Alora’s Virginia home health software is that Alora already knows everything about the visit when your caregiver arrives at the patient’s home. Therefore, your caregiver can simply press “Start Visit” upon arrival and proceed with patient care.

Compare this to a standalone EVV system that does not have any prior knowledge of the visit. It doesn’t know the client’s Medicaid ID, the agency, the caregiver, or the service being provided. Your caregiver has to enter all of this upon arrival. This entry takes time and often leads to mistakes. Mistakes are costly because they frustrate your caregivers, delay the care for the patient, and unrectified mistakes can affect the reimbursements for your agency.



Did your caregiver actually do what was required in the patient’s plan of care? You won’t have to wonder – Alora home care software generates patient-specific visit notes that are derived from the POC.  Your caregivers can perform their documentation right from the Alora EVV interface – making their workflow simple.

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Alora empowers aides with a software tool to, not only capture electronic visit verification but also check their schedules, look up client information, complete plan of care based visit note and communicate with the agency through secure mail with text notification. Your aides can access the Alora software from their smartphones or any other mobile devices.



Alora is a nurse-friendly home health software. In addition to capturing EVV information, nurses can complete their visit notes and assessments right at the patient’s home while having access to all relevant clinical information in the palm of their hand. The EVV component of Alora provides nurses quick access to skilled nursing visit notes and OASIS assessments ensuring that their workflow at the patient’s home is easy and straightforward.



No Internet connectivity at the patient’s home? No problem. Alora provides telephony solution as a back up to the GPS based EVV software. When your caregiver is at the patient’s home and does not have Internet connectivity, she can simply use the telephony solution to capture EVV.



Alora is not just an EVV vendor for Virginia agencies. It is a powerful home care software for Virginia agencies to meet their operational, financial and clinical needs of their business. With EVV integrated seamlessly, Alora is able to improve the operational efficiency and cost savings for your agency.

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Here is how you agency will benefit from Alora Home Care Software:

    • Avoid possible revenue loss due to missed visits and no shows
    • Rid your agency of the inefficiencies associated with manual data entry
    • Centralize workflow into easily managed processes
    • Improve the efficiency of aides and caregivers during and after visits
    • Take your agency paperless with Alora’s Plan of Care based visit notes
    • Reduce the chances of documentation errors
    • Enjoy faster billing – All visits are readied for billing and payroll once visits are completed through Alora’s EVV automation



Alora brings all caregivers into electronic documentation, including your aides. With Alora, your aides no longer need to complete their visit notes on paper. Your aides will love Alora’s easy to use interface and feel empowered to check their schedules, complete plan of care based visit note, capture time in/time out, patient’s signature, and their own signature.  Your aides can also communicate with your team via HIPAA secure internal email with a text notification.

Alora’s workflow allows your agency to establish QA review on your aide visit notes and approve them or return for corrections. This electronic workflow keeps your agency at a higher level of efficiency by avoiding paper clutter. Your caregivers are going to love the sophisticated solutions you are providing to make their life easier.

Alora’s home health software for Virginia with its built-in EVV solution improves agency efficiency and reduces costs by avoiding manual entry of visit information.  Experience how Virginia home health agencies can not only meet, but exceed the requirements of the EVV mandate while improving agency workflow to a new level of efficiency.  The Alora EVV solution improves profitability by eliminating manual data entry tasks and help your agency thrive.  For a no-obligation demo, contact us at 1-800-954-8250 Ext 2 or click here to schedule a demo.



Alora is dedicated to making work life easier for caregivers and office staff of Virginia home health agencies. In addition to meeting DMAS EVV software requirements, Alora’s Virginia EVV functionality provides live monitoring capabilities to allow your agency view the status of all home visits in real-time, alerting you to delayed visits and no-shows.  Meanwhile, your PCAs, homemakers, and aides have at their fingertips an easy to use software tool that provides them with their schedules, client information, and the care plan based visit note. Nurses can perform their visit notes and assessments right at the patient’s home while having access to all relevant clinical information in the palm of their hand.

Because Alora’s EVV solution is seamlessly integrated within Alora’s complete Virginia home care software, all EVV information captured automatically flows into the system, from home visits to billing and payroll.  This synergy of integrated information ultimately allows you to avoid manual entry, while simultaneously improving workflow efficiency and accuracy.



  • Avoid loss of revenue due to no-shows
  • Eliminate inefficiencies of manual data entry into home health software
  • Workflow centralized into easily managed processes
  • Improves aide efficiency and accountability
  • Eliminates documentation errors
  • Faster billing – visits are ready for billing and payroll once visit is completed
  • Ensures patients receive their medically necessary services
  • Go paperless with Alora’s Plan of Care based visit notes
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Alora Drives Clinical Excellence, Efficiency, and Financial Success

Alora offers a robust home health software for Virginia agencies to stay compliant and thrive:

· Billing

· Electronic claims for all payers

· Medication profile and interactions

· Accounts receivable

· HR functions

· OASIS & comprehensive assessment

· OASIS analyzer

· Plan of care (485)

· Automatic 485 generation

· Electronic signature capture

· Dashboard

· Eval, POC & notes for all disciplines

· Integrated Faxing

· Physician orders

· Flexible Scheduling

· Internal email

· Payroll

· ICD10 codes

· Quality assurance

· Communication log

· Braden scale

· Referral tracking

Alora‘s flexible implementation methodologies allow you to choose only the features and devices you and your employees need to realize maximum productivity.

A Mobile-Ready Web-based Platform Means Connectivity with Any Device

Because Alora’s Virginia home health software is a mobile-ready and browser friendly solution, its point of care features can be scaled to any device. That means your caregivers can access our solutions using their smartphones, tablets, and laptops.


Alora’s VA EVV was designed to not only fulfill DMAS requirements but additionally, its feature capabilities anticipate and simplify the aspects of your visit workflow that may have previously cost your agency time and productivity. With Phase II of Virginia EVV underway and phase III slated for 2020, Alora is an ideal solution for Virginia agencies.


  • VA Medicaid-compliant EVV
  • Captures and sends patient and caregiver signatures, visit start time and end time with GPS location
  • Plan of Care based Visit Note
  • Viewable Schedules
  • Live monitoring & Alerts: Real-time, color-coded views of the status of all visits
  • Mobile ready. Operates across smartphones, tablets, and other devices.
  • EVV data flow in the system for billing and payroll.
  • Simplicity of use improves caregiver efficiency & patient satisfaction


Are you spending countless hours manually entering the EVV data obtained from the Sandata portal into your system? Will it take even longer to comply with the DMAS’s billing requirement to have the EVV start and end time on each visit line on the claim? If so, consider switching to Alora and make the work-life easier for you and your staff. Alora can automate your workflow – EVV data captured can flow into billing and payroll without needing manual intervention. All visits that happened as planned, automatically flow through the system. Any visit that did not follow the rules set by you would wait in a queue for your approval or correction. This solution can improve your agency’s efficiency tremendously while making your life easier. So give Alora a try. We really feel that we can help.

Alora is one of the EVV vendors for Virginia as well as the nation’s premier provider of software solutions for the Home Health Care industry. We have been a trusted partner to agencies operating in the state of Virginia, improving their productivity, profitability, and performance by automating virtually every data capture and management function of their day-to-day operations.

The 21st Century Cures Act mandates the use of EVV systems by home care agencies when billing through Medicaid. Alora, as a compatible EVV software system for Virginia, helps agencies not just meet, but thrive with the requirements for electronic visit verification for Virginia Medicaid patient visits.

Since 2005, Alora has been a preferred software for Virginia home health agencies that has helped agencies improve their patient care and operational efficiency.  We’ve built our company on a culture that encourages continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. The result is a team of professionals who are dedicated to effectively bridging the gap between your needs and the most powerful technology, keeping us at the forefront of the Home Health Care Software industry.

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