Home Health Software for Wyoming

Alora is a fully mobile, simple to use, Home Health Software solution designed to maximize workflow efficiency for Wyoming home healthcare agencies. Designed for caregiver and administrator ease, Alora brings operational efficiency to every aspect of homecare workflow. Agency admins can manage the entire agency from the convenience of their mobile devices, while caregivers can complete all necessary tasks with Alora’s mobile-ready simplicity.

Home Health Software for Wyoming

Wyoming Home Health Care Software


Alora is a mobile-ready, user-friendly Home Health Software solution for Wyoming agencies of all sizes and types. For nearly two decades, Alora has been committed to developing and continuously enhancing a “whole agency” Home Health solution, engineered for compliance with Wyoming homecare regulatory requirements. The benefits of workflow management with Alora allow nurses and clinicians to experience a whole new level of efficiency and simplicity while saving time, eliminating outdated processes, reducing costs, and increasing revenue. Alora provides a customized suite of features and solutions that includes outstanding customer support, award-winning ease of use,  and workflow automation that grants agencies the tools to thrive in today’s home health industry.




  • A Complete Solution for Both Skilled & Non-Skilled Care
  • Integrated EVV system for Wyoming
  • Use Across Mobile Devices, on Laptop or PC
  • Offline Documentation
  • Electronically Capture Patient & Caregiver Signatures
  • Billing for Medicare, & all Other Payers
  • Award-Winning, Full-time Customer Support
  • Integrated Faxing, Telephony Automation, Homecare Aide Visit Management & Much More
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Supports Multiple Business Lines


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The Best Homecare Software for Wyoming Agency Success


Wyoming Home Health Care Agencies can Thrive with Alora


At Alora, we believe that every Home Health agency in the state of Wyoming is unique, subsequently each agency’s workflow needs are unique. With the new normal of a post-pandemic world,  Home Health Care is an evolving landscape that requires a software solution that can also evolve with those changing needs. Alora’s team of dedicated home health care software professionals are constantly developing new features and capabilities to meet these demands. Alora was engineered to be a comprehensive solution that addresses every area of a Homecare agency’s core operations, all within one simple, easy-to-learn complete offering. From Physical Therapy to Offline Charting to Telephony, our complete suite of Home Health solutions for Wyoming agencies can be a critical component of your agency’s growth plan. Exceed your expectations with a Homecare software that has been awarded “Outstanding Customer support,”  and “Easiest to use” by Software Advice and countless third-party reviewers.


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Certified EVV for Wyoming Home Health & Personal Care


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Wyoming EVV SystemAlora is an approved EVV Vendor for Wyoming home health care agencies, offering an integrated solution for electronic visit verification within a cloud-based home care software solution.  Alora’s EVV solution is has been certified for compliance with the Wyoming Department of Medicaid EVV aggregator (CareBridge) guidelines. In order to send EVV data to CareBridge. Alora automatically captures and integrates all electronic visit verification data from your visits, streamlining directly into the main Alora Home Health Software. The end result? Faster billing, higher efficiency, and peace of mind that Wyoming Department of Medicaid requirements are met. Alora’s Wyoming EVV Software makes agencies stronger, more efficient, and compliant.



ALORA EVV Benefits include:

  • Monitor home visits live, automatically tracking no shows or delayed visits
  • Accelerate agency billing and payroll (as EVV data is automatically populated into claims processing & payroll)
  • Complete POC-based visit notes directly from Alora’s EVV interface
  • Unmatched ease of use for clinicians and caregivers – In addition to capturing EVV information, nurses & therapists can complete visit notes & assessments while at the patient’s home, enjoying access to important clinical information on their mobile device of choice
  • Empower home health aides – with Alora, aides can quickly check their schedules, look up patient information, & communicate directly with your agency through secure mail (includes text notification)
  • EVV software for Wyoming solution built into a complete software for homecare, home health & personal care




Features that make administrators and caregivers excel…


Arizona Home Health SoftwareTelephony – Reduce costs, automate processes, and maximize your time with Alora’s Homecare Telephony solution. Telephony grants agency administrators the advantage of knowing the details of all of their home visits, as they are happening in the field.  Our Telephony Solution captures the start and end time of each visit, and features a detailed Plan of Care report which indicates whether each task was successfully performed during the visit. Administrators are notified for delayed visits, late arrivals, as well as no shows, granting the agency admins a powerful tool that reduces fraud and automates all of the processes that once wasted an agency’s time and payroll. Alora Telephony fully integrates with our web-based Home Health Software, automatically marking as “Complete” visits that have been successfully finished as ready for billing and payroll. Telephony can be a valuable backup/addition to Alora’s Wyoming Medicaid EVV system and Alora AideConnect for agencies looking to remain in total control of visit management.


Alora Offline No Internet, No Problem. Alora is the industry’s leading “Charting without Internet” solution designed to allow caregivers to work across devices, with or without internet. Alora allows your nurses and caregivers to complete visit notes when for whatever reason, there is no internet connectivity available. Once the note is complete and the clinician leaves the premises, uploading the complete note to the main Alora Home Care software is as simple as one click. Alora saves your agency staff hours of time, eliminates the possibility of errors, and ensures the accuracy and integrity of your visit notes.

Phenomenal Software Support


Wyoming Home Health care agencies know they can rely on ALORA as a strong partner in their success. Alora’s staff of home health software techsperts are always here for you. Our Support team loves to talk to, assist, and get to know each agency’s caregivers and administrative staff members. Alora Customer Support has been consistently rated in the highest percentile since our company’s inception. Many of our team members hold years of industry experience far beyond just Homecare software implementation. Our commitment to our family of customers is one of the core pillars of Alora’s mission statement, and a key differentiation point between  Alora and other vendors in the market. We are here for you.


Complete Wyoming Home Health Software Features


Agency Centered Features That Allow Your Staff to Maximize Productivity


COVID-19 Screening
Complete clinical documentation
Assessments (OASIS and Non-OASIS)
Plan of Care
Visit Notes based on Plan of Care
Medication profile and administration, with interaction alert
Offline documentation
Comprehensive OASIS documentation with built-in analyzer
Electronic signature capture
Other capabilities



EVV (GPS and telephony based)
Electronic faxing
Document Review / Q.A.
Prior authorization tracking and monitoring
Secure internal email with text notification
Dashboards and analytics
Medicare eligibility / DDE access



Billing for all payers
Accounts receivables and financial reports
Employee credential tracking
Report generation




Let Alora handle the billing for you with our team of home health billing experts


As an administrator stay on top of arrival, departure, and visit length times during nursing visits in the field

Offline Charting

Chart without reliance on the internet on multiple devices with Alora’s powerful solutions for offline completion of nursing notes.

Wyoming Medicaid EVV

Integrated EVV with live visit monitoring and more. Alora is a certified EVV system for Wyoming electronic visit verification, compliant with the technical specifications from the Wyoming Department of Medicaid EVV aggregator, CareBridge.


Front-Line Clinical Care

COVID-19 Screening. Alora provides COVID-19 screening for patients and employees. Special alerts in the system can remind employees when the screening was not completed for themselves or for the patients.

Mobile-ready. Our entire platform is optimized for tablets and smartphones. All information is safely stored in the cloud. So your caregivers can access Alora home health software anywhere, anytime

Complete clinical documentation. That includes assessment, evaluation, plan of care, and visit notes for the six disciplines covered by Medicare (skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, home health aide services, and medical social worker) and more. Alora home health software offers plan of care document that incorporates the requirements of the new Medicare Conditions of Participation (CoP) changes. In addition, Alora offers the traditional CMS-485 Certification and Plan of Care document.

Assessments (OASIS and Non-OASIS).  Alora Software helps agencies stay compliant with CMS requirements. Alora offers comprehensive OASIS assessment to help thoroughly assess patients while staying compliant with Medicare guidelines. Assessment includes Medicare M00 questions, comprehensive assessment questions as well as many tools including Braden Scale, Fall Risk Assessment, Nutritional Assessment, Pain Assessment, and much more.

For non-Medicare/non-Medicaid home health services, agencies may opt to perform the Non-OASIS assessments which are comprehensive yet faster to complete.

Alora also provides Non-Skilled Assessments for patients with non-skilled services only.


Plan of Care (POC).  Alora offers the traditional CMS-485 as well as an enhanced “living” plan of care helping agencies to stay compliant with the Medicare Conditions of Participation (CoP) requirements. Generate Plan of Care automatically from the assessment or create independently.

Alora’s POC is a dynamic document that can track the progress made and goals met during the course of the certification period. At any time, agencies can view or print the plan of care as signed by the physician as well as the POC in its most current status, incorporating all the additional orders that came in since the cert period started. Alora also generates Patient Readable Plan of Care.

Visit notes based on Plan of Care. Did your caregivers actually do what was required in the patient’s plan of care? You won’t have to wonder – Alora home health software generates patient-specific visit notes that are derived from the POC.

Medication profile and administration, with interaction alert. Your clinicians enter and maintain information on patient medications – and the software automatically checks for drug-to-drug interactions and drug-allergy reactions (powered by Medi-Span). Alora also generates logs on medication administration and materials to educate patients.

Offline documentation. “No Internet” is no problem — clinicians complete documentation offline when the Internet is not available, then transmit their documentation with a single click when they have access to the Internet later.  Alora provides native offline applications for iPhone, iPad as well as Android phones and tablets.

Comprehensive OASIS documentation with built-in analyzer. Your clinicians’ assessment of patients is improved by a powerful analyzing tool that spots inconsistencies and other problems in OASIS forms. The result: Maximized reimbursement and better patient care.

Electronic signature capture. Patients and caregivers can electronically sign documentation using their fingers or a mouse. Captured signatures are embedded in the clinical documents. Alora home health care software can capture the GPS location with timestamp while the patient signs as the proof of visit.

Other capabilities. Alora home health software offers many other features to help clinicians and agencies to stay compliant and thrive in home health care. Some of the additional features include Braden Scale, patient-specific Emergency Preparedness Plan, shift visit notes, supervisory visits notes, missed visit notes, supply log, transfer summaries, discharge summaries, patient vitals history dashboard, physician portal and much more.

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